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Vitamin V

Generated image Rosalie makes a startling online discovery that could change the lives of the Cullens as we know it.


7. Chapter 7

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‘Think,’ I commanded myself as I drove. ‘Think! Where is he hiding?’

Taking a corner a little too fast, got onto the highway headed north. Winding my way between the humans who droned away at seventy five, I had my epiphany. He wasn’t hiding, he wanted to be found.

That was the key that unlocked it. I’d hurt Jasper once before, a long time ago. When he’d first come to us, I’d been scared of him, wary, nervous, much like the others were only more so. Something in him had reminded me so much of Royce, that dark, blonde appeal glazing over a dangerous soul, that I had never really given him a chance.

Our family had been in a skirmish, fighting a small coven of three vampires who wanted territory we had claimed. It happened more often than you’d think. They had come to ask Carlisle’s permission to hunt the humans in the area, not wanting to anger so large a coven.

When Carlisle refused, tried to explain, they became enraged and left. Edward had warned us that they would try to ambush us one by one, so we had had to seek them out, eradicate them before they did the same to us.

One of them had been young, not worth anything in a fight, but the other two were southerners. They knew how to kill. Jasper had become a demon, more vicious and deadly than anything I had ever seen. While he had held off one of the southerners himself, Emmett, Edward, and Carlisle had tried to deal with the other, while Esme, Alice, and I disposed of the young one.

We had taken care of our third when I heard a roar like a wounded bear. I had thought my heart had leapt into my throat. I turned and charged, barely seeing Emmett tear his forearm from the southerner’s teeth. Somehow, it managed to knock off both Edward and Carlisle, and met me head on. I didn’t have a chance.

I was flat on my back and too far away for Emmett to get to me. I heard his scream and tried to wrench myself from beneath the raging vampire that straddled me, memories flooding my mind that I had kept carefully buried for so long. Then it was gone and I was free.

Jasper had come out of nowhere, finishing off his third of the coven and pile driving the other off of me. His fury radiated around him in an arc with a five foot reach. The southerner was finally dead before he could make a sound.

Jasper had risen slowly to his feet, his chest heaving and his teeth still bared, while the rest of us looked on, in horror, in wonder, in admiration. The man knew how to fight. The bubble of emotion branching off of him slowly settled, then dissipated, but my own did not. I was terrified, still on my back, trapped in the past.

He had turned to me, stepped forward, and reached out a hand innocent of evil to help me to my feet, and I had flinched away. I had known him long enough to know that no harm would have come to me through him, and yet I flinched. More than that, it was the emotion, the fear of him coupled with the fear of my past that I finally let escape, that drove the hurt bright and gleaming into his eyes.

He knew my story, and in that moment, knew that I had compared him to the monster that had been Royce. He stepped back from me, his eyes darting nervously from face to face, and fled, too fast for my shame, guilt, and apology to catch up with him. No doubt he thought we all looked at him that way, saw only the scars that marred him, marked him as dangerous, untrustworthy, unworthy at all.

Putting on my blinker, I merged onto the interstate and headed south. I had found him then, and I would find him now. He was right. I did know where he was.