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Love's Light

Loves_light.png banner picture by munky_hashmi This beautiful banner was made by the amazing Marauder by Midnight! thank you! The sequel to My One Love! Life and love can only meet through colossal experiences…like turning into a vampire. This story is all about life with Bella as a vampire with Edward at her side, Jake and Ally's love, Emmett and Rosalie, Alice and Jasper, Carlisle and Esme, and of course, Dan's new life. We all do crazy things when in love, imagine being a mythical creature when in love! WELLLL. Chapter 30 is up and ready to read.

Please read My One Love before you read this, or some things might not make too much sense for you! :) Things are about to get a little crazy in the lives of our beloved characters.

19. Bittersweet homecoming

Rating 3.5/5   Word Count 1877   Review this Chapter

Jane’s POV:

Daniel put me down as we went up the porch steps, leaving me time to brush my hands down my sweatpants and t-shirt, trying to tidy up my appearance. I must have looked awful; my hair a mess from the wind and my ‘I ♥ Cookies’ t-shirt all wrinkled.

“Jane, this is Esme, and Esme, this is Jane,” Daniel smiled, gesturing between us. He held my hand as if he never wanted to let it go, making me feel deliciously warm inside. That feeling even made me forget, for an instant, that a vampire had just attacked our car.

“Jane, it’s wonderful to meet you.” Her voice was all silky and musical.

“It’s great to meet you also. I’ve heard a lot about you,” I smiled, holding out my hand. There was hesitance in her eyes at first, but she took my hand in hers and greeted me with a brilliant smile anyway. Her handshake was soft, like a mother’s embrace.

“I hope all good things,” she laughed.

“Of course,” Daniel chuckled.

“Oh, come in dear, you must be tired. Daniel, Alice told us what happened. Are you both all right?” She looked carefully at both of us.

“We’re fine, mom, don’t worry,” he said, tousling his hair with his free hand.

When we stepped inside their home, I knew instantly that I loved it.

Seeing it from the outside, you could call it a grand, pearly-white mansion, fit for prodigious people. But from the inside, it was a story all of its own. It was simple yet elegant, and made you feel so…at home.

“You have a beautiful home,” I said softly, looking around at the grand piano and the clean furniture.

“Thank you,” she replied, gesturing towards the sofa. “Have a seat, I’ll just go get something for you to eat.”

“Oh no, you don’t have---”

“No reason to deny her, Janey, she’s going to do it anyway.” Emmett’s voice could be heard before he was seen as he strolled gracefully down the stairs. Alice stepped down behind him, her expression troubled. They both descended and sat on the sofa across from us.

“It’s good you two are home,” Alice smiled slightly when she saw me. “Jasper and Rosalie just went out for a quick hunt, and I just called Edward and Bella. They should be home soon.”

“And Carlisle is on his way home from the hospital, also,” Esme’s sweet voice came from the kitchen.

“Good. We have things to talk about before they get here,” Alice said, biting down on her perfect bottom lip.

“Things to talk about before who gets here, Alice?” Daniel asked, squeezing my hand.

“Well, remember what we told you about the Volturi? From Italy?” Her beautiful face looked ancient just then, wisdom tracing into her tawny eyes. Daniel nodded and Emmett sighed.

“I suppose they’re making another grand appearance then?” Emmett asked, half a smile on his face.

“Yes. The visions are unclear to me for some reason, almost as if they were changing their minds about actually meeting us. I know they’re here, in Maine…I just think they’re waiting somewhere further away from us.” She sounded confused and frustrated by her incomplete visions.

“Waiting for what?” I asked, unable to stop myself.

Now seriously, I didn’t know who the hell they were talking about, but I had a strange sense that these people were not only trouble, but also powerful. What else could make a group of vampires uneasy?

“I don’t know…” Alice’s soft voice sounded far away. and She closed her eyes, trying to focus.

“I know.” Edward’s voice suddenly filled the halls, and we turned to see him and Bella walking in with two shopping bags in his arms. “They’re not waiting for anything Alice, they’re actually arguing. A lot.”

“About what?” Emmett asked.

“One of them wants to come into the city alone, seeking something,” he said, putting the bags down.

“Jane?” Bella asked, and I thought I saw fear in her eyes.

“Nope. One I wouldn’t have expected.”

“Heidi,” Alice whispered before going stock still and clutching the nearest thing to her, which happened to be Emmett’s arm. As her nails dug into him, he stared at her, putting a hand on her elbow in an attempt to calm her down.

I didn’t know if my guess was right, but I think she was having a vision.

Edward’s POV:

My mind dove into Alice’s vision almost hungrily:

Aro’s red eyes glinted with annoyance as he watched Marcus and Felix bicker about whether they should kill inside the town or not. He turned and saw Jane sitting on one of the haystacks of the abandoned farmhouse they were in, her blood-colored eyes flitting between Felix and Marcus with an attitude that spoke of utter attentiveness.

Only one was completely void to her surroundings. and Aro watched as Heidi paced the floor, occasionally looking up at Aro, pleading with her eyes. Finally she stopped, putting her hand on her hips and biting down on her full red lips.

“I will not be stopped from entering the village, Aro. It is my right.” Everyone else stopped what they were doing and watched carefully. “I may not remember it
completely, but this was once my home. Before I became the creature I am now, before that idiot Salvador took me to Italy. Not that I don’t like being there,” she amended. “It’s just…I know it is here, and I must find it, please.”

She was close to hysterics now, unleashing the tumult of drama only Heidi-ultimate-drama-queen could release. She weaved her fingers through her mahogany hair and fingered the sleeve of her tight-fitting forest green blouse.

“I suppose, if you…really wish to find it…although what you will do with such a petty thing, I would not know,” Aro seemed almost tired. His century-old skin looking wintered as it sat gracefully against his bones.

“It is my last memory of the human life I was taken from, Aro. I must go.”

“Yes, yes. Fine, but just remember I warned you. If the coven attacks you for entering their town unacknowledged, we can not intervene. Although, with their… resistance…it is hard to believe they would hurt someone. Unless of course, you hurt one of their precious…human…friends.”

The vision ended, and even as I pulled away from Alice’s mind, the desperately evil glint of Heidi’s violet eyes remained in my thoughts. I found myself clinging to Bella’s hand like a lifeline.

“What was it?” I heard Carlisle ask, watching as he kneeled next to Alice. The vision had been so strong that I hadn’t even noticed him come home. He looked between Alice and me, waiting for the answer.

Alice’s fearful eyes looked into my own, and I knew she had felt it too. The hungry desperation Heidi had felt for this ‘lost memory’. She would go to any extent to find it --whatever ‘it’ was.

As Alice related the vision to the rest of the family, I couldn’t help but watch Bella patting Jane’s hand in reassurance. I clenched and unclenched my fists, remembering the look of utter fear in her eyes when we were last in Italy.

She’s safe now, Edward, Jasper’s thoughts drifted to me as both he and Rosalie walked inside. Rosalie is unleashing her anger now, best watch out. He warned me. I took a deep breath and caught Daniel’s eye.

Are they about to come home, Edward? He asked me. I nodded. Crap…Rose is going to be pissed when she sees Jane here.

And sure enough, the drama-queen herself walked in and narrowed her eyes at Jane.

What is she doing here?” She asked, brushing her blond ponytail over her shoulder.

“Hey Rose, how was the hunt?” Emmett asked, walking over to her. She didn’t even acknowledge her husband. Instead, she channeled all of her energy into glaring at Carlisle.

“Now she knows our secret too? Why don’t we just tell the whole world and get it over with?” She thundered, stomping her back heel and running upstairs. Emmett threw an apologetic glance at Jane and Daniel before following her.

We sat in silence, where Jane fidgeted. Ok, I know she doesn’t like me, but why is she freaking out about me knowing?

“So, um…anyone wanna explain who the Volturi are?” She asked, moving her hair back.

“They are an ancient vampire coven that lives under Italy…we don’t have royalty, but if we did, then they would be it. They make sure we follow the golden rule…” I said, reminding myself of how I first explained this to Bella.

“Isn’t it more like the silver rule? I thought the golden rule was to share…?” Bella smiled. I knew she was trying to put Jane at ease.

“Right, well, the silver rule is to make sure no one knows of our existence…” Daniel said.

“I thought the silver rule was to do to others as you wish to be to yourself?” Alice grinned.

“Well, maybe it’s the copper rule?” Jane asked, playing along.

“No, the copper rule is to not curse,” Esme laughed, carrying in what looked like a pallet of finger sandwiches.

“Oh Esme, you really didn’t need to…” Jane started before Esme waved her hand in dismissal.

“It was nothing at all, dear.”

“Well, whichever rule it is…I’m sure they’re here to make sure it’s being followed,” Jasper said, glancing at Jane from across the wide room.

Maybe we wouldn’t have any f-ing trouble if no one TOLD her, then! Rosalie’s sneering thoughts came from upstairs, where Emmett could be heard trying to console her. I rolled my eyes.

“Ok, all we need is a plan. We need to figure out what Heidi is looking for,” Carlisle said, authority ringing in his voice. “Alice, try to see anything of consequence, and Edward why don’t you go out and see if you can scope her mind?”

I nodded, standing up. Jasper followed me, and I realized I didn’t mind at all. We both silently stood outside, where we could hear a river bubbling throughout the forest. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on a new mind, something hungry…desperate.

Ohmygod. Those shoes are so cute!

In all of eternity, I take you as my wife…

I know it has to be here…what street was it on again? Oh why is my memory so annoyingly disappearing?

Milk, eggs, cheese…oh, and coffee…

With difficulty, I reverted back to the third voice I found, which was actually closer than I thought it would be. It was her… I knew it.

Winter Street? That sounds familiar… THAT’S IT! In her mind, an image of houses lined up on a quiet street, and as she ran up to it, the house was vaguely familiar to me also.

Wait…Oh in the name of Debussy…

I ran back inside quickly, letting Jasper follow me. Edward? You feel anxious, is everything ok? Did you find her?

“Jane, what street do you live on?” I asked, aware that everyone had stopped talking and was staring at me. She was confused by the random question.

“Um…on Winter Street.”

“Please, please tell me it’s not a big white house?” I asked, almost fearing her answer.

“Yeah, it is…how did you know?”

“Because Heidi knows. She used to live there…and now she’s coming home.”