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If Mike Got His Chance

If Mike Got his ChanceWhat would happen if Bella had never met Edward Cullen? What if by chance, she had never fallen in love with Jacob? Who would be left but of course...MIKE NEWTON. Its Mike's turn now. He's marrying Bella in just a few weeks. What could possibly go wrong? Would Bella's life be simpler without mythical creatures or would she continue to be a "danger" magnet? CHAPTER 3 IS OUT!!!!

Me=owning nothing:D

3. Following Jake

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Jake was nowhere to be seen by now so I went further into the forest after him. As I walked in the direction I thought Jake had gone I heard his voice.

“Get out of here bloodsucker. You aren’t welcome.” he spat. I crept towards his voice looking through the trees.

“Watch your step pup. We have a visitor.” An unrecognizable voice snickered. I began to back up. I shouldn’t be here. I thought as I backed up. Of course I stepped on a twig, typical. Suddenly a cold hand was at my throat and an arm was wrapped around my waist.

“Well aren’t you a pretty one.” The man said holding me tightly. I stopped, why had I followed Jake? The man ran his lips up and down my neck and I shuddered.

“Let go of her now!” Jake was suddenly visible. “Bella are you alright?” he asked me, anxious. I opened my mouth to speak but was cut off by the man holding me.

“Not so fast mongrel. One more step and you could end her life.” He said kissing my neck again.

“Wait. We can solve this. Would you consider a deal?” Jake paused, doing some quick thinking. “If you let her go we’ll let you leave Forks unscathed.”

The man holding me stopped for a minute thinking this through. “Sounds reasonable, but I will carry her till the border of Forks as to ensure my safe passage. After that I will let her go.” Jake nodded in agreement.

“Fine. Let me tell the pack what’s going on.” He said. Suddenly right before my eyes Jake changed into a wolf. If I had blinked I would have missed it. And then as quickly as he changed into a wolf he changed back into a human a few minutes later. Where are his clothes? I asked myself looking away. “They’ll be here in less than five minutes.” He said. When I looked back he had pants on but was shirtless. Jake never took his eyes away from me.

“Are you comfortable?” the man asked me. “You smell simply delectable.” he smiled sliding his other hand down to my waist as well and setting his head on my shoulder.

Those five minutes were the tensest of my life. The man just held me. Occasionally he would run his lips along my jaw or kiss my neck and Jake would flinch. On top of that I was absolutely terrified. What had happened with Jake kept repeating over and over in my head. The small “pop” and then suddenly he was a gigantic beast. When he was ready it took him less than two seconds to change back. If he was a werewolf then what could the man holding me be?

Finally Jake loosened up a little bit and about 5 more wolves came bounding through the trees to where we were. “We’ll follow you out. At the border you give her back to us and leave.” Jake said with authority.

“Sounds good.” The man said once more before Jake changed into a wolf and the man holding me lifted me off of my feet and began running. He was so fast everything passed us in a blur.

“Please don’t drop me.” I whispered to him and he smiled holding me tighter.

“What’s your name exactly?” he asked me continuing to run. I looked up and that’s when I noticed his eyes. They were bright red and I almost didn’t answer him.

“Isabella. But everyone calls me Bella.” I paused. “What’s your name?” I whispered so quietly I hardly heard myself.

“My name is Matthew but you may call me Matt.” He said his voice softening. Why was he so dazzling? I thought to myself being more and more drawn to him each second that passed by.

A few minutes later he stopped and set me down. We were at the boundary line.