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Vitamin V

Generated image Rosalie makes a startling online discovery that could change the lives of the Cullens as we know it.


5. Chapter 5

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“What?” I asked sharply.

He didn’t answer me, only glared. My upper lip wrinkled in a challenge. He smirked, then turned away. He had the audacity to smirk! And then dismiss me? How dare he? Sure, I knew that he could take any one of us apart in a few seconds. Maybe minutes in Edward’s case, but still, he could at least show some decency.

Carlisle gave Jasper a look, but didn’t dare chastise him. No one ever did. We didn’t take chances with Jasper. And I wouldn’t start now.

“Stay out of my way, Whitlock,” I snarled. Standing from my chair, I stormed out through the patio doors, his derisive laughter ringing in my ears. God, he pisses me off. So high and mighty, all the time, even worse than Edward. Nothing’s important to him. Maybe Alice, but nothing that matters.

I stopped myself. I couldn’t take it out on Alice. It wasn’t her fault, even if she could be annoying sometimes. Whatever was putting Jasper in a mood, he could keep it to himself. Crossing the backyard, I leapt the river and took off through the trees, just wandering. I needed to think.

Never before had something like this even been possible. I had searched the world over looking for something like this, and never come across anything even close. What could this mean for me? My family? Scratch that. Apparently Edward and I were the only ones who were interested. I should have known.

When I finally got back to the house, it was practically empty. Carlisle and Esme were upstairs, and Jasper was in the living room where I’d left him. Waiting.

I intended to ignore him, to breeze on past without a second glance, but a low rumble froze me in my tracks. It was a sharp sound, a cold sound. It was a snarl more dangerous than any

I’d heard Jasper ever make. It stopped me dead, and it scared me.

“A word Rosalie…if you please.”

His voice was soft, but laced with arsenic; a polite southern query turned into an order that was expected to be obeyed.

I turned slowly to face him. He was standing behind me, no longer on the chair he’d previously occupied. He stood casually, not in a hunting crouch like I’d fallen into at the sound of his anger. He was fast enough, confident enough, deadly enough, that he needn’t prepare himself as I did.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this Rosalie,” he began. “I’m asking you to let this go.”

I growled softly. “I don’t think so Jasper. I can’t run and hide every time you get a feeling.” I began to circle him slowly, and he followed, as if connected to me by a string. When my back was to the doors, a safe escape behind me, I stopped, and he did too. “You’d have me dizzy, turning so often.”

He snarled. A voice in my head warned against provoking him this way.

“Regardless of what you think Rosalie… I’m not asking for myself.”

“Of course you’re not,” I spat. “Only for your precious Alice. God, she leads you around like a puppy on a leash.”

It was everything I’d thought earlier and regretted thinking, spewing out in my frustration. A millisecond after it was out, I knew I’d gone too far. I swear I saw his eyes glow red in the time before he crashed into me, propelling us both through the patio doors, shattering the glass and landing me on my back in the lawn. My natural instincts threw my knees up, carrying me over him so that I was on top, but he was better at this, faster than I could ever hope to be. He had me on my back and immobilized again, his teeth inches from my throat, before I even registered that I had had the upper hand.

“Dammit, Rosalie,” he roared.


Five voices, all condemning, screaming from above and around us. Carlisle and Esme, and the rest of them, wherever they had been. Now there to witness my defeat, my shame.

“I know exactly how much control Alice has over me,” Jasper whispered dangerously in my ear. “Exactly as much as I allow her to have. I love her. I would walk to the ends of the earth and back for her. Giving her what she wants is nothing compared to what I receive in return. Not that it’s anything to you…” he shoved up angrily off my shoulders. “But I didn’t warn you for her sake either.”

He backed up three paces as Emmett put his body between us, his teeth bared. “I warned you for yours.”

I lowered my eyes to the ground, more embarrassed than I thought was possible. I watched him turn away from me and was too much of a coward to stop him. I watched as my family parted for him, Alice reaching out her hand and, for the first time that I had seen, him ignoring it. I watched as he paused before Carlisle and Esme.

“I’ll replace the door,” he murmured.

Then he leapt lightly through the broken frame and gone, and I was left to face the rest of them alone, my burning humiliation my only backup.