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That Boy and That Girl

A pencil drawing of that boy and that girl - Edward and Bella's first meeting in anther place, another time. Chicago, 1918. Time: 1 to 2 hours Medium: Pencil. A really really REALLY well sharpened pencil.

So this drawing was one I had always wanted to make, simply because Steph created such a vivid image in my mind. Edward and Bella in another age, without such irritating limitations as mortality or bloodlust. I really love how Bella came out in this one. Her hair, her face - the whole thing just works. However I have some slight issues with Edward. I couldn't get his eye right without making him look asian, so I settled on having him with his eyes closed, enjoying the moment of finally meeting the girl he was destined to be with . . . Please review!

1. Edward and Bella

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