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Bittersweet Hello

Bella and Edward in Forks, it's the same time period with the same people, but this time their roles are switched

Edward Mason is a young 17 year old boy who has just moved to Forks with his mother in search of the renowned blood specialist, Dr. Cullen. His mother is sick with an unheard of blood disease and Dr. Cullen is their last hope.
Bella Cullen is a 107 year old vampire with a body frozen in time at age 17. She alone in her family has not found love. She surrounds herself with books, and awaits the day her prince comes to sweep her of her feet.

4. Chapter 4; Veil

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(Bella's POV)

Of course he’d have to sit in front of me. Of course he didn’t see me. Of course I took advantage of the contact when he touched me. Of course I’d almost revealed myself; my powers.

I was still shaking two periods later in my anatomy class. He wasn’t in either of the two classes, but I already knew that he would be in my fifth and seventh periods. That second of contact was enough to see it.

“Isabella, please pass the class syllabus back.” At the sound of my teacher’s voice, my eyes shot open and I noticed the pile of papers lying before me. I quickly grabbed one and handed the rest of the pile to the people behind me.

I placed the small packet of paper in the folder with the other two syllabi almost just like it, and tuned the teacher out as she blathered on about the class. Taking anatomy almost thirty times had given me a pretty clear idea of what the class was about.

As the bell rang, I was out my seat before anybody had even gathered their belongings. I had one last period to prepare for our next encounter. One hour to try and understand this boy.

While I strode into building seven where I would have my English class, the meek teacher was setting up an overhead that held the seating chart. I waited impatiently for him to click the light on before scanning for my name and taking a seat.

I sat perfectly still, my back straight and my eyes staring down at my hands. When the chair next to me was pulled back, I glanced sideways at the girl who was nervously taking a seat next to me. She was obviously scared, and for a good reason, but it was something I never wanted to get used to; I didn’t want to accept the fact that humans knew we were different and dangerous.

My eyes narrowed as I realized that this was Jessica Stanley, the first girl to confront him. I knew it shouldn’t matter to me, and that I should keep my stony silence like in all the other classes…but still…one tiny look wouldn’t hurt…

I lightly tapped my pencil, allowing it to go rolling down the table towards Jessica’s half. She eyed it tentatively, and as she made to stop it, I grabbed it and touched her hand only for a moment before she sheepishly jerked her hand away. Normally, this would have insulted me, but I’d long since become accustomed and paid it no heed, but I also had scenes floating through my mind. Scenes involving bright green eyes, forced expressions and lot of jealousy.

* * * * *

(Edward's POV)

The whispers and eyes followed me around all day long. It was obvious that this town saw little change because I’d immediately become a momentary celebrity. I kept a polite front up all day long, accepting people’s names in exchange for my own. I answered their questions and carried conversations when I felt it necessary.

I had Jessica in my second period class and Mike in my fourth and another outgoing girl named Katie Bell found me before fifth. She walked beside me, talking animatedly and telling jokes.

“It’s just over here,” she said as we made it around the cafeteria with our raincoat hoods held up.

“Vamos!” she snorted as building two came into sight. We were going into our Spanish class.

We walked in and took seats towards the back. I didn’t particularly want to sit next to her because I was running low on conversation topics, but she called me over as I stood near the door. It was either forced conversations, or awkward silence and lengthy stares.

“Buenas dias clase,” said our teacher as she came in. Her wild hair and brightly colored clothing induced peals of silent laughter. She smiled knowingly at the class. I could tell from her face that she knew what she was doing. These kids didn’t embarrass her. I envied her.

The woman introduced herself as Senora Banderas, and clarified that she was in no way related to the famous Antonio Banderas. She continued on with the class, just as all of the others had, and I relapsed back into my careful scanning of the people around me.

There were a few faces that I could recognize from the back of the head, but there was one caught my eye. A long sheet of dark brown hair shone in the class’s fluorescent light. It was the girl from my math class. Her eyes were downcast, and her face was blank. She remained completely still for at least five minutes until her eyes suddenly shot up, meeting my own gaze.

I felt my heart skip a beat and my stomach drop. For a long moment I was caught in her stare, trapped, until I managed to break away and continue my survey of the room. I tried to look unfazed, but I could feel a light blush coloring my face. I really needed to work on hiding that…

I didn’t see anything else in that class. I kept my eyes moving, but all I saw where her eyes. A dark golden color, like burnt butterscotch. She’d looked at me with an emotion that even I couldn’t understand.

Senora Banderas finished explaining her rules with fifteen minutes to spare, and deciding that it was too early to leave for lunch, she allowed us to talk quietly amongst ourselves. As we all broke up into chattering groups, I allowed myself one more glance at the girl. She sat alone and stiff, as though she had not heard the teacher.

“What a nut,” Katie chortled as she turned to me, referring to our new teacher. I didn’t hear her.
“Who is that girl over there?” I whispered quietly. I saw her move, and for a moment, I thought that she’d heard me, but that’d be impossible in this class. Katie could barely hear me over the quiet roar of the excited students.

“Huh? Who? Oh, Isabella?”


“Yeah, she’s one of the Cullens. They don’t really talk to anybody. They’re really rich…probably think they’re too good for us. Pft! Snobs,” Katie laughed again and turned to another group of people, leaving me alone for once in my silence.

“Cullen…” I muttered to myself. “Is she the daughter of my mother’s doctor? Or is Cullen a popular name here?” I felt the urge to talk to her, but she was so terribly intimidating. Obviously the opinion was shared among the class, seeing as they seemed to shy away form her.

Remember your mother, I thought. Be a social butterfly. You only live once…I took a deep breath and stood up. A few people glanced at me, but nobody said anything. I awkwardly pressed past people to get out of the row. She sat at the end of another row, and I felt my heart flutter again, and the second thoughts started coming. I almost turned around, when she turned her head to the side and gave me a sideways glance.

It was too late. She’d seen me. I have to talk to her. It’s not that bad. I’m new. I can be whoever I want to be. I’m being friendly, I continued to talk myself into walking up to her, and as I came level with her desk, she turned to face me.

Her beauty hit me full on. She was inhumanely lovely, and it almost pained me to look upon such a perfect face. She was as pale as snow with long dark hair. Light purple shadows were formed under her eyes. She looked as though she hadn’t slept in years. Her nose was perfectly pointed and her mouth was pulled back in a half smile that slightly revealed her blindingly white teeth.

“Hi, I’m Edward Mason,” I managed to say confidently, after calming myself.