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If Mike Got His Chance

If Mike Got his ChanceWhat would happen if Bella had never met Edward Cullen? What if by chance, she had never fallen in love with Jacob? Who would be left but of course...MIKE NEWTON. Its Mike's turn now. He's marrying Bella in just a few weeks. What could possibly go wrong? Would Bella's life be simpler without mythical creatures or would she continue to be a "danger" magnet? CHAPTER 3 IS OUT!!!!

Me=owning nothing:D

1. Party Disaster

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“Ang, please don’t make me do this!” I repeated one last time as she forced another wedding dress on me.

“Oh come on Bella! You should be excited! Its not every day that you get married to Mike Newton!”

Angela was very animated about weddings ever since she had had her perfect wedding a few years back. She now believed that if she could have a perfect wedding, everyone could- including Bella, as stubborn as she may be.

After Angela had finally decided that I had the perfect dress, we headed out to look at wedding cakes. As we walked in, 3 or 4 employees instantly greeted us. “They obviously get paid on commission,” I thought to myself as Angela told them what we were looking for.

I was used to this charade of wedding shopping, and it seemed lately that I was going a lot. As I sat there with Angela occasionally tasting a cake or two and voicing my opinion, I couldn’t help but think about all of my friends’ marriages. They had all been extravagant and beautiful. One after another they had all been proposed to, and one by one they each were married to their loves. I couldn’t help but think to myself that my marriage wouldn’t be like theirs. I mean sure I loved Mike, but I felt like something was missing.

I shook that thought off. What am I saying? I love Mike. Charlie is going to be happy with our marriage and so will everyone else. This is the life I‘ve chosen, and now I have to live it.

“What do you think about this one Bella?” Angela’s voice brought me back to reality. “What do you think about this cake?”

“Oh! I like that one…” I said absentmindedly pointing at a cake in the shop window.

“How much would that one be?” Angela asked the employee helping us. He gave her a price and we were on our way. We were out having lunch when Angela got a call. It was Ben. Their daughter Lisa was taking her first steps. Of course Angela ran home to celebrate while I was left alone in front of McDonalds -how awkward.

I got in my car and drove to the only place I could think to go to- the park.

I loved going off to the park when I had nothing else to do. It gave me time to think without the rest of the world in my head. I pulled up to a parking spot and sat on a long green bench in the grass. It was surprisingly sunny outside for a day in Forks, Washington. I loved these days. They reminded me of when I still lived with Renee.

As I reminisced about the times I had living with my mom, my phone rang. I smiled. It was my turn now. Mike wanted me to come home for a surprise. “Wonder what he’s going to show me this time…” I wondered to myself as I hung up and got in my car.


“ Just keep your eyes closed a little longer….” Mike said to me as he lead me to my surprise.

“Mike you know how much I hate surprises right?” I was a little annoyed now. I’d driven to our apartment just to find him waiting at the front door with his coat and a blindfold. He had then showed me to the car and insisted that I wear the stupid blindfold. We had driven for a while gotten out and then he had begun to lead me on this blind wild goose chase.

“You aren’t dragging me off to be killed and stuffed away are you?” I asked mockingly.

“Of course not.” He laughed a little and kissed me on the cheek. “Here we are.” He said as he spun me once and un-blindfolded me. I opened my eyes to see all of my friends and their husbands, as well as their children shout “SURPRISE!” Quickly I ran up to them, giving each of my friends a hug.

“You surprised?” Mike asked me as he snuck up behind me out of nowhere and pecked me on the cheek.

“Yes! Mike this is wonderful! What did I do to deserve this?” and then it dawned on me. I had forgotten something. Was it my birthday? No. There weren’t presents. I frantically searched through my mind trying to find out what I had forgotten to fix it. Mike seemed to notice the frantic look in my eyes because he soon interrupted my thoughts.

“Bella? Bella? What’s wrong? Are you ok?” His anxiousness grew. “Bella? Its alright. You’re fine. I know you don’t like parties but you really needed to see your friends. You’ve been saying their names in your sleep lately. Is there something else bothering you? Bella? Bella?”

Realization hit and I returned to the party. “Sorry, Mike. I thought I’d forgotten something important.”

“Ah ok. I was just checking. I’ve been really worried about you lately Bella.” his eyes showed pure concern. I smiled softly to try and reassure him.

It all happened very fast then. I turned from Mike just as Jessica’s twin daughters ran around my legs. I tripped, and being the klutz I am I somehow managed to twist far enough around that I landed face first into the food table. Of course all of the food went everywhere. I was covered as well as everyone near the table.

“Oops.” I managed to say as I slowly turned around on the floor.