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Cherished Oracle


What is an oracle? A seer? Or just a cheap standby of psychics? Bella's graduation day is nearing, yet her terrifying dreams that involve Victoria, one who still wishes for her non-existence. Oh, and have we forgotten the demands of her turning? Yet, strange things are happening to Bella. Deep within her mind, she is developing a strange gift. Enjoy.
[This Fic is a stretch of my imagination. ]

Warning: Spoiling of Twilight & New Moon

1. Is it Real?

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Is it my fault that I’m dangerously in love with a man who, even with everything that we’ve been through, is not right for me? I would give my heart and soul to this guy, which I have already given as a matter of fact. He knows this. He knows I love him. And I know that he returns it with either the same or greater force of passion.

Sometimes I just can’t seem to redeem of how an insensitive bitch I can be sometimes. During the night, I usually think of when he would come back to me. I do get worried about him, of course. I worry if he’ll ever come back, or if I won’t ever see him again. I guess that is what people refer to when it comes to love.


Is it Real?


My eyes shot open at the sound of a small creak in the room. I was never a deep sleeper, but anything that was of sound could awake me nowadays. The thought of Victoria gliding into my window has scarred into my thoughts, which has been quite painful.

I sat up on my bed, tucking an annoying lock of my hair behind an ear to glance around in the darkness. I checked my bedside table. Ugh... one o’clock. I let out an annoyed groan, hating the fact that I was only able to sleep one hour after my nightly, minor arguments with Edward on my sleeping habits.

I felt his chilled arms wrapping around my waist, pulling me against his muscular chest, in which made me go “gaga” to be precise. I drew in a sharp breath, a bit paranoid in my mind of the fact that Victoria could just pop-up out of nowhere. My trembling hands rested on his for-arms. He was well aware of my Goosebumps. No surprise there.

“Relax.” He soothed softly in the familiar, tantalizing voice. “It’s just me.” I felt his lips plant soft kisses over my locks of hair, a habit of his that never ceased to comfort me. I felt my head slowly lean back onto his shoulder, my eyes closed. His hold on me had tightened, allowing me to finally exhale.

“I’m glad it’s you.” I replied after a minute of sweet silence. Yet in my mind, there was much screaming for more. I turned my head to the side, raising it to an angle that allowed me to plant a soft kiss at his chin, admiring his beauty endlessly. I planted a few more, noticing a soothing growl that was created within his chest.

“Stop…” he murmured, which came out more of a soft plead than a command. He made an attempt to stop me however, loosening the grip that was held around my waist. “You know very well why.” He added, turning me around without much effort to face him.

I noticed his adoring eyes were hardened. Not from the anger in which he had a habit of showing off at times, but something deeper within. I was puzzled at first, wanting to explain that look to myself.

In the meantime, I had to answer to him.

“Yeah, sorry.” I whispered, a light smile forming onto my lips to reassure that I was fine.

It was a relief to remember how he wasn’t able to read my mind as to others. In fact, I was quite happy to know that I could think of anything and he wouldn’t be able to read it off exactly. Currently, I was thinking of kissing him. And not our two-second kisses but ones in which I was able to fully enjoy, other than by only having him with me.

I stood up from the bed, coughing slightly as I took a few steps onto my mirror. I picked up my brush from the drawer beside it, stroking it over my, now, waist-length locks. I hated the fact that no matter how many times these weeds were cut, they would grow as though it was curse.

Edward had still sat on the foot of my bed, his eyes fixed upon my form as I continued to brush away the minor knots. I could feel his eyes burning a hole down onto my back. Yet, it wasn’t in an uncomfortable manner. In my mind, I was a bit pleased.

“Brushing your hair fills your room with your scent, Bella...” he comments softly, a sly smile appearing through his lips. “And, I’m enjoying it.”

I could feel my own smile widening slowly, tilting my head to the side as his words repeated into my mind. As I began to brush my other side, I continued to think about how close my graduation was. And how close it was for me to join him… To be with him for...

“Eternity.” I muttered my thoughts out loud. I narrowed my eyes onto my reflection in the mirror, a light sigh produced.

“What about Eternity?” he asked from behind, in which had alarmed me. For a brief moment, I forgot that he was there.

“Nothing… Just thinking out-loud.” I said honestly.

“Really?” he asked in a tempting voice. “What about may I ask?”

For that moment, my lips had parted to reply, a lie probably, but to reply nonetheless, when it happened. If I didn’t know it any better, I would’ve thought of it to be a dream. My eyelids had begun to get heavy, my own hold onto the brush feeling as though it weighed a ton.

The brush had slipped from my fingers, and sooner than I would’ve thought, Edward’s arms had wrapped around mine to keep me from falling.

Yet, I wasn’t concentrating on his hold, like I would’ve guessed to be. The darkness around me had suddenly changed into a bright light. It was as though I was being moved throughout time.

I was no longer lying on the floor in Edward’s arms. I was standing, in which seemed to be the woods that wasn’t too far from my house. I took a step forward, reaching out towards one of the tree’s trunk to make sure that this was real… It was quite real.

“Edward?” I called out softly before repeating his name loudly. “Edward!” The beating of my heart had quickened, my head turning around sharply towards the many directions.

I stopped, hearing a twig near me suddenly break, the sound that was heard when it was stepped on. The blood froze, my eyes growing wide before I turned around slowly to view that I wasn’t alone.

At first, I couldn’t believe it.

I shook my head furiously. Taking steps back recklessly before I had slipped, my eyes still gazing in horror at the gliding figure in front of me.

“Victoria…” my lips had mouthed her name. I let out a terrifying scream, my hands automatically rising to cover my eyes. This was all too terrifying. No... I couldn’t, this isn’t real!!

“Bella!” A voice had shouted out towards me. I felt my body shaking, not knowing if it was me or … Edward!

The scenery of the woods had slowly dissolved into the darkness of my bedroom, Edward’s figure standing over me. His eyes were hardened with more concern than the anger I had sensed.

My eyes were still at first, and there was that moment of silence… I sat up quickly, yet his arms were onto my shoulders.

“Lay back down, you had just fainted.” He said in a softer tone. “Are you alright?”

I shook my head slowly, my eyes still onto his. “I saw her…”

“Saw who?” he asked curiously for a moment. I couldn’t reply. I was all too shocked.

“It was real. It was all too real.” I shook my head slowly before quickly wrapping arms around him.

“Answer me, Bella—“

“It was Victoria...” I whispered to him, my eyes closing. “And… It wasn’t a dream… It was all too real.”