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Bittersweet Hello

Bella and Edward in Forks, it's the same time period with the same people, but this time their roles are switched

Edward Mason is a young 17 year old boy who has just moved to Forks with his mother in search of the renowned blood specialist, Dr. Cullen. His mother is sick with an unheard of blood disease and Dr. Cullen is their last hope.
Bella Cullen is a 107 year old vampire with a body frozen in time at age 17. She alone in her family has not found love. She surrounds herself with books, and awaits the day her prince comes to sweep her of her feet.

9. Chapter 9; Cupid's Dagger

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(Edward’s POV)

I quickly killed the engine as I pulled into the closest parking spot. I could see people around me ducking for cover, and looking to the sky; probably searching for bomber jet planes, but no, it was just this monstrous truck.

I slipped out of the truck, accidentally dropping the keys in a lake-like puddle. As I bent over to grab them, I saw a flash of white, and then Alice.

“Good morning, Edward,” She said with a smile, handing me the keys with her pale, white, perfectly manicured fingers.

“Oh, good morning, Alice, when did you get here?” It almost seemed like she’d just appeared out of thin air.

“Ah, just a moment ago. So, how is Forks treating you?” she asked as we started walking towards the building. I looked over my shoulder, searching for a certain sister of hers, but none of her siblings were in sight. Ignoring my stomach dropping, I focused on the conversation.

“Okay, well…it’s treating me okay…not so much my car.” I motioned over my shoulder to the beater-truck.

“Wow, that looks like it should be in a museum…”

“Tell me about it. I’m going to have to drive it for about a year!” She stared incredulously at me. “Okay, so maybe just a week, but still…never breaking twenty feels like a forever!”

“I bet. That’s why I like my little Jetta. I can break one hundred if I want to.” Imagining the little Alice behind the wheel of her little car, zooming gracefully past all the other cars wasn’t that hard. Something about the little glint in her eye made her seem like there was more to her than first met the eye.

We walked together all the way to my classroom (although it was more like a class-building, seeing as it wasn’t connected to any of the other buildings). I peeked in, and her sister was already sitting, that wall of beautiful hair already set up. But as I turned to say good-bye to Alice, she was already gone. They moved so fast; it almost didn’t seem humanly possible. But then again, maybe it was just me.

I took a deep breath before entering the room (I knew I wouldn’t be able to do much breathing while she was so close), and walked confidently to my seat which seemed to glow with perfection. I was now thanking myself for my lack of courage.

“Hey,” I said, smoothly. I was struggling to come off as nonchalant but I also wanted so much to please her. This was obsessive. I shouldn’t be so…concerned about what she thought. It was obvious that she didn’t feel the same way, but something in me wanted to keep trying.

“Oh, hi,” she said, looking up. I thought I saw her face lift. I wanted to do something with her, like a date or something. Someplace where we could get to know each other and I could be free to gawk at her.

“So, I was thinking…do you want to do something at sometime…at someplace…some…way…with me,” I rambled out. So much for nonchalant. She smiled though, so I felt better.

“I don’t know, what did you have in mind?”

“I….Uh…It’s a secret. You’ll have to trust me. I’ll just let you know now, though. I’ll be amazing.” To be completely truthful, I had no idea what I was going to do, I just wanted to show her my charm and hope she’d like me more.

“Oh, a secret? Okay, when?”

“Uh, how ‘bout after school today?” Mr. Stanning came walking into the room, pulling with him an bag-covered overhead projector on a cart. Bella’s eyes went blank for a moment.

“Yeah, that sounds great.” I turned to the front of the room. I thought my smile my rip my face in half.

* * * * *

(Bella’s POV)

‘So would this be considered a date? Holy crow…I haven’t been on a date in…a while. Alice…so THIS is what she was talking about…AH! I’m so excited I can’t even be angry!’ My mind was moving at the speed of light, keeping track of where we were in the class, the smell of Edward’s skin, and the thought of being alone with him…

The class seemed to drag. There was too much to concentrate on, but finally the bell rang, that that old man stopped his incessant drone. Edward immediately turned to me, and waited for me.

“Wow, does that guy ever stop talking?” he asked with a laugh. I really did love his smile, and how he blushed ever-so slightly. He was so full of life, and just being with him made me feel more alive. I could even feel the little blood I had pulling towards my face. Physically, it felt like a headache, while my skin crawled with hunger, but emotionally it felt like I was becoming a human again.

“I don’t know, he’s not as bad as everybody makes him out to be,” I said, rolling my eyes. His eyes widened comically. “Okay, he is pretty boring, but he’s smart. At least he’s not a rambling idiot.”

“Good point. He’s a rambling genius…dear god, save us,”

“Save us indeed…” my voice trailed off as we stepped out into the rain. His face scrunched with disgust.

“How can you stand this???” he asked, referring to the pitiful droplets of moisture.

“You get used to it. It’s better than other alternatives…” My mind wandered to the seclusion of the Denali clan. I’d rather be here with these people that ignored me, than to wallow in self-pity and silence in Denali.

“Ugh, how can you possibly get used to all the noise…and the lack of sun? When was the last time you saw the sunlight?” He held his hand out and turned his face skyward, letting the brutal water pelt his eyes. “Ouch!”

“Oh, the sun is over-rated anyways…” I tried to keep my morose tone out of my words, but I think he caught it. I think he understand me more than I’d originally thought. His eyes searched my face, but he said nothing.

“Okay, well my classroom is in this building,” he said, pointing to the only building that contained more than one classroom.” I watched him run off, binder in hand. A piece of paper fluttered out, and landed in a puddle. I could’ve called him before he got into the building, but I didn’t. Instead I grabbed the sheet and examined it. Sheet music.

My hands shook. Unless he carried multiple compositions around with him, this was the song he’d completed just last night. The melody again played in my mind. My insides ached with emotion. My hands continued to shake, but it wasn’t because of the song, or my emotions, or even the water mixing with the ink and ruining the piece. No, it was what was written at the top.

Hastily, I placed it in my own binder. I couldn’t care less if it ruined the other papers in there. I just didn’t want it to be ruined any more than it already was. I quickly went to class.


“Sorry I took so long!” I turned to see Edward running up to me where I stood underneath the overhang. “I had to talk to Katie before I could go,” I felt a little flare of jealousy boil up in me, but I hid it well.
“Oh, that’s okay, so where are we going?”

“Ah, nice try, but it’s still a secret,” he grinned crookedly at me as we strode to a rusty red truck. Vaguely I wondered where his Volvo went.

“Oh yeah, do you mind if we stop by the auto shop? I have to leave my number with him so he can call me when my car is done.”


“Oh, I hope you don’t think my taste in cars is this bad,” he said, motioning towards rusty truck. “Yeah, something was wrong with my actual car, so they gave me this one until mine was done.”

“Ah, I see.” He unlocked the door on the driver’s side, and had to lean across to the passenger’s seat to unlock my door. I dropped into the cab and wrinkled my nose. It smelled horrible…like sweaty and salty.

“Yeah, it smells a little funny…I think the original owner smoked.” he said, noticing my face of disgust. I could barely smell the tobacco underneath the pungent smell.

“Yeah…Do you mind if I roll down the window?” I asked, not even waiting for a response. There was only thing on the face of the earth that could make a smell this bad, and as far as I knew, they hadn’t been in Forks for years.

We drove for awhile in silence. He fumbled with the radio, but it was too old to get much of a radio signal, so then he turned to me.

“So, I think you should tell me about your siblings.”


“I’ve met her”


“Which one is he?”

“The one with light brown hair?”

“The huge one? The one that looks like he could crush my skull?” I laughed.

“Yeah. He probably could crush your skull too. And then there’s Jasper, he’s the blonde guy…he could probably crush your skull too…he’s more dangerous than he looks. He just fools people with his blank expressions. And-

“Ah, I have a question abo-”

“Hey! If you keep interrupting me, I’ll never get my whole family out!” I said. He shrank back. I wasn’t really mad, but he apparently didn’t catch that. I let out another chuckle. “I was just kidding.”

“Ooh…I knew that…”

“Where you going to ask about Jasper and Rosalie?”

“Yeah…I don’t get it,”

“Well, my parents, Carlisle, who you’ve met, and Esme, got married, and found they couldn’t have any kids, so they adopted Alice, Emmett and me. And then they agreed to be foster parents for Jasper and Rosalie who are brother and sister.” We pulled into the corner driveway and he slipped out of the car saying, “It’ll only take a second.”

He dashed into the garage, greeting the teenage boy who from a back room. His skin was dark. He was probably from the La Plush reservation. While Edward talked to him, his eyes wandered to me where I sat in the cab of the truck. I saw a tremor go down his body, and his eyes flashed back to Edward.

He handed him a pad of paper and pen which he had in a back pocket of his suit. As Edward wrote down something, the boy’s eyes continued to wander towards me, before flickering back to Edward, who appeared to be thinking too hard about what he was writing.

Each time the boy looked to me, his eyes stayed longer, until they didn’t leave me. Edward was done writing whatever it was he was writing and had to poke him with the corner of the little notebook. He jumped and took it before looking back to me.

Edward quickly got back into the truck, also noticing the boy’s stare.

“What’s up with him?” he asked.

“I’m not sure…”