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Cherished Oracle


What is an oracle? A seer? Or just a cheap standby of psychics? Bella's graduation day is nearing, yet her terrifying dreams that involve Victoria, one who still wishes for her non-existence. Oh, and have we forgotten the demands of her turning? Yet, strange things are happening to Bella. Deep within her mind, she is developing a strange gift. Enjoy.
[This Fic is a stretch of my imagination. ]

Warning: Spoiling of Twilight & New Moon

3. Back On the Road

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We may have our ups and downs… Yet, that is what allows our love to grow strong. At times I can’t stand the fact that he loves to intercept with most of the plans I have going for. But, that lets me know that he cares. I also can’t stand it when he calls me stubborn and at times reckless. Yet, I can’t help but agree. God, I love this man. :.:.:.:.:.: Back on the Road


The rest of the car ride home had been most … solemn, to say at the least. Oh—don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Edward’s company more than anything. The silence that was between us wasn’t the most comforting. Not like the others—but a silence that kept me wondering when would he snap out of if it and talk about the latest ordeal.

I glanced down at my hand, which rested under his. Edward had used his thumb to rub softly over the back of my hand reassuringly, which gave me a sense of much warmth, even though his skin was cold as hell. Wait—cold is an understatement. I blinked away my useless thoughts as I raised my eyes to meet his, which were apparently eyeing me.

I still couldn’t seem to understand how much he could pay attention towards me while driving at such a speed. Not only did it send an adrenaline rush over my veins, but it kept me—well, unkempt! He allowed one of his famous crooked smiles to curl upon his lips as he leaned forward, planting a soft one on the top of my forehead [which I think is abnormally large—but that is just my opinion on myself- dismal.].

Edward released a soft chuckle, turning his eyes back onto the blur of the road before I felt the car begin to slow down. I furrowed my eyebrows, watching him with much curiosity as he decided to pull over, a stern expression held onto his beautiful complexion. God—I couldn’t take enough of it!

The silence had once again overcome the now still car. I turned my head towards the window, eyeing around a bit before clearing my throat. This was quite… uncomfortable, to say at the least. I glanced back at Edward, who had once again locked eyes with me. A grin had surpassed my lips, turning my form to face his slightly.

“Why did we—“

I was interrupted as his soft, iced lips met mine halfway through my question. I was both annoyed and pleased, even though my pleased side was winning. Automatically, I had raised an arm to wrap around his shoulder, pulling him closer to me as I continued our kiss. He was just too good to let go.

I welcomed him as I parted my lips, my tongue nipping onto his bottom lip which felt so smooth and so delicious. It were times like these that I praised whatever being that rose above us for the fact that I had such a beautiful being touching me in the way he did. I released a soft sigh in content.

I felt his hands onto my abdomen, pushing me slightly away. His eyes were still closed as I opened mine, furrowing my eyebrows in slight disappointment. I had a feeling he was quite disappointed too, to say the least. I allowed a slight whimper to reach him as I sat back against my passenger seat; finally catching his eyes reopen to meet mine.

“I’m sorry…” he began, looking towards the steering wheel, his eyes narrowed onto it. “I just don’t want to do something I’ll regret.” He eyed towards me with such intensity in his stare that I couldn’t help but want to throw myself at him.

“What could you possibly do that would make you regret it?” I asked him softly, leaning towards him, wanting to close the aching distance between us. I couldn’t get enough of him. Not at all.

“I’m just frightened that I would take it too far… too far that you’d regret kissing me—and even regret being around me.” A light smile curled into his lips as he tilted his head to the side, allowing his lovely locks to play over his eyes which were simply… dazzling. “Especially when you are just too delicious to let go.”

I released a soft giggle, rolling my eyes to look straight out of the front window. “You call me delicious.” I commented softly, shaking my head as a smirk was later revealed. “I cannot keep my eyes away from you. And that can identify the fact that I am just simply head over heels for you.” I returned to eye him intensely, a grin slowly creeping.

He stared at me in return silently before closing the remaining gap between us with a passionate kiss. His lips felt as though they were aching to feel mine, his tongue traveling over my own that I couldn’t resist the fact to travel my hands up his shirt, scratching lightly over his hard chest.

As instantly as he kissed me, he pushed me away. Yet this time, it wasn’t from the heat of the moment. I eyed at Edward with much disappointment, again, before I noticed the anger that filled his eyes. He wasn’t looking at me, but at the window behind me. I turned around, looking towards my window before it happened again.

The feeling as though someone or something had taken over my being, my head feeling uncomfortably lightheaded. I felt my head hit against the seat, but my eyes remained open. I felt myself being dragged to another plane, the gray mist slowly dissolving to reveal another setting. Yet this time, it wasn’t in the woods. It was just where I was a nanosecond ago.

I was standing outside of Edward’s Volvo, looking around me before I could hear a terrifying scream. Yet, the scream was awfully familiar, as though I’ve heard it many, many times before. I narrowed my eyes onto the car; a splatter of some kind of dark liquid had been splattered all over the windows. The color was an uneasy shade of crimson red. Oh god… Blood? I took my steps towards the car, overcoming my fear to look. Besides, if this was another vision… I took the chance. I bent forward, opening the car door to reveal three figures in the front. Edward’s eyes had looked as though they were gauged out, dark blood oozing down over his chest continuously. I took in a sharp breath, yet I couldn’t even hear myself. My eyes had quickly looked over towards myself in this realm. I was struggling in the arms of Victoria, whose teeth were sunken into the nape of my throat, from what it looks like, I’m being drained. After a moment or so, I had stopped struggling against her. I gazed in awe at my lifeless form.

The feeling of being pulled back happened once more. I closed my eyes tightly, opening them to look around as I was once again still in the car. I took in a deep breath, this time, I could hear myself perfectly. I turned around to see Edward’s eyes looking at me with much fear mixed with concern, and love.

“What happene—“

“We have to get out of here!!” I shouted out at him, opening the car door to run out myself before feeling an arm wrap around my waist. I jumped anxiously to see Edward’s hold on me tightened.

“Bella… Look at me.”

It took a while to notice that I was breathing heavily, almost on the verge of hyperventilating. I raised my hands onto his upper arms, opening my lips to reply but I was finding much difficulty. It was as though I was chocking.

“She’s coming, Ed—I saw her again, and she’s getting close!” I shouted out again, my head turning around as I tried to release myself from Edward’s hold. I took his hand, pulling him with as much force as I could to get him going.

“We won’t get far if I run with you on my back.” He stopped me, taking my forearm and pulling me back. “Let’s take the Volvo. We’ll get to my house even faster—“

“Edward, she attacked us in the Volvo! I’m not getting in there!” I interrupted him, shaking my head furiously as tears had begun to fall over my cheeks. I had no idea why this was happening to me. I’m human! This shouldn’t happen to a normal girl. Well—scratch that, I shouldn’t consider myself normal, nor should I?

“Bella!” He called to my attention, which he much succeeded as I locked eyes with him for the first time after the recent event. “Trust me…” he said soothingly, pulling me back towards the car.

I nodded slowly, running towards the other side to get in. I buckled quickly, feeling him speed off into the road. His hand had closed over mine reassuringly, now and then gripping onto it in a way that had left me smiling in content. I couldn’t help but relax afterwards.

“We need to speak to Carlisle about this… This is getting out of hand.” I heard him say softly, looking over the window as we drove in mega-speed. I nodded once more, not finding the exact works to speak. I was just glad to be on the road again, with the love of my life. Even though… I was still shaking my ass off.