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If Mike Got His Chance

If Mike Got his ChanceWhat would happen if Bella had never met Edward Cullen? What if by chance, she had never fallen in love with Jacob? Who would be left but of course...MIKE NEWTON. Its Mike's turn now. He's marrying Bella in just a few weeks. What could possibly go wrong? Would Bella's life be simpler without mythical creatures or would she continue to be a "danger" magnet? CHAPTER 3 IS OUT!!!!

Me=owning nothing:D

2. An Old Friend

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Then everyone surprised me. They didn't complain about the destruction of our entire meal as I had suspected they would. Instead they laughed.

“And that's why I fell in love with you." Mike said as he helped me up.

“I’ll go order some pizzas." Angela chuckled as she walked out of the room. The rest of the night had gone a lot better than I had planned as well. When the pizzas came everyone gobbled them up. Charlie even stopped by to enjoy the party with us for a little while. It was late sooner than I hoped. Mike and I left the party saying our goodbyes and promising that we would come back to visit soon. As we walked down the driveway to our car, Mike put his arm around me and gave me a sweet little kiss on the cheek. I smiled, as always and we got in the car.

I was always thinking about something lately. While driving home I thought about my mother. I thought about how unhappy she had been when she got the wedding invitation saying that I was getting married after only a few years of being out of high school. And then I saw something streak past our car about 10 feet ahead. It looked like a big russet colored bear. Of course being me I screamed. Mike swerved as a result of my scream. He started to pull over and I screamed louder.

“NO MIKE! DON’T THERE’S A HUGE BEAR OVER THERE!” I managed to shout over my hysterics. He pulled over anyways, turning off the car and looking straight into my eyes.

“Bella, honey, calm down. What did you see?” Mikes attempt at calming me down didn’t work out too well.

“It was a b-b-b-bear.” I stuttered through my tears. Mike seemed to think he wasn't going to get a better answer out of me for a while. He began scanning the forest edge with his eyes. On his face was a look up pure distraught. I always knew he disliked seeing me upset but I couldn’t help it this time. There was a huge russet bear in the forest next to us somewhere. I tried to slow my tears enough that Mike would drive away. It seemed to work because he turned the car back on and started toward our home again. Once we were home I immediately called the police station, hoping to talk to Charlie. The officer that answered promised to have Charlie call me as soon as he came in the next morning. I thanked him and then hung up. I didn’t really realize how tired I was from all of the excitement of today. There was nothing else to do at the moment so I sat on the couch next to Mike and started watching the news with him. I put my head on his shoulder and the next thing I knew it was morning.


“I love you!” I waved to Mike as I walked out of our apartment. Charlie had called me back this morning and I had told him everything about the bear incident that I could remember. He had assured me that he would definitely see if there had been any more bear sightings. Then I had hung up with him and went to get my running clothes on. Mike had asked me if I wanted him to come with me for my run. I told him that I would take a cell phone with me. And now here I was jogging to the park just around the corner from out apartment.

“Crap.” I said to myself as I slowed to a walk and looked around. I was in the park now, a forest surrounding it. This wasn’t exactly the best place for me to have come to while trying to forget about last night’s events. There was no one around to help me if I saw that russet bear again. But wait. There was someone there with me. A boy I used to know. He was lying on the grass only a few feet away from me. Wow. If he was who I thought he was, he’d definitely grown a lot.

“Hello?” I called to him. He looked up and I saw many different things on his face. There was confusion, recognition, surprise, and then finally he smiled and began walking towards me.

“Hey Bells.” he was grinning from ear to ear.

“Jake? Its really you?” I answered. My smile must have been huge because he ran up and gave me a big hug. I hadn’t seen Jake a lot since my trip down to La Push a few years back. He hadn’t been able to come up very much because he had had to help with Billy a lot.

“So how have you been?” Jake asked.

“I’m good, how about you? You’ve grown so much I have strain my neck to look up at you!” I replied. We went and sat on a bench while he told me about his car he had been working on a few years back, how busy he had been lately helping with Billy, and how surprised he had been when Charlie came down and gave him and Billy an invitation to my wedding.

“So you’re coming right? I haven’t seen you forever!” I asked him after he brought up my wedding.

“Of course! I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” he responded and then stopped. “Stupid bloodsuckers, why do you have to come right now?” he muttered under his breath so low I hardly heard it.

“ What was that? Are you cold Jake? Why are you shaking so much?” He didn’t answer. “Cat got your tongue?” He continued to ignore me. We sat there in silence for a second.

“I have…to go.” he said abruptly as he stood and walked away.

“Um ok?” I stood as well. “ Jake do you really have to leave right this second? I have barely seen you at all in the last 5 years.”

“Yes I have to leave now. This can’t wait.” His voice was cold.

“What can’t wait just a little longer?” I questioned him, a little irritated now.

“It’s a long story. There are vamp-“ He cut off quickly. “Bella next time I see you I’ll have time to explain, but not now.”

“But you’ll come up and visit me sometime soon right? You could explain to me then!” I called to him as he walked further away. “Also I’m sure Mike would love to meet you!” I shouted as he continued to walk towards the forest.

“Sure, sure. Sometime soon.” he said in that patronizing voice he always used on Billy. Why was he walking into the forest? Why had he suddenly just gotten up and left? Did I smell? No I hadn't jogged for very long. What was he doing? Why couldn’t he tell me?

“Men.” I rolled my eyes. I decided to follow him. He wasn’t just going to leave me hanging like that.