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The Lost Tracker

"Bella, I don't want you to come with me." As I spoke those words, I felt my stone heart shatter. Her mind and emotions unraveled in a spiral of chaos. With my face frozen emotionless, I watched her fall apart. What was Edward doing after he left Bella? +spoilers+

Edward is on his own in the wild, with nothing but never-fading memories, a broken heart and a murderous vampire on the loose, to keep him company. What will he do?

2. Chapter 2; Thirst

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‘Woosh woosh woosh SNAP’

I cringed as yet another branch snapped under my weight. When one is craving the perfection of music, the death cry of a twig is not something that can tide one over. I wanted so much to have my piano.

I could easily express my emotions with the clear notes. Music isn’t confusing. There aren’t morals to follow. There is no guilt in listening to a beautiful song. One is not selfish if they succumb to the riches of an instrument. You can’t soil the soul of a tune. There is no hell in music, unless, of course, the tune was played that horribly.

‘Woosh woosh woosh SNAP’

Again my foot struck a sour note in the song of my footsteps. Soon there would be snow on the ground. It was already mid-November. What would I do when every step formed a crescendo of crunches? Would I go insane? Could a soul-less monster go insane?

I shook my head and drew in a clear, sharp breath. Although it wasn’t needed, I did help to soothe my aching thoughts. It calmed me enough to realize my hunger. Being without human or animal contact for so long, without the luscious smell of blood, tended to make me forget about my hunger.

Now that it was brought to my attention, I had to have food before I attacked an unsuspecting human. Going through my tracking steps, I inhaled deeply, my teeth aching like multiple toothaches. Something with a musky scent wafted by. It was very distant, but it was there nonetheless.

I took off in that direction, loving the feel of the cool breeze in my face. I ran several miles before the smell became considerably stronger. Slowing my sprint to a casual jog, I began to scan the area for any form of life. The animal I smelled was probably a raccoon or a beaver; very small, but enough to tide me over for a little while until bigger game could be found.

There was movement among the fallen leaves, and I jerked my head to find the source. Scurrying about was a good sized beaver. In the near distance I could hear a stream where other beavers would most likely be located.

Though the smell was less than tempting, my teeth still pounded with venom, and the hunter within me jumped at the animal. I didn’t need extreme speed or Herculean strength to catch the ignorant thing. I probably didn’t need the venom to kill it, but I used all three, and enjoyed warm sweetness of the fluid running down my throat.

Though the pain in my stomach had subsided, my teeth still ached. I needed more. I ran for the river nearby. Along the bank, I found more than just a beaver’s dam. Standing proud and tall was a adolescent reindeer. Seeing as reindeer are found in generally northern areas, I decided that I must still be somewhere in Canada or Alaska.

The deer was frozen in its place. It could sense the predator in me, and its first instinct was, ‘Don’t move. Maybe he can’t see you.’ All it took was one step on my part to set him off into the woods, hurdling at a sprint. As I chased him down, I could hear the heavy beat of its heart. It seemed to be fitting in as many beats as possible, as though it knew its end was near.

As I brought it down, I felt a surge of pity. This poor animal couldn’t be much older than a year. Its antlers were still small and covered in a velvety fluff. Absentmindedly, as I broke through its thick hide, I thought of Santa Claus and his reindeer. How sad it would be if I’d just killed one of all the children’s favorite characters.

The great beast stopped struggling, and I could let go my iron grip and fully enjoy my feast. Or so I hoped.

“What might this be?” A metallically beautiful voice echoed through the woods, and I caught the sweet sent that only my kind could create. I twisted my head around and confirmed my suspicions. I felt myself inhale sharply as I took in the sight before me. Long flowing hair, sharp eyes and an overly-confident smile.

“Looking for someone, Edward?”