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Love's Light

Loves_light.png banner picture by munky_hashmi This beautiful banner was made by the amazing Marauder by Midnight! thank you! The sequel to My One Love! Life and love can only meet through colossal experiences…like turning into a vampire. This story is all about life with Bella as a vampire with Edward at her side, Jake and Ally's love, Emmett and Rosalie, Alice and Jasper, Carlisle and Esme, and of course, Dan's new life. We all do crazy things when in love, imagine being a mythical creature when in love! WELLLL. Chapter 30 is up and ready to read.

Please read My One Love before you read this, or some things might not make too much sense for you! :) Things are about to get a little crazy in the lives of our beloved characters.

2. Southern gentleman Bets!!!

Rating 3.4/5   Word Count 1245   Review this Chapter

Suddenly, my mind was filled with Alice’s most recent vision; one of my brother, Daniel.

Daniel’s POV:

I walked out of my Sophomore Government class and headed towards the cafeteria when I heard someone crying. I looked around in confusion, deducing that the noise had to be coming from a janitor’s closet, located in front of me.

The sobbing noise continued as I leaned in, and I realized quickly that it was a girl, completely alone in a dubious sanctuary. I nearly opened the door, but stopped myself, feeling like an intruder. I knocked a few times, and something hard rapped against the inside of the door.

“Who is it? I’ll be out in a sec,” a beautiful voice, though raspy from the crying, said. I turned the knob and looked into the gloominess. I felt around the wall next to me and switched on the light.

I felt my eyes widen as I looked down at the girl currently sitting on an upturned bucket. She was beautiful, as far as I could tell with the tissue that was sobbing into. Black curls framed her face and fell to her elbows, but the light was too dim to make out her face other than that. To my great surprise, she didn’t even look up as I entered.

“What’s the matter?” I asked softly, kneeling down in front of her. Finally she looked up at me, pulling the tissue away from her face. Suddenly, I was struck with a delicious lightning feeling, and I felt the breath leave my lungs.

Edward’s POV:

I smirked and pulled away from the vision, trying to keep in my laughter. That was quite an amazing vision, and I winked at Alice, who started to giggle, catching the rest of my family’s reactions.

“What silent conversations are you two having now?” Bella smiled curiously at me. I shook my head and blocked everyone’s minds full of questions.

“Just tell us already!” Rosalie snapped.

“Nothing, it’s just a vision I had. In fact, it’s probably occurring right now.” Alice smiled.

“What is it about?” Jasper asked.

“Daniel.” I said, watching Emmett’s eyes dance brightly. His thoughts screamed curiosity.

What was it? Did he finally get a girl? Is he going to wrestle me? What’s up, Edward? Tell me! Where is he?

“Relax, it’s no big deal, he’s still at the school. He’ll tell us if he wants to.” Alice said.

“That is so not fair!” Emmett said, pounding his fist on his leg, careful not to hit it on the table. It would’ve broken.

Bella’s POV:

Oh wow, a vision of Daniel? What could it be?

Rosalie’s POV:

I hate it when they hide stuff in their intrusive little minds! Just because they have the power, that doesn’t mean they have to be all snotty about it!

Emmett’s POV:

Oh man, I want to know so bad! I hope he gets a girl, I’m going to make so much fun of him!

Jasper’s POV:

I can feel Edward and Alice’s happiness, and everyone else’s confusion and curiosity. I myself am quite curious also. What could Daniel’s news be? Had he finally found love, or had he discovered something else?

Alice’s POV:

Oh my gosh! I’m so excited for him! I hope he makes that decision quick enough, so I can see more of this amazing girl…who is she? I hadn’t seen her before, but perhaps she had been here for a while and we had ignored her? Or was she new? I hadn’t heard any news of a new girl coming to this small town, as I had when Bella first came to Forks…but perhaps this town was not interested in new people? I carefully directed my thoughts to get Edward’s attention once again.

Edward’s POV:

Edward! I blinked at Alice again. Search the thoughts around you. Are there any of a new girl coming to town today?

I obeyed, carefully sifting through the brains around me. Various typical thoughts erupted, but I didn’t notice anything about a new girl, until I heard someone say it.

“Did you hear about the new girl coming today? I haven’t seen her, but I heard she was in Ashley’s first period class.” A female voice said, dripping with excitement to have new gossip.

“Oh wow, really? I didn’t hear about it! Who is she?” Another girl asked.

“I don’t know, Mr. Kart didn’t make her introduce herself. I wonder why my mom didn’t say anything about her earlier. She usually knows everything that goes around here…”

“Yeah, but maybe they just arrived like yesterday or something. I wonder who her parents are. We don’t need more people like the Cullens.” She said. When they heard the family name, each of my siblings turned to me curiously.

What did she just say?!” Rosalie demanded, glaring at the girl across the room.

“Don’t make it obvious that you heard her! We’re not supposed to have super hearing like that!” Alice hissed at her sister. Rosalie huffed and rolled her eyes.

“They’re comparing the new girl to us, it’s fairly predictable. We don’t need to get involved.” I stated.

“We don’t need to do a lot of things; yet we do. I think I remember a certain other new girl who created a little involvement with the Cullens?” Bella smirked, as everyone else laughed.

“Well we wouldn’t want a repeat of that now would we?” Rosalie teased her. Bella’s sensitivity had decreased in the past years, allowing her to laugh at Rosalie’s harsh jokes now.

“Well, Dan shouldn’t have a problem like Edward did…right?” Jasper asked. I glared at him and he smirked back at me.

“Oh, be quiet. His power should prevent such an event occurring, yet I don’t know if he could do anything about it.”

“Why not?” Emmett asked.

“Well, we all know how shy he is.”

“So were you.” Alice stated.

“No, I wasn’t! Unless you call wanting to suck her dry, shy.”

“Yes, he’s much too self-appraising to be shy. Plus, remember he used to sneak in my room at night just to watch me sleep? Not exactly shy…” Bella said, winking at me.

Everyone else laughed at me and I found myself remembering the sound of her slow breathing, the light beating of her heart, and the way she spoke when she used to sleep.

“Yeah, but Dan is shy. He won’t make a move.” Emmett said.

“You wanna bet?” Alice grinned.

“Alright, 500 bucks he won’t.”

“500 bucks says he will. Oh, this will be so sweet.” She stated.

“Emmett, haven’t you learned your lesson yet? Why would you bet against Alice?” Bella asked.

“She hasn’t had the vision yet. She doesn’t know what he’ll do. He’s way too much of a southern gentleman.” Emmett said, confident in the money he contained in this pocket.

“I don’t know, southern gentlemen can do certain things under the influence of love.” Jasper said smiling at Alice.

“Yeah sure, but you don’t know if he loves her yet.”

“I hope he does it.” Bella said softly. She and Esme continuously wondered of Daniel’s loneliness.

“Me too.” Alice said, smiling.

“I don’t. What if he does, what’s going to happen? She’s a human.” Rosalie sniffed.

Suddenly the lunch bell rang, and we all stood up, throwing away our unused lunch plates. I walked Bella to her next class, which was Freshman English. I had Gym next, so I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she smiled, walking into class. When the bell rang again, I decided I didn’t feel like going to gym. I hadn’t ditched class in a while so I went looking for Daniel.