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Vitamin V

Generated image Rosalie makes a startling online discovery that could change the lives of the Cullens as we know it.


1. Chapter 1

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The sun poured in the windows, and silently I drew the curtains. Being unable to completely block the light, the room was filled with a filmy blue haze. It was cool, peaceful, just what I wanted it to be. I pulled the covers up over the king-sized bed, plumped the pillows, and then sat down on the edge. Sighing, I lay back, only for a moment, on the downy comforter.

I closed my eyes, reminding myself that I had decided on my own to stay behind today. The house was silent, void of any other life, any life at all really. Everyone had gone to spend the weekend hunting, but I was satisfied, and had anticipated some time to myself.

I often made this choice. Times came that I just needed to be alone, without Edward in my head, or even Emmett in my arms. Times when I just wanted to think, times when I wanted so badly to cry but couldn’t. And sometimes, I laughed. Yes, laughed. I am capable of the expression, though I don’t often show it to anyone. I don’t even know why I do it. I just need to let everything out.

In humans, I think this is called self-mutilation. Those kids that cut themselves, slice their wrists because they need to let out all the pain. I have no blood to let out pain, and if I did, I would be smart enough not to. No, even I could not wish for death, not that way. I have too much appreciation for a normal human life. And I wish I could show them. Show every one of them what they wanted to give up.

‘But enough of that,’ I thought.

Sitting up on the bed, I contemplated what to do with my day. With little hesitation, I folded myself down into Emmett’s gaming chair, which sat on the floor, strategically placed in front of our flat screen. His gaming system lay spread across the floor, the tangled wires and games scattered over the carpet.

I didn’t even consider flipping the thing on. I had no taste for video games. Instead I picked up his laptop, tracing my fingers over the many stickers he had plastered on the cover. I smiled, though they said and portrayed things that hardly appealed to a woman. I smiled because it was so typical of him, and because it was him I loved.

I quickly logged onto the Internet, checked my stock of special holdings in my favorite online stores, and then read my email. Nothing important, and no new clothes that leapt out at me from the screen. Sighing I brought up some search engines, entering the same word into all of them; vampire.

I chuckled wryly. This was a special game I liked to play, one only I knew about. It amused me, the ideas humans had about my kind. Ridicules notions that were hardly up to par. All doom and gloom, coffins and crucifixes. Break me.

One though, caught my eye. It wasn’t like the others. No black backgrounds, bloody red wording. This one looked, well, authentic. I examined the picture that headed the site. It depicted a human, a male in his early twenties. He looked to be of Irish descent, with curly red hair and deep green eyes. His name, Dr. Collin McKenna, proved my suspicions to be correct. I began to scroll down the page, reading as I went along.

I know that you’re out there.

The link at the bottom of the page glowed up at me, and my hand stilled on the mouse.

“Holy #%&*!”