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An Unheard Whisper

Sienne is a high-class, high-maintenance girl who lives and fights in the fast paced fashion industry. So what happens when she suddenly finds herself in the relatively calm and unstylish place of Forks, Washington? Read and find out! (Enticing isn't it?) Jacob/OC


6. Chapter 6

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Subconsciously I think I knew that the strange man in the forest was something to worry about. But for some reason, being lost in the wilderness and exposed to the elements affected my subconscious.

"Who did you see?" Sam asked me. Sam was the oldest one. I figured that out after Embry had introduced me to all of his friends. With their bare torsos and rippling muscles they all looked more like a gang to me rather than a hang out group.

It was at Sam's house where I sat on his old sofa being quizzed like a two year old.

"I...I didn't see anyone," I lied. I was still peeved that no one had tried to find me. Needless to say I was not in a helpful mood.

"She's lying," Jacob Black cut in, "She reeks of bl-... them."

"Great, yeah, that's what every girl wants to be told," I muttered. Whatever his problem was I did not smell like them. Whoever they were.

Seth, one of the younger ones, chuckled. The corners of my lips turned upward. Nice kid.

Jacob glared at Seth then at me. I spit my tongue out at him. Hey, who says 20 year olds can't acted childish every now and then (or in my case everyday)? He rolled his eyes and heaved an exasperated sigh.

"Sienne," Embry started, "We know you at least saw someone, if not talked to them. Can you please just tell us who it was?

"I can't tell you because I don't know," I told him folding my long arms. Luckily they had unthawed nicely against Embry's overheated body.

"Hah!" Jacob cried, "So you did see someone."


Sam ignored Jacob and pressed me for more answers, "Can you describe them to me?"

I paused, not sure if I wanted to. For some reason telling them about my handsome stranger felt something akin to betraying a best friend. Which sounded stupid and only pushed me to reveal what I knew.

"Well, I couldn't really see him because it was so dark out. But... he looked Italian."

The whole group looked at me like they expected more.

"What?" I asked shrilly, "I told you what he looked like."

"Is that all?" Sam asked.

"No," I snapped.

Embry gave me a death glare I couldn't really ignore. So I swallowed my pride and told them more. "He was gorgeous. Kind of pale, though, definitely needed some sun--" I paused. Everyone was suddenly staring at me intently and trust me having the full attention of several shirtless ridiculously buff guys was a little unnerving.

"Um...he felt kind of cold," I continued slowly, "And... will you all stop staring at me like that?"

"His eyes," Jacob pressed, "What color where his eyes?"

His eyes. I looked quickly up to Jacob, did he know who the stranger was?

"Red," I told him, "Like rubies."

Jacob eyes narrowed into slits and he breathing became hard and labored. My own eyes widened as the man actually began to shake. Not exactly the reaction I was expecting.

Sam assertively put a calming hand on Jacob's quivering shoulder. Somehow, amazingly, he calmed down and his face slipped into a cool mask. I felt Sam should open up his own Anger Management Therapy Clinique or something.

"What does it matter anyways," I said a bit shakily, Jacob's reaction scared me more than it should've, "I'm sure they were just contacts or something." The thought struck me that maybe I was trying to reassure myself more than I was them. For whatever reason having red eyes seemed to be a bad thing.

"We've got to go," Jacob muttered. In one long stride he was at the front door. It wasn't hard since Sam's home was even smaller than Embry's.

"Jared and Paul are already tracking it," Embry told Jacob standing up to leave also.

"Um," I started, "Can I go with you?" There was a strange glimmer of hope in my heart. Perhaps I would get to see the attractive Italian again.

Jacob snorted and Embry, "Uh, maybe you should go home. My mom's probably wondering where you are."

Well that squashed that little idea. Stupid dream crushers. "Fine," I growled standing up.

Bad idea. As soon as I extended my legs my knees buckled and fell back onto the couch with a cry of pain.

"Damn!" I hissed. Now that my feet were completely unfrozen I could feel every cut and bruise much more keenly. It was worse than getting a bikini wax I can tell you that.

"What now?" Embry sighed.

"This is what!" I yelled, holding up my bloody feet for them to see.

An appreciative "whoa" came from Collin and Brady, the youngest two of the group.

"Sienne, why didn't you tell me before? Sam you got any Band-aids or something?" Embry asked as he held up my feet to inspect them.

"She'll be fine. Just let her stay here. Come on!" Jacob opened the door and motioned for them to follow.

"I don't think band-aids will cut it," Sam said, "Sienne, did this happen before or after you met the vam-man?"

"Before," I moaned, waiting for the pain to ebb away.

Embry frowned and Jacob left the door and turned towards me.

"Your feet were bloody when you met the stranger?" Embry asked confused.

"Yeah," I answered.

"And he had red eyes?" Jacob demanded.

"I feel that we've already established that," I pointed out.

"That's strange," Embry mumbled looking towards Sam.

Sam nodded, "We'd better find Paul and Jared."

"What about Sienne?" Brady piped up.

"Yes," I prodded, the pain had faded leaving me drained, " Can someone please take me home?"

"I will," Embry offered somewhat grudgingly, "I'll catch up to you guys in a few minutes."

The other left and Embry hoisted me into his arms once again. Funny, I kinda liked it. Not like, like liked it. It just felt nice to feel a little safe.

"Hey Embry?" I inquired after we were once again under the night sky.

"Yeah?" He replied absentmindedly. I was sure he was anxious to join his friends for whatever reasons.

"He knew my name," I stated.

"Who did?"

"The weird guy in the forest."

He came to an abrupt stop. "He knew your name?"

I nodded, the look he was giving me made me wonder if I had been treating the whole situation too lightly. Of course I had no idea who the stranger was, Embry and his group apparently did, however, and I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out why his pals acted like they were the cops of the Rez. A small sinking feeling entered my stomach.

Bye bye safe feeling.

"Have you ever met this man before?" he asked very seriously.

"No, I haven't," I choked out, this kid was freaking me out.

"Sienne, you swear?"

"I swear," I cried. "Embry, what's going on?"

He exhaled slowly. "I'm not sure. Lets get home and have my mom look at those feet of yours."

I looked over Embry's broad shoulder into the dark trees that surrounding either side of us. A shiver crept up my spine. He was out there, my attractive stranger, I was sure of it. And for some reason I had this sick feeling that I wanted to see him again.