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The Lost Tracker

"Bella, I don't want you to come with me." As I spoke those words, I felt my stone heart shatter. Her mind and emotions unraveled in a spiral of chaos. With my face frozen emotionless, I watched her fall apart. What was Edward doing after he left Bella? +spoilers+

Edward is on his own in the wild, with nothing but never-fading memories, a broken heart and a murderous vampire on the loose, to keep him company. What will he do?

5. Chapter 5

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(Tanya’s POV)

“A while ago, maybe 110 years, my sisters and I were in a tiny little town in Quebec. It was a small farmers town with only about 200 people. My sisters and I were living just outside of the boundaries. Keep in mind that this was during our…dark ages…Anyways, one night, we were on the hunt. We’d gussied ourselves up, and headed into town, selecting our pray and luring them away back to our house where we’d have dinner…well, we would, not so much the men.” I felt myself smile bitterly. I stared off into space, watching the seen unravel, once again, before my eyes.

“It took me a little longer to find him. I could smell his sweet scent miles away. I remember sprinting through the shadows until the sweet smell of his blood was over-powering. For a moment I thought I might take him right then, but I stopped and crept along the wall of his small stone cottage.

“There was fire light shining through the only window and I peeked through. I felt like a child, looking over the counter at the meal their mother was cooking. The lovely smell was wafting out as my eyes came in contact with what they were seeking.

“He was sitting next a bed. The only one in the small house. Upon the bed was an old woman. Her breathing was ragged, her lips pale and cracked. The faint thump of her heart was dying away, and I knew that she would follow soon follow the beat.

“At last, with one loving stroke, she left the boy alone. I saw it as an opportunity. He was weak. Now was the time to strike. I remember sauntering into the room, my head held high, and my eyes set. My footsteps made barely a whisper on the dirty floor, but as I stepped behind him, he turned and looked directly into my eyes.” I thought briefly of my scarlet eyes reflected in his blue.

“He wasn’t scared or even surprised that a woman he’d never seen before was standing in his house. A vampire woman at that. ‘I can take you away from this,’ I told him, soaking my voice in syrup, making it smooth and alluring. He closed his eyes, and gripped his chest over his heart, replying with tears sliding down his angel’s face. ‘Please, make it stop.’

“I was stunned. I’d expected this to be easy, but never before had I come upon somebody that was so willing to become acquainted with death. This plea awoke something within me. Maybe it was pity. Maybe it was doubt. Or maybe couldn’t destroy something with so much emotion contained in it.

“I probably should have left him there, but I couldn’t. I lifted his sagging body in my arms, and while more tears poured down his cheeks, I ran off with him and left his mother alone.

“I brought him home. This was a bad decision on my part. I should have left him alone, but I was selfish. I couldn’t leave this vulnerable boy. I kept him safe, away from my sisters. I watched him, and talked to him, but he didn’t speak. I brought him food. But he didn’t eat it.

“He began to wither away before my eyes. He was going to die. I should’ve let him die, but I didn’t. I changed him. My sisters argued with me. They left me alone with my changing vampire. I sat by his side for those three long days, and when he opened his eyes that first time when the burning and his heart both stopped, I knew I’d made a mistake.

“His eyes were a blazing red, like all newborns’ eyes are, but there was an emotion lingering behind that hungry blaze. ‘What have you done?’ he demanded, but I couldn’t respond. I could only stare at him blankly.

“I taught him how to hunt and the many sensations that come with being one of us, but that bitterness remained. He let himself go, hunting among the people and animals, killing for pleasure rather than need. It grew until he was nothing but a bloodthirsty beast.

“This time of my life was nothing but a long string of mistakes. I left him. This was not the boy I’d wanted as my mate. That one died with his heart. And so…my story ends.” As I became silent, Edward seemed confused.

“I don’t understand. That has nothing to do with my leaving Bella.”

“It has everything to do with that! I wouldn’t have told you if it were useless!”

“Then explain it because from what I understand, you‘re just further proving my point,” he said with narrowed eyes.

“I prolonged his suffering. I made things worse. You’re continuing her suffering. What would you do if Bella became a heartless person? What if she drew away from society? Why would you bring that upon her? Wh-,” I stopped. His eyes had widened in shock.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“What was the name of this man you changed?” he asked slowly, standing up.

I spoke his name slowly, gauging his response.