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Bittersweet Hello

Bella and Edward in Forks, it's the same time period with the same people, but this time their roles are switched

Edward Mason is a young 17 year old boy who has just moved to Forks with his mother in search of the renowned blood specialist, Dr. Cullen. His mother is sick with an unheard of blood disease and Dr. Cullen is their last hope.
Bella Cullen is a 107 year old vampire with a body frozen in time at age 17. She alone in her family has not found love. She surrounds herself with books, and awaits the day her prince comes to sweep her of her feet.

2. Chapter 2; Breathing

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(Edward's POV)

The bright sunlight didn’t last long, and deep down I knew it wouldn’t. Nothing good ever lasted long in Forks. A light drizzle started coming down, but luckily I’d brought an umbrella.

“Thank you, Edward,” my mother smiled, leaning her head on my arm as I lead her back home. The umbrella didn’t do much for the breeze that blew the mist, but it stopped the falling droplets well enough.

“Your eyes look so lovely here,” she murmured as she looked up at me. I gave her a quizzical look and she explained. “The sky is always so grey, but it makes your beautiful green eyes stand out much more.” I chucked.

“You know, Forks does wonders for you too,” I said with a grin. “Incase you didn’t notice, you have the same eyes…And our hair? I think we almost blinded that lady at the store.”

She returned the grin and reached up to tug at my bronze hair.

“No, no, I think it suits you well. You look so handsome and full of life, but this bronze mop just makes me look pale.”

“They say pale skin is elegant.”

We continued down the sidewalk until we came upon another pathway that led into the woods.

“Edward,” she began, her eyes glowing with curiosity. “Let’s go into the woods.” I eyed the pathway suspiciously. What if it started to pour? What if we got lost? What if it was private property? What if the path was un-kept for a reason?

Still, she pulled at my arm, and how could I resist my mother anything? She needed the fresh air anyways.

Under the thick foliage, I closed the umbrella and let the green light shine down upon us. Moss grew on everything but the ground, which consisted only of dirt and small sprouts that would never make it through the winter.

“Are you going to school tomorrow?” she asked, absentmindedly walking ahead of me as she breathed in the deep fresh air. Five years ago we would’ve been running through the woods. We would trip and muddy up our pants, then laugh it all off. Things were so different now.

“I suppose so…I don’t really have a reason for not going.” She turned back to look at me.

“You can make new friends. A handsome boy like you should be a social butterfly, not a lonely little caterpillar.”

“Aw, Mom,” I said sarcastically. “Do I really need to have friends? I can’t I just be a social outcast for the rest of my life?”

She tousles my already untidy hair and again takes my arm. We continue down the path in a comfortable silence, gazing lazily about the forest, each lost in our own thoughts.

A soft intake of breath and the sound of a stick snapping in half brought me out of my silent musings. I blinked and my eyes darted around, seeking the source of the noise.

“Was that you?” I asked my mother when nothing could be seen.


“Did you gasp?”

“Gasp? Why would I gasp?”

“I don’t know…I just thought I heard someone gasp, but maybe it was just the wind.”

“Dear, maybe we should go back. I’m getting cold anyways.” She watched me with motherly eyes, and began to tug at my arm.

“Oh, okay, I guess…I guess I need to sort out my supply list for school .”

We turned around and found our way back out into the rain. I quickly opened the umbrella and we made a run for it, sprinting as fast as my mother’s lungs would permit, until we were soaking wet on the front porch of our white washed old house.

* * * *

(Bella's POV)

I was running and I didn’t want to stop. I was shocked and scared all at once. What I’d seen back in the forest had almost caused me to loose my mind. Something about that boy with his odd colored bronze hair and outrageously green eyes had stopped me dead in my tracks.

Never before in either of my lives had I felt such a feeling. A burning sensation coursed through my veins, and venom pooled in my mouth. My need for that boy was unmistakable. I wanted his blood. That was a fact that was completely obvious, but what had drawn me to him muddled my mind.

He was beautiful, that was for certain. His face was not a boy’s but then not yet a man’s, with high cheek bones and a straight pointed nose. A mussed mop of amber hair covered most of his pale face, except for his piercing green eyes laced with long dark lashes.

His eyes seemed so clear and innocent, as though he’d been secluded from the world and nothing could harm him, but they also held knowledge. Wisdom. Intelligence that came from either age or experience.

As I stood in his wake, his sent wafted towards me. So sweet and luscious like the breath of an angel. I gasped as the delicious smell taunted me. The monster within me took a step forward onto a dead branch and it snapped, echoing in the silence and drawing the boy out if his trance.

I turned on my heel and ran. I didn’t stop until I came into the clearing where I sat presently. I took a deep unneeded breath to calm my mind. I had acted completely unlike myself. When was the last time human blood tempted me? If blood wasn’t needed for my existence, I doubted whether any blood would tempt me at all, but this boy had done something to me just now. Just seeing his lovely face sent a jolt through my cold body unlike anything else.

Once I pulled my self out of my waking dream, I realized it was raining once again.

“So much for a sunny day,” I mumbled, letting the rain drops hit my face. The cold drops almost seemed to warm my marble skin. “What a waste of my time too,” I snickered without mirth. “It’s not like we live forever.”

As slowly as my body would allow, a got up and strode at a quick pace back to my home on the hidden road. By the time I stood upon the huge wrap around porch of the house I’d come to call home, twilight had come, and I sadly welcomed another sleepless night.