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Vitamin V

Generated image Rosalie makes a startling online discovery that could change the lives of the Cullens as we know it.


4. Chapter 4

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None of us slept that night.

Sounds funny right? The house was silent. Even my super sonic hearing couldn’t pick up a whisper. I would at least have expected some pacing, the door shutting as Edward snuck out. Guess I was wrong. Nobody left, moved, spoke, breathed. There was nothing.

When the sun finally broke over the trees at the back of the house, I stood wordlessly. Emmett was lying sideways on the bed with his head hanging upside down over one edge, and when he saw me move, he quickly rolled to his feet. Wordlessly, I made my way down the stairs to the family room, Emmett trailing on my heels.

I lowered myself into a chair, and he sat at my feet. Idly I combed my fingers through his curls. I tended to do this when I was distracted and upset and Emmett knew, curling an arm around my leg in a childlike hug.

It took awhile, but my family members slowly began to trickle in. First Edward came to lean against the wall, his eyes blank, then Jasper on the loveseat with Alice in his lap. Finally, Carlisle and Esme, who remained standing in the front of the room.

It was quiet for a long time. No one wanted to break the silence, and I knew that I would have to do it.

“I want to look into this,” I said quietly. “I couldn’t handle knowing that maybe I passed something up that could‘ve… made a difference.”

“I’m with Rose,” Emmett agreed.

“I think I will be interested as well,” Edward said, even more quietly than I had.

“I believe I judged correctly when I assumed you would,” Carlisle commented. “However your mother and I…” He broke off.

“I don’t think we will be joining you either,” Jasper said, speaking for himself and Alice. “For us there’s nothing much to return to.”

I nodded silently. I too, had judged correctly. The odds stood at three to four. Go figure.

“I think since this could go either way that we should all be involved." Carlisle said looking grim, skeptical. It was putting a damper on my mood. "If it does turn out to be a hoax then we all need to be aware of every thing that goes on.”

“That’s fine,” I agreed. “I can’t imagine what the angle on this could be, but…”

“It’s the but that has me worried,” he smiled softly.

“Well, I’m going to do a little research on this Dr. McKenna first,” Edward commented.

The snarl had ripped from my throat before I even knew it was coming. I bared my teeth at Edward, my lip quivering. He wasn’t going to take this away from me. He eyes widened and he rolled off the wall into a crouch, ready if I moved.

“Edward, this is Rosalie’s find. I think it’s best if she heads this one up,” Carlisle cautioned.

“Fine,” he snapped. “Good thing this is only important to Rose.”

Then he was gone, out the front door, into his car and down the drive. We listened in silence until we couldn’t hear the Volvo anymore. I could feel something, a nervous foreboding, begin to creep through the room. I looked sharply over at Jasper, and his face was dark.