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Vitamin V

Generated image Rosalie makes a startling online discovery that could change the lives of the Cullens as we know it.


6. Chapter 6

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I avoided them after that, skulking around the house, staying in the woods as much as possible. Four days later, we still hadn’t heard from Jasper. No calls. Nothing. Glass panes for the patio door had been delivered the next day, but that was all. Alice spent her time pacing around their room, head in hands, willing the visions to come, but they wouldn’t.

I wasn’t prepared for her attack. I should have been. I was just so used to the girl, the pixie, the soft innocent, that I ignored the glares, the tightened fists. Back from a hunt, I tried to skirt inconspicuously through the living room, where most of my family seemed to be. I paused to look to Carlisle who was reading in an armchair. What were they waiting for?

I didn’t see her come in through the dining room. I saw her hands come up, then I was crashing into the opposite wall. Carlisle, Esme, and Emmett leapt to their feet, but Edward stayed where he was, sprawled over a loveseat.

“Alice,” Esme cried.

“Go get him,” she bit out, her teeth bared at me. “This is your fault! Go get him and bring him back!”

“Alice,” Carlisle said, his voice strained in an attempt to soothe the tension that had the two of us rocked forward on the balls of our feet, ready to battle. “Jasper can take care of himself.”

“You think I don’t know that?” she hissed.

Everyone’s jaw dropped but Edward’s. No one talked to Carlisle like that. He was enough of a father to us that he wasn’t ever back sassed, but she kept on.

“You think I’ve been standing around waiting for him to make a decision?”


She turned back to me, her teeth glistening with venom. “Go. Get. Him.”

Turning her back on me, she stalked away.

Edward’s dark chuckle broke the silence. He could still do that sometimes. Revert to that brooding, terrifying person he had become so many years ago and send a shiver down my spine with a single sound, a simple gesture. Foolishly, I had always held more respect for him than Jasper. With his mind reading, he had always seemed the greater threat.

How stupid I had been. He was a child next to my artificial twin. Jasper held the key to life, the thing that could bring us to our knees with a gun to our head, or send us spiraling into an ecstasy so high we would gladly step off the roof of the penthouse without a net. Perhaps it was the years he had over Edward, or the experience, but of the two, I would rather fight Edward. Of, course if I had to trust one of them with my own life, I would probably pick Edward again.

Emmett had pulled me up off the floor and was murmuring to me, asking if I was alright. I shrugged off my sore shoulder, nodding and muttering nonsense to reassure him. Esme must have gone after Alice, but Carlisle stood waiting.

“I think I have somewhere to be,” I said quietly, bowing my head in shame under his gaze. “I’ll be back in a few days.”

“You’re an adult Rosalie,” he said softly. “If you need time, take it. We understand.”

“Thank you.”

Turning away, I trailed up the stairs, Emmett following silently. In our room, I grabbed one of his black gym bags from the closet and started stuffing clothes into it, for once in my life not caring what they were or if they would match. Arms came around me and stilled my hands, his forehead rested on my shoulder.

“I’d go with you,” he whispered. “But I think you’ll tell me no.”

Turning in his arms, I hugged him tightly. “I don’t deserve you,” I said. “I think this is something I have to do alone.”

He nodded, but there was hurt in his eyes. Reaching up my hand, I smoothed back a curl from his cheek. “I love you. More than anything. And I’ll prove it when I get back.” That put a sparkle back in his gaze. “Three days tops. Promise.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

Slinging the bag over my shoulder, I grabbed the keys to my M3. As I passed through the doorway, I heard him whisper.

“Goodbye Rosalie.”

He never used my full name. Because of that, I couldn’t turn around. Maybe he knew, and that was why he’d said it. I didn’t know. Either way, I had to go. Heading down the hall, I could hear soft murmurs coming from Alice’s room. Esme was still with her. Passing by the door, I sped down the stairs to my car. I didn’t want to face Carlisle again.

Tossing the duffel in the back seat, I climbed in and stuck the key in the ignition, but didn’t start it. Pulling my cell phone from my pocket, I sat and stared for a few minutes. Finally I decided. Don’t day hello, don’t say anything, just three words. ‘Where are you?’ Three words I could handle. I had six numbers on speed dial. His was the last. I had never wondered about that until now. I had never once before called Jasper, never willingly started a conversation or sought him out. Punching the foreign numbers, I waited.

The phone rang. Then rang again. And again. By the seventh ring I was shaking with nerves. Was he intentionally making me sweat this out? On the eight his voicemail picked up. Like I said, I’d never called his phone before, but I doubted this was his usual message.

No, I won’t make it that easy. You’re smart. You know where to find me.

“Dammit,” I cursed, snapping the phone shut. Starting the car, I backed down the drive and headed for the highway. “All right Whitlock, where are you?”