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Cherished Oracle


What is an oracle? A seer? Or just a cheap standby of psychics? Bella's graduation day is nearing, yet her terrifying dreams that involve Victoria, one who still wishes for her non-existence. Oh, and have we forgotten the demands of her turning? Yet, strange things are happening to Bella. Deep within her mind, she is developing a strange gift. Enjoy.
[This Fic is a stretch of my imagination. ]

Warning: Spoiling of Twilight & New Moon

4. Ch4: Uneasy, Much?

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“Look a cat in heat stuck in a moving car. Scary conversation, shut my eyes, can’t find the break. What if they say that you’re a clover? Naturally, I’m worried if I do it alone; who really cares,’cuz it’s your life—you never know it could be great! Take a chance, ‘cuz you might grow.”

-The Famous G. Stefani [My favorite hit single “Whachu’ Waiting For?”]

:.:.:.:.:.: Uneasy, much?


I couldn’t help but feel uneasy as we pulled up towards the mansion. My eyes wandered around, stalling slightly before Edward practically pushed me towards the house doors. I stumbled slightly, to that effect, clinging onto the man of my dreams for support. I heard a slight smirk behind me which gave me the more reason to elbow him slightly.

“This isn’t funny—I really don’t think Carlisle would want to worry about my problems.” I protested softly, having the urge to turn around and run. But, I knew that if these things kept on happening, it wouldn’t be long before I turned myself crazy.

“Bella...” he began, turning me around to eye me sternly. “It’s hard enough for me to turn my back on you and not keep a careful eye. I will continue to watch over what happens to you physically, and I’ll do as much as I can emotionally, but I think I need Carlisle to help with that problem.” He raised a playful eyebrow, giving me a smile that quickly followed a loving embrace.

“Yeah, yeah…” I sighed into his ear, releasing my longing hold on him before I heard a soft clearing of the throat behind us. I quickly placed my arms at my sides, turning around to gaze upon Carlisle himself politely.

“Hello, sir.” I smiled at him attentively, glancing to my side at Edward who wrapped an arm around my waist protectively. I eyed back at Carlisle, his eyes looking at us with much care in his soft eyes. If I didn’t know it any better, Carlisle would’ve seemed around the age of 30, or less. At times it was too hard for the townspeople of Forks to believe that he was Edward’s father [Heh, if only they knew.]

“Hello Bella, “ He greeted me with a kind smile, taking a few steps forward to place a hand on my shoulder, before raising the other one on Edward’s comfortably. He turned around after a few moments, leading us towards the living room.

Edward, with his over-protective matter, placed me onto his lap, which I couldn’t help but blush furiously at the matter. I released a soft sigh before eyeing at Carlisle whose expression hadn’t changed in the least.

“Dad, I wanted to talk to you about something that Bella has been experiencing.” He paused to eye at me with questionable eyes as though to make sure he was correct. I nodded at him in assurance before turning back to Carlisle. “Bella…, if you’d like to explain to him.”

I drew in a heavy breath, looking at Carlisle with nervous eyes before starting.

“Well…” I noticed Carlisle had continued to stare at me with a look of understanding and extreme patience. I smiled mentally as I made that note. “I’ve been experiencing a few… moments, in which I felt as though I’ve been taken into a different… world.” I paused, tilting my head to the side as I spoke. My messy locks fell to the side of my shoulder as I spoke; my own expression had turned puzzled.

Carlisle had nodding slowly before looking to his side. “Can you describe how this happens, Bella?” He asked with a soft note, crossing a leg over his thigh as he made himself comfortable on his seat.

I held my hands together, biting down onto my bottom lip. I found this extremely confusing, for the fact that I didn’t know exactly what to say. I just knew these moments were driving me crazy!

“That’s just it. I feel as though I’m being pulled from my body into another one’s mind. I feel myself light and free, yet I look at things as though they’re going to happen.” I furrowed my eyebrows, raising a hand to tuck away a lock. “Yet… I haven’t seen neither of the events happen. “

I looked up at Carlisle who had sat forward, listening carefully. “You can continue...” he assured, crossing his arms around his chest.

I nodded, opening my lips to continue, “During that time… It seems as though time stops and I can’t breathe. I feel as though I’m about to drift off to sleep, but I know that my eyes are wide open.” I shook my head, confusing myself with my own words. I closed my eyes, covering my face with my hands as I slowly drew my now loose locks back. “I just don’t know what is happening to me, because none of the things I saw have happened.”

I looked at Carlisle as I stopped, giving him a questionable look before sitting back against the couch, obviously frustrated. I didn’t understand this… I wish this… or whatever I should call would’ve just gone away, and allowed me to continue with my already budded-up life. Uneasy, much?

Carlisle stood up slowly, looking around the room for a while before eyeing back at me. His face was stern, but nothing too serious that would’ve scarred a memory of this intense moment. Well, intense for me anyway.

“It seems to me as though you’re having visions.” He began softly, looking towards Edward for a moment before eyeing back at me. I let out a nervous chuckle, stopping midway before shaking my head. Carlisle went on, “From what it looks like, these are premonitions… yet, you say they don’t come true.”

“Yes.”, I replied, looking towards Edward with a look of bewilderment.

Edward had eyed me expressionless for a moment before his lips broke out into a smirk, turning to look at Carlisle. “Wait, that’s impossible dad—Bella is a human girl.” He pointed out, giving me a soft nudge before turning to me. “She can’t have these premonitions. I mean- can she?”

Carlisle eyed at him for a moment before finally shrugging, releasing a soft sigh as he sat back down onto the couch. “That is what I don’t know, Edward.” He eyed towards me for a moment and smirked softly, which comforted me to see a smile back onto Carlisle’s youthful look.

“Unless you’re calling Bella crazy—“

“He better not be!” I called out, turning to eye Edward with a warning glare before growing immediately red, realizing I had just interrupted Carlisle. I turned to him with an apologetic look, “Sorry...”

Carlisle broke into a grin, shaking his head nonchalantly. “Don’t be. Perfectly fine, dear.” He eyed at Edward who continued to stay silent, which had irked me a bit.

I turned to him, taking his hand into mine for a moment. I knitted my eyebrows together before releasing a soft laugh. “What is it?” I asked softly, before turning to eye at the steps. Alice stood watching me fearfully for a moment.

I stood up, releasing my hold on Edward before walking slowly towards the steps. “Alice…?”

I usual perky Alice had left me unnerved at this moment, for the fact that her eyes were bloodshot, eyeing me with much fear. She finally raised her hand, pointing towards the door.

“I think you should leave, Bella...” she said softly, before turning towards Edward who was standing behind me within seconds, a hand resting on my shoulder.

I tilted my head to the side, shaking my head slowly, “W-what?” Before she could respond, Alice turned on her heel, disappearing up the steps. I felt the urge to go after her, but was stopped by Edward who had a hold as he wrapped his arm on my waist.

“Edward, I have to go see what wrong-is“

“You can’t.” he stopped me, giving me a concerned eye. He lowered his head down onto my own, holding me against him. This was all too confusing. I had no idea what was going on.

“What are you talk-“

“Alice just had a vision, Bella.” He cut in, running his fingers through my locks, talking softly. “And it was about you… and your new ability.”

I furrowed my eyebrows, looking back at him with fearful eyes before turning to Carlisle who stood watching us silently. I couldn’t take anymore of the silence, it was unnerving.

“Edward…” I turned to meet his eyes, raising a hand to caress at his cheek. “What did she see?” I paused, noticing the fear into his eyes. The fear that had scarred my mind with that solemn image.

I slid my hands down at my sides, his as well releasing the hold around me. Edward turned around slowly, taking the steps to walk a few steps away. In that place, we were very quiet, not one person making a sound anywhere. I found this really disturbing. I turned around, taking him by the arm, pulling him back. “Tell me!”

“I wish I could, Bella!” he shouted back at me, causing me to jump back. He had yelled at me before, of course, but during that moment, I found myself too fragile.

I shook my head, scoffing lightly. “You were able to tell me anything! God, tell me, Edward, for crying out loud.” I took a few steps to cross him, stopping him from going anywhere. “Please, love…” I rose onto the balls of my feet to plant a tender one onto his cheek, taking in his scent at the same time.

“If I were to tell you, Bella…” he whispered into my ear, his arms sliding around my waist to cut the distance between us. “I don’t want you to overreact.”

I smirked at this, closing my eyes as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, holding onto him for support. “That’s always an understatement, but I promise I won’t.”

He nodded slowly, taking in a deep breath, to take in my scent I guessed, as he rested his head on my shoulder lightly. I waited patiently, sighing out to wait for his words to continue.

He took me by the hand, leading me back into the living room. Sitting down back onto the sofa, I eyed at his standing figure, making slow circles around me. Finally, he cleared his throat to speak.

“It was blurry at first…” he began softly, running his hand through his amazing locks before sighing softly. “But… it had revealed you talking to Aro.” Instantly, the name had ringed a bell, which had me evidently, tilting my head in confusion.

I knew that if I started asking questions about why would I be close to Aro in the first place, would just lead me nowhere. I nodded slowly, waiting for him to continue.

“In that vision—you decided to choose Aro and the ability to see—than to be with me.” He finished, narrowing his eyes as he turned back to me.

I’ll be honest with…. I didn’t get it. But, I knew that if this vision had gone far enough to piss off Alice-the-Perk, it had been some vision.

“I don’t understand—“

“Bella, he was holding your, kneeling down to look up at you, and you were smiling down at him with a loving… look.” I knew it was hard for him to continue, but I needed answers. Especially at the point we were in. “Then, he asked if you were able to stay with him to empower you and to make you the real person you were meant to be, and you just nodded and kneeled down in front of him—and you…” he paused, looking down at me with hurt in his eyes.

He kneeled down in front of me, resting his hand on my knees as he cupped my hands with his. I couldn’t help but feel the need to cry. I felt the stinging begin in my eyes, tears slightly watering as I looked at him.

“I really don’t want you to go to him…” he whispered softly, closing his eyes as he held me softly.

I grinned, releasing a nervous smirk before shaking my head. “I could never do that…”.

Yet, I knew from what it sounded like, it’d be hard not to follow what was in store.