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Bittersweet Hello

Bella and Edward in Forks, it's the same time period with the same people, but this time their roles are switched

Edward Mason is a young 17 year old boy who has just moved to Forks with his mother in search of the renowned blood specialist, Dr. Cullen. His mother is sick with an unheard of blood disease and Dr. Cullen is their last hope.
Bella Cullen is a 107 year old vampire with a body frozen in time at age 17. She alone in her family has not found love. She surrounds herself with books, and awaits the day her prince comes to sweep her of her feet.

10. Chapter 10; Venomous

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(Edward’s POV)

I knew that look all too well, and I could feel jealousy boiling up. Jacob was falling for Bella. Love at first sight? Or had they already met? Either way, I wasn’t going to bring her around him again. I didn’t want to risk anything when I she was letting me into her bubble.

I rushed back to the car, eager to get Bella away from him. The truck started with a roar. Jacob stood in the place where I’d left him, eyes fixed on Bella.

“What’s up with him?” I asked, hoping to get a clue as to their relationship.

“I’m not sure…” She looked just as confused as me, her eyes narrowed as we pulled away from the garage. That was a relief. Now to figure out where to take her. My mother wouldn’t be home yet, so I could bring her back to my house, maybe watch a movie, chat, I could play the piano for her…

The clouds started to look thin too. I could feel my heart lifting even more. If we were lucky, the sun would come out and do something relatively fun.

“Looks like the weather’s gonna clear up for us.” I said, smiling over at her, but her response wasn’t exactly what I expected.

Her fists tightened and her eyes turned hard. She seemed worried, but that seemed so out of character.

“A-actually, I’m feeling sick,” she said, her eyes were focused at the sky. Was she trying to ditch me?

“Oh, really? Do you want me to take you home?”

“No, that’s okay, Alice is at the store right now, she can come and get me.” she said. She pulled out a tiny silver phone and pressed the number one speed dial. “Alice, can you pick me up? I’m feeling sick and I don’t want Edward to have to drive me all the way home.”

“It’s okay, I can drive you…” I offered, but she ignored me and continued to talk in at a fast speed. It was almost outstanding that she could speak so fast without stuttering at all.

“Where are you? The supermarket? Okay…” I turned around in a gas station parking lot and started in the direction of the supermarket. She shut the little phone and stowed it back in a pocket. It was quiet for a long time, and this time I didn’t feel like breaking it. She didn’t look sick; she didn’t even act sick. It was obvious now that I was just fooling myself.

There was no way a beautiful confident girl like her could be interested in someone as shallow as me. I tightened my grip on the steering wheel. I didn’t look in her direction, I was afraid I would see the distaste I was probably refusing to see before.

“I’m sorry,” she said. She spoke quietly, but they stung me. Was she pitying me? Is that why she agreed to come with me? I was so stupid.

“It’s fine.” I turned into the parking lot where Alice’s little black Jetta was sitting. Perfect timing. Alice was coming out of the store with an arm-full of groceries. Bella paused before opening the door. She looked to me, but I still refused to look at her, and soon she slid out of the cab and flitted to help her sister with the bags.

I didn’t wait for her to get into the car. I simply turned a left.

The sun came out for about five minutes to soothe my heart, but of course, it didn’t last long. The clouds were selfish lovers. They covered the beautiful sun once more, and darkened the sky. The rain seemed to pound louder that usual that night, and once again I felt like going back home…not Forks, but Chicago.

* * * * *

(Bella’s POV)

“Bella calm down,” said Alice, her voice was calming, but nothing could soothe me right now. My breathing was hard and irrational, and my eyes stung and clouded over with red fluid; venom and blood. “Bella, you’re going to go crazy. Don’t cry.” I was the only one in the family whose blood did this. It wasn’t exactly crying since I had no tears.

Carlisle tried to explain it once, saying that my body was different from the others’. I was very emotional in my human life, and I was still emotional now. My body was able to pull the blood to different places, at the cost of my hunger and the burning of my skin. I was the only one who could blush, if only a little, and the only one who could ‘cry’.

I hated it. I felt more vulnerable. I was more easily read and interpreted, which only made me more upset. Normally I could hold back the tears, but this time was a real struggle.

Alice drove fast once out in the country, and we were soon home. I sped out of the car and up the stairs. I preferred to be irrational alone. My tears burned like acid. I wiped them away angrily and threw my book bag onto the ground. The latch came loose and everything came tumbling to the ground in a wave of paper and writing utensils. I fully intended to leave it there, but a wrinkled piece of paper caught my eye.

I picked it up gently and two instincts came to mind; tear it apart or savor the feeling I got when I thought of it. I laid it on my desk and grabbed a pen. Being careful not to let my tears fall onto it and ruin it more, I slowly re-wrote each little note, leaving the title un-traced. I didn’t want to scar his beautiful letters. If I copied over it, they wouldn’t feel real. ‘Bittersweet Hello; Bella’s Song’