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Bittersweet Hello

Bella and Edward in Forks, it's the same time period with the same people, but this time their roles are switched

Edward Mason is a young 17 year old boy who has just moved to Forks with his mother in search of the renowned blood specialist, Dr. Cullen. His mother is sick with an unheard of blood disease and Dr. Cullen is their last hope.
Bella Cullen is a 107 year old vampire with a body frozen in time at age 17. She alone in her family has not found love. She surrounds herself with books, and awaits the day her prince comes to sweep her of her feet.

1. Chapter 1; The Difference

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There is something calming about the beat of a heart, like a drum that continues evermore. It pounds out the music of life, each cell singing in harmony.

There is something invigorating about the beat of a heart. Fear stills it. Panic accelerates it. Emotions make it all the more sweet.

There is something mournful about the lost of a heart. Life flickers one last time within its empty home, unseen tears is its only good-bye.

* * * *

(Edward's POV)

The sun shone brightly through my open window, a rare occasion in rainy Forks, Washington. I inhaled the sickening sent of rotting wood. I didn’t like it here. I wanted to go back to my dry home in Chicago, but they said that this was best for my mother. The medical specialist here was renowned and my mother’s best hope for surviving.

A cough from the bedroom next door brought me out of my silent anger. I swiftly got up and tip toed to the doorway of my mother’s room.

“Mother?” I whispered just loud enough for her to hear me if she were awake, but quiet enough not to arouse her if she were still asleep. Her back was to the door and she faced the closed curtains of her window. Small slivers of light were making their way through the thick material, taunting her, calling her outside.

“Edward,” she whispered. “Love, could you open my curtains?”

“Of course.” I strode quickly to her curtains and flung them open. She squinted into the light at my silhouetted body. Her face weakly stretched to make a smile.

“You’re becoming quite a handsome young man,” she coughed. I knelt down beside her.

“Mother, you’re still tired. You should go back to sleep before your appointment with Dr. Cullen.”

“Oh, foo-ey! I’m not tired. Let’s go for a walk while the sun is gracing us with its presence.” I watched her face carefully. She was being too strong, when she should stay in bed. She didn’t want to be weak. She was always a strong willed woman.

“Alright,” I grinned crookedly. “I’ll go get your shoes and coat.” As I left her to get dressed, my eye caught our upright piano. It was my prized possession. It sound would never be as exquisite as a grand, but enough of our money was going to my mother’s medical fund already.

I had originally intended just to sit down and play round a little bit, but before I knew it, I was fully into the music, playing a song of my own composition. The music flowed morosely through the air, as most of my composures did. I had a sort of bittersweet mentality while writing my songs; each note had an aching voice. What I loved about the music was the way each person could interpret it, but the over all feeling was obvious. There were no words, only emotions.

The song I played presently wasn’t yet finished, so as it came to an end with an awkward, simple pair of notes, I felt my heart shudder. The perfectionist in me was twitching, but the rest of me was suddenly aware of my mother’s presence behind me. As I turned to her, I read her face clearly. Traces of my bittersweet melody still clung to her face, her eyes half-glazed yet warm.

She was proud of me. She always enjoyed my music, which was partially why I strived so much to become better. She was proud of who I’ve become, and I’ve only become who I am because of her. Love. We’re all alone, but that’s all we need, for now…

“That was beautiful, Edward,” she murmured, leaning her head back on the afghan-covered couch.

“It’s not finished yet,” I replied modestly. “It still needs an ending…” She remained silent while I fidgeted embarrassedly under her loving gaze.

“I’ll go get your coat and shoes then…” My voice trailed off as I left her to go to the closet in our small split-foyer home. I pulled out her black raincoat with a thick lining incase it began to drizzle, and it was fairly cool outside. I also grabbed her white canvas shoes that she wore on our walks.

“Here you go. I’ll let you put those on while I change clothes,” I said as I handed her her clothes and realized that I hadn’t yet changed my own.

I quickly dashed down the hallway and pulled on a pair of jeans and a dark green t-shirt. After tossing my flannel pajamas onto the bed I retuned to the living room where she sat, her eyes gazing off into space.

“Let’s go,” I said, pulling her out of her reverie. She turned to me and smiled before getting up and accepting my offered arm.

* * * *

(Bella's POV)

“School starts tomorrow…” Alice spoke lazily, twirling her dark cropped hair around a finger while she gazed out the window.

“Oh joy…” mumbled Emmett as he flicked through the CD holder at the other end of the room. “Another senior year to add to my eternal high school experience.”

I paid neither of them any heed as I turned a page in the book I was reading. Jane Austen’s, ‘Pride and Prejudice’, was one of my favorites. It was written a little before my time, so it felt good to be able to delve back into my time period.

My other “brother and sister”, were nowhere to be seen. I supposed Rosalie was in the garage tinkering with her cars, and Jasper was probably somewhere in his room doing who knew what.

“What grade are you in this year, Bella?” Alice asked me, turning away from the window.

“I- uh…I think I’m going to be in 11th grade,” I wracked my brain, trying to remember which grade I was in last night.

“Hmm….Jasper and I are going to try and pass for 11th grade too…”

“Rosalie and I are going to be seniors, of course,” mumbled Emmett as he selected a CD and dropped it into the CD player.

At once, loud heavy music boomed from the speakers as he bobbed his head in time to the music. He began jumping up and down, getting a feel for the music, before he really started to move. After all the years I’d known him, I still was amazed by his grace. Such a huge burly guy would appear to have an awkward dance, but not Emmett. He could put ballerinas to shame with his poise.

Soon Alice skipped up and joined Emmett, and before I knew it, the grease covered Rosalie and the mysterious Jasper were there as well.

“Come on, Bella!” Alice’s sliver voice called out. “Dance!”

I shook my head, self-consciously. If I had blood, I knew I’d be blushing. I rarely danced. Even with my sharpened senses, I was clumsy. I was too unaware of my body to do such thrashing without causing permanent damage to something.

She continued to pull at my hand, but I again declined and left the room. I made my way up the stairs and into my bright bedroom. As I gazed out of the large window, I saw the sun peeking down through the sparse clouds. Today would be a good day to soak up the sun, but I’d have to be careful. I didn’t want to get caught.

I placed my book back in its rightful place among the rest of my abundant book collection and went back downstairs. I went straight to the door, and stepped outside, breathing in the sweet smell of life. Without a glance behind me, I set off at a careful pace, a certain meadow floating in my mind.