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Three hundred years after Bella insanely chose Jacob instead of edward, but Jacob ended up falling for a hispanic exchanged student and almost killed Bella. Bella was saved by a man known as Mikhail, he was a prince of his people, Carpathians. The hunt carpathians turned vampires. After three hundred years Bella and Edward finally meet again, but this time as true life-mates.

Carpathians drink blood, they can shapedhift, read minds, and will turn vampire if the darkness takes over if they can never find their life-m,ate.

4. Mikhail

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Bella’s POV

I materialized in front of the Mikhail’s house. A white wolf stood guard on the porch. I pet his head and let him nuzzle my hand as I mentally touched Mikhail’s mind to let him know that I was here. A few moments later the door opened to reveal him. Tall, dark and beautiful Mikhail Dubrinsky was the perfect leader for the Carpathians.

“Bella,” He said and stepped aside for me to enter. I tapped the wolf’s nose and he licked my finger before I went inside.

“Where’s Raven?” I asked looking around for his life-mate. Mikhail led me into the library area.

“She is with Savannah. Their baby planning and should be back soon.” He said and ushered for me to sit. I sat in my favorite chair over by the fireplace.

“How is Savannah? Are the twins doing okay?” He nodded and his lips curved up into a smile.

“Gregori is still having trouble with the one twin. She won’t show herself to him when he checks on them.” I chuckled. Gregori as well as some other Carpathians could force their life spirit from their body into others. They used this ritual to heal, and to keep an eye on unborn Carpathian children.

“I have no idea what he’s going to do; he’s already got his hands full with just Savannah.” He laughed and nodded.

“Plus we signed him up to be Santa Clause at the Christmas party.” He said. My jaw dropped and I covered my mouth with my hand.

“No!” I said. “Oh my god, Gregori? Oh sure why don’t we let a serial killer baby sit our children.”

“Speaking of children now that you’ve found you life-mate you really should thinking of trying for some. It took Raven and I years to successfully conceive.”

“How did you…” I started then stopped and snorted. “Never mind I already know. You know even though we are bonded it doesn’t mean that you can read my every thought without my permission.” I say glaring at him. He shrugged not at all affected by my scolding.

“I didn’t have to read your thoughts. You were broadcasting them so loud I am sure anyone in the area could hear them. I thought I told you how to control that.” I rolled my eyes.

“Sorry DAD, but I didn’t even realize I was doing it. I was too focused on the fact that my ex-love is my life-mate.” I said. “By the way, how is it exactly that he can be my life-mate anyway? He’s not human, and he’s not one of us.” Mikhail rubbed his jaw thoughtfully.

“Honestly, I don’t know. It may be that he has a physic gift. He can read minds?” I nodded. “Then there you go. Anyone with a Physic gift already can be turned into one of us.” I brows lifted in alarm.

“Turn into one of us? Nevertheless, he’s already a vampire! How can he change?”

“Maybe it would take more than three exchanges.” Mikhail suggested. I shook my head.

“Even so, he doesn’t have blood he has venom. I can’t drink that. It will kill me. In addition, he can’t even breathe in my scent without wanting to kill me. I am like his ‘own personal brand of heroin’ as he’s said before, and my transformation hasn’t helped. In fact, it has made it worse. I could feel it when he first smelled me tonight.”

“Don’t worry we’ll think of something Bella.” Mikhail reassured. He looked out the window and immediately I tuned into the ‘public wavelength’- that all the Carpathians communicate- on.

“It’s Jacques,” I said. Mikhail looked back at me apologetically.

“I called him here to discuss some things.” I stood up from my seat.

“It’s okay I should go. The sun will be up in an hour so I should leave you to it. I’ll see you at the Christmas party then. Tell Raven that I’m making sweet potato pie.”

“Will do,” he said standing to walk me to the door. I shifted into a hawk on the porch and took off towards my usual resting place.