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Cherished Oracle


What is an oracle? A seer? Or just a cheap standby of psychics? Bella's graduation day is nearing, yet her terrifying dreams that involve Victoria, one who still wishes for her non-existence. Oh, and have we forgotten the demands of her turning? Yet, strange things are happening to Bella. Deep within her mind, she is developing a strange gift. Enjoy.
[This Fic is a stretch of my imagination. ]

Warning: Spoiling of Twilight & New Moon

6. We Live

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1156   Review this Chapter

Edward released another threatening growl, his eyes narrowed onto Victoria as though a deadly beast who was just mocking him at every step she took—which was partly true. It was hard for me to hold him back, his other hand now resting on my own which held the grip.

“Easy, Edward—she can be u-up to s-something”, I trembled, not helping but moving a bit behind Edward, scared to lock eyes with Victoria. They were just so—damn frightening!

“What is it that you want?” Edward asked testly, his lips now in a thin line—his tone light. He was holding much patience in—couldn’t help but wanting to just tear her apart in sight.

I didn’t blame him.

Victoria laced her hands together slowly, almost gracefully. She took another step forward, her leather boots making a soft tap on the floor. She wore a satisfied smile, her head tilted to the side as her eyes continued to gaze directly at me. I winced.

“I can’t stop by and say ‘Hello’ to the human I’ve been doing my best to track down?” she asked softly, almost a whisper. Her smile faded, eyes narrowed onto me. I could feel her hatred—all of the emotions of her lost lover just transfered to me by one glance.

Of course—it doesn’t take a genius to realize how much she hates me. She raised a finger to her lips, her nails slightly pointy with blood-red polish. She bit down onto her nail before releasing a shrilling giggle.

“I still don’t understand why you keep her around, Edward dear!” she laughed, her eyes never leaving me for a second. “I mean—someone as... yummy as you are—I just don’t believed you’re satisfied with a mere mortal.”

“What? You expect me to want to share a lifetime with someone like you?” Edward responded softly, his eyebrows rising. He released a soft, mirthless laugh, cold. Almost like a slap across the face. “I’d rather eat dirt.”

Victoria’s earlier giggling face faded so quickly from Edward’s words, it left no trace of a smile ever given from those lips. She released a shrill cry, taking a few steps back. She pointed her polished finger at me, startling me slightly.

“I wont allow you to be happy, you worthless cunt!” she cried, turning around so quickly, a blink would’ve suggested she was never in front of us to begin with. Her curls moved with the wind, her arms now rising.

Somehow, Edward loosened my grip on his arm, his speed so quick it was blinding. He stepped towards Victoria, his hands curled into fists.

“Get out of here, wench.” He growled, causing Victoria to turn back around, her eyes wide at him. She released a soft laugh, mocking.

Her eyes turned towards me, her smile widening.

I stood now against the wall, my arms at my sides, my breathing light. I couldn’t believe all of this was happening. I expected this to happen—but not after such a day as today. I guess, you can never know what can happen in Forks.

“Watch out for Daddy-kins.” She gave me a wink, her eyes returning back to Edward who was close enough to grasp her around the neck. Yet—he didn’t, doing as much as he could to contain his self control.

She gave him a blow of a kiss, then turning back towards the window. She raised bent her legs, and in a second, is appeared she had dived out of the window. I stood still for a second, replaying the words given to me.

Edward turned around slowly, his eyes searching mine. I could feel the tension in the room—the uneasiness. What to do next? What to say now? What to think?

After what seemed like forever, I ran towards him, my arms wrapping around him, his locking around me. I closed my eyes tightly, wanting his hold. I wanted him badly. So badly—it was aching.

“Will she hurt him?” I asked him softly after a few minutes, my breathing easing down a bit. “I mean—I know she would—but should I—“

“Bella, it’s alright. Nothing will hurt Charlie.” He whispered into my ear, planting a soft kiss at my temple, his hands running throw my hair in comfort. For now, I was at ease.

And I felt at ease for the rest of night. Even when Edward held me into his arms, the covers over both of us. I didn’t bother changing into a nightgown—nor even bothered to clean out the bathroom mirror. Besides, Charlie had his own bathroom.



Screams and cries were ringing in my ear.

Victoria stood in front of me, a grin at her lips, a long blade in her hand. Within seconds, the blade was in my chest, blood slowly trickling down on top of my sweater, darkening its white color.

It felt as though someone was trying to wake me.

“Die”, I heared her say over and over again. “Die!”

I was scared to.

“Why don’t you die, mere human? I can kill you My Way, but that wouldn’t be all too fun. I want to see you suffer.” The grin faded, now a deadly glare. “I hate you. I hate you!!”

Scared to open my eyes and see what would be seen.

“Bella! Wake up, Charlie—“

I hate this.

“Yes, continue to sleep. Continue to lie there, dying.” Victoria paused. I could feel her walking up to me, a large, cold hand closing around my neck, tightly. I gagged, yet felt extremely weakened. “Die!”

I hate this screaming. Who’s screaming? Why don’t they just stop screaming?

I felt a slight pressure beside me, and someone was shaking me lightly.

I was dying.

The shaking turned rough.


I awoke with a start, sitting up rather quickly. My eyes were struggling to focus on the figures surrounding me. I rose a hand to my head, the dizziness fading.

The Cullens—all of them, were here. Their faces... all worried—distraught—angered—regret.

There was silence. No one was talking. Who’s was the voice I heard ealier. My gut clenched—I could feel it. The pain. The tears.

I motioned to stand, but I felt a light hand at my shoulder. Edward’s hand.

I wanted to hold him, to feel him at my side.... but I couldn’t. I wanted to know where he was, I wanted to know where Char--.

I stood up and ran. Ran as quickly as I could away. Down the steps, into the living room—

It was empty. I glanced out of my living room window—

Charlie’s car was still there.

Oh my God..

I sank to my knees.

And cried. And Edward was right there beside me.