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Love's Light

Loves_light.png banner picture by munky_hashmi This beautiful banner was made by the amazing Marauder by Midnight! thank you! The sequel to My One Love! Life and love can only meet through colossal experiences…like turning into a vampire. This story is all about life with Bella as a vampire with Edward at her side, Jake and Ally's love, Emmett and Rosalie, Alice and Jasper, Carlisle and Esme, and of course, Dan's new life. We all do crazy things when in love, imagine being a mythical creature when in love! WELLLL. Chapter 30 is up and ready to read.

Please read My One Love before you read this, or some things might not make too much sense for you! :) Things are about to get a little crazy in the lives of our beloved characters.

21. Can I be your tour guide?

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Jane’s POV:

“Haha, funny joke,” I said, my voice cracking unattractively. The whole family stared at me and I felt something inside of me unwind uncomfortably. “I’m just going to close my eyes and wake up from this nightmare, and I’ll be back in the hospital, and everything will be ok.”

“Jane,” Dan sighed and held his hand to my face. “Listen to me, nothing will happen to you. You are completely safe, I promise.”

Tears formed in my eyes and I blinked them away, taking a deep breath. Crying won’t solve anything.

“All right,” Carlisle cleared his throat. “Emmett, Jasper, and I will go to Jane’s house and take care of Heidi. Esme and Rosalie can go to the hospital and make sure the doctor has no intention of going back to his house soon. Edward and Alice, if you would please go out to the Volturi and see what they’re planning. Jane, I need you, Bella and Daniel to stay here and make sure that if the Volturi come here---which I’m sure they wouldn’t do so early--- then you’ll run and go deeper into the town. They wouldn’t start anything around the humans.”

The way he took charge had me slightly relaxed but still unnerved. I couldn’t believe my luck.

“Seriously.” I punched my fist into my other hand. “Why do I have the worst luck in the world? I just had to live in a vampire’s old house, and happen to read her diary.”

“Well, I doubt she was a vampire when she lived there,” Edward said nonchalantly.

“Wait, you read her diary?” Alice asked, staring at me. Her eyes seemed to darken at the thought.

“Yes," I said, not wanting to beat around the bush. "I went to go put a box in the attic, and there were tons of boxes there, filled with empty diaries, clothes and old time junk. It was pretty cool, and only one of the diaries were written in. It belonged to Heidi Smithson and she wrote in it in like, 1905.” I remembered the things she said vaguely. “I can’t believe she’s still alive. Well, that she’s still able to come back and get all possessive about her diary. It’s not like we’re in second grade anymore.”

“Sometimes, the memories of our human life drive us to instinct,” Alice said softly with a faraway look in her eyes. “Carlisle, you know that she’s going to tear apart that house to look for the diary…and when she smells a human scent on it…”

“I know,” Carlisle sighed. “There’s not much else we can do for now other than what I just said. We’d better hurry though.”

“I’m so sorry,” I whispered, knowing all of them could hear me.

“Oh Jane, it’s not your fault at all,” Esme said kindly before hugging Carlisle and walking out of the room.

“Yeah Jane, really, trust me, I know what it’s like to have the worst luck,” Bella said, sitting down next to me and smiling.

“Actually, it kind of is your---” Rosalie started, slightly menacingly, until Emmett touched her arm and gave her a look. Instead of finishing her sentence, she rolled her eyes and tossed her beautiful hair over her one shoulder. “Whatever.”

She was gone before I could blink. and With a small smile at me and a kiss on Bella’s forehead, Edward vanished also. Alice gave me a kiss on the cheek and a small wink, then glanced at Jasper. They both just stared at each other for a moment. and Jasper reached out and touched her lips longingly, then pulled back as she vanished.

“Oh my gosh, must they travel so fast? It’s making me slightly dizzy.” I was still staring at the spot in front of Jasper before I realized she was gone. Carlisle laughed slightly before zooming off in the direction of the stairs.

“We’re all major show-offs,” Bella laughed. “I remember being so angry because they couldn’t grow up and I could, and they could run faster, and be stronger and look better than me 24/7.”

“Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad…was it?” Emmett snickered. “It was so much fun watching you trip all over the place.”

“Shut it,” Bella growled playfully.

“I’m going to go start the car.” Emmett shrugged before leaving.

“Anyway, the best thing to do in these situations is to keep relaxed,” Bella said kindly.

“Yes, that would be nice…” Jasper mumbled. I looked over at him, and he had his eyes closed and was leaning against the door. “All of these feelings are slightly unnerving.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I mumbled, realizing that my fright and anger were probably driving his empathic abilities crazy.

“It’s not your fault,” he said, opening his eyes slowly. I gasped slightly as I saw that they were as dark as night. I knew that vampire’s eyes turned really dark when they were thirsty for blood, but I’d never seen it actually happening. Dan’s eyes never changed, which Edward told me was pretty interesting.

“What’s wrong?” Daniel asked me, probably hearing my gasp.

“Nothing. It’s just that I’ve never seen eyes that dark before,” I said, looking down.

“Don’t worry, I won’t eat you,” Jasper said softly.

“Oh, I know,” I grinned.

“How are you not the least bit afraid?” Jasper asked.

“I can channel through my inner chi.” I closed my eyes and clasped my hands together, taking a deep breath.

“You do yoga?” Dan asked me. I peeked at him and nodded, pulling my ponytail out of my hair and ruffling my hand through it.

“All right, we should get going,” Carlisle said, coming back inside. He was holding a bottle of pills and a glass of water. “Jane, I want you to take these for the blackouts and the pain.”

“You’re in pain?” Daniel looked alarmed. I shook my head, hopefully looking reassuring. I felt fine, really.

“No, I’m not in pain,” I said confusedly, looking at Carlisle.

“I know, because of the pain relief injections we gave you at the hospital. Those will wear off soon, and you might feel it then.”

“Thanks,” I said, taking them. “For everything you guys are doing for me.”

“It’s no problem at all, Jane. You are first priority, don’t worry about a thing.” He was being so nice, I could barely believe it.

“Yeah little b-ball player. I’ll play you when we get back,” Emmett said, winking at me.

“Ok,” I laughed. “You mean I’ll beat you when you get back.”

“Oh we shall see,” he said dramatically before running off.

“Bye then,” Jasper said, smiling. His graceful figure slowly followed Emmett, which I can only guess was for my benefit.

“So, what do we do now?” Bella asked, standing up and going into the kitchen. I shrugged and followed her, sitting on one of their counters. It was weird, but I felt really comfortable and at-home here. “Oh, I haven’t cooked in almost….five years, I think. I’m going to try whipping up something.”

“But I just ate, Bella!” I exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make dinner and just put it in the fridge for you.”

“You should call your father, Jane,” Daniel said, walking in and standing next to where I was sitting. “To tell him that you’re here.”

“All right.” I pulled out my cell phone from my back pocket where it pretty much always was and dialed my dad’s cell number. He picked up after a few rings.


“Hi Daddy.”

“How are you feeling honey?”

“I’m fine. Dad, um, Alice and Bella invited me over to their house for a mini-salon day, is it ok if I go?”

“Jane,” he said in his disapproving tone. “You should be resting.”

“Oh Dad, I’m fine. No sign of anything wrong, come on… Carlisle and the rest of the family is here too, so if anything goes wrong, I won’t be alone!”

“Fine,” he sighed. “Go, if you want, but nothing too exciting, all right?”

“But I was totally thinking of going water-skiing, Dad,” I laughed.

“Jane!” He laughed also. “Oh, and call your mother as well.”

“You told her?” I half-shrieked, freaking Dan and Bella out again.

“No, I didn’t tell her! But I still think you should.” I relaxed, smiling as Bella and Daniel relaxed with me, sensing no danger.

“I will…eventually.”


“Ok, Dad, I have to go, we’re starting our mani- pedi session.” I lied quickly.

“All right, but be home by curfew…”

“Sure thing, bye!”

“Bye honey.”

I hung up and rolled my eyes. I hated lying to my dad. I mean, I didn’t really mind lying to my mom since she totally deserves it sometimes, but Dad doesn’t deserve it.

“Mani- Pedi session?” Daniel asked, his eyes confused. “What in the world is that?”

“Manicure and Pedicure, Dan,” I laughed.

“Is that the thing that you paint your nails with?”

“Kind of. Anyway, I used to have mini-salons all the time back in San Dan, so whatever. I’ll paint your nails, Bella,” I smiled at her.

“No way,” she replied, her eyes wide. “I’m so not the mani- pedi kind of girl.”

“Exactly, that’s why it’ll be even more fun!” I told her.

“And what am I supposed to do?” Daniel laughed.

“You’ll paint my nails! It’ll be a nail painting train.”

“Um, how about I finish this dinner up, and Dan can give you a tour of the house?” Bella asked, obviously trying to avoid the girly-ness I emanated.

“Sounds good to me,” Daniel said in relief. I jumped off the counter and straightened my shirt.

“Can I be your tour guide?” He asked, extending his hand.

“Well…” I tilted my head, biting my lip. “Sure, you’re cute enough.”

He laughed and I put my hand in his.

“You wanna play a game?” I asked as he twirled his fingers through my own.

“Sure, how do you play?”

“Well, it’s not really a game, but you kind of imagine yourself in the future. Where are you, what are you doing, what’s your life like, you know?”

“All right…you first,” he said as we walked up the stairs.

“Ok…I’m five years in the future. I’m the lead guitarist in an awesome band, called…‘Emanate‘. And we’re doing a gig tonight, and guess who takes me there? Daniel Cullen, my pretty hot, amazing band manager, who I’m totally having an affair with. Ssh, don’t tell anyone though.” I put my finger to my lips as he laughed.

“And do you love this Daniel Cullen?” He asked, his dark gold eyes sparkling with excitement.

“Oh of course, who wouldn’t?” I giggled. “And…I have a surprise for him. See, we were keeping our affair on the DL because the drummer of the band… Alice… is your sister, and we didn’t want the whole ‘emotional attachments’ thing going on. So tonight, we’re going to tell her that you plan to whisk me away and marry me in Paris.”

“First, what’s DL?” He asked.

“Down Low… you know, secretive?”

“Oh, right, sorry. Second, why do we have to hide it from Alice?”

“Because, she’ll want to tell everyone, and everybody knows that a married guitarist doesn’t sell as much as a single one…”

“That’s crazy!” He exclaimed. “If you’re married, then why does it matter to everyone else? Anyway, why Paris?”

“Duh, Daniel. It’s the city of love.” I whispered, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek. He grinned and suddenly I was up against the wall of the second story, and his arms were around me.

“The city of love is anywhere we are,” he whispered huskily into my ear. I bit down on my lip and I knew that I’d be blushing by now. I felt his nose trail up my neck and I vaguely hoped that I was only whimpering in my brain and not out loud.

If he was trying to distract me from the impending danger that the Volturi caused…

He was doing a damn good job at it.

“Mmm, you smell positively scrumptious. And I don’t even drink from humans,” he chuckled. Abruptly, I was back on the ground, with just our hands intertwined again. My head was spinning as he pulled me along the hall.

This, is Alice and Jasper’s bedroom… well, mostly Alice’s closet and Jasper’s study,” he laughed again. I peeked inside and swept a glance across the pink frills and bookshelves. Very Alice and Jasper.

“This is Rosalie and Emmett’s, but we probably shouldn’t go in there.” He pointed to a door with a sign that said ’enter at your own risk you shlums’.

“What’s a shlum?” I wondered.

“Emmett’s new favorite word. He’s such a weirdo.” Dan rolled his eyes and continued our tour. “This is Carlisle’s study and the door over there is Esme’s and his adjoining bedroom.”

“Oh, cool,” I said, looking inside at all of the paintings and stuff.

“Come in, I want to show you something,” he said, leading me up to the old-looking paintings that lined up against the walls.

“These paintings are like Carlisle’s life history…and that one there, is him with a few members of the Volturi.” He pointed up at a large painting of four angelic looking men. I recognized one almost immediately.

“That’s Carlisle!” I exclaimed, pointing at the one in the middle, who I’d just seen walk out of his own house. “This must be decades old.”

“Decades?” Dan scoffed. “Try centuries. Carlisle is about three hundred fifty years old. ”

“Wow…I think I just had a mini-stroke…” I replied, putting my hand to my heart dramatically. “And who are the others?”

“That one is Aro, kind of the leader.” He gestured towards the one with black hair. “That is Marcus.” Another black-haired one, who seemed utterly freaky. “And that one is Caius.” The snow-white haired one.

“Which one is the most dangerous?” I asked weakly, thinking of them being here, in the town, at my house.

“I don’t know…I haven’t met them, but I do know that Aro is who they listen to, most of the time.”

“What’s it like to never get old?” I found myself asking.

“Well…time passes you by, and you have nothing to notice it for. You could sit for hours and it would feel the same as if you had just sat down. Everything slows down, everything seems…realistic, yet a fantasy at the same time.”

“Daniel…why do I feel like you‘re still hiding things from me? Things that you‘re holding back?” I asked.

“I don’t want to hide things from you…but when your heart pounds, I backtrack. I don’t want you to be afraid of me; that would hurt too much.”

“I’m not afraid of you. I love you, remember?”

“I know, but one more secret may be too much for you to handle. There isn’t much more though, so that’s good.”

“Ok…well, whenever you want to tell me, you can. I’m not going to force it out of you.”

“Thanks,” he smiled that beautiful smile of his. “Shall we continue the tour?”

“We shall,” I grinned, looping my arm through his.

“This is Edward and Bella’s room. You should’ve seen the look on Bella’s face when she saw the color,” he laughed. He turned on the light and I laughed.

“The color of blood? Oh, Edward is so funny.” I looked around and spotted the CD case. Oh wow.

“Bella!” I exclaimed. “Can I look at your CD’s?”

“Not mine, they’re Edward’s! I’m sure he won’t mind!” She called out from downstairs.

“Sweeeeet.” I went up to the hundreds of CD’s hesitantly. “He’s got everything!”

“Yeah, he’s a big music fanatic. Plus he can play like every instrument out there,” Dan smiled. “Piano, guitar, drums, clarinet… I think he can even play the violin.”

“Wow.” I was impressed, then stopped frozen cold when I looked into the case that was labeled 1996, the year I was born. “Oh. My. God. No, no, no! Shut up, no way!”

I yelled out and clapped my hands excitedly.

“Jane, what’s wrong?” Daniel tensed, his arms around me in a protective stance.

“He has the original barenaked ladies second album, ‘maybe you should drive’. Oh my gosh. That’s so cool! Let’s hear my namesake.”

“What are you talking about?” Dan asked exasperatedly. I looked at him and giggled at the confused expression on his face.

“My dad is perpetually in love with the barenaked ladies---a cool band---and the year that I was born, this album came out, and the first song on here is…” I put the CD in the complicated looking stereo and pressed play. “Jane.”

Jane? You have a song named after you? That’s so cool,” he smiled.

“Well, technically, I’m named after a song,” I laughed. He sat down on the floor and leaned against the wall, patting the spot next to him.

“Hey, don’t forget. It’s your turn for the future game,” I reminded him. This should be fun.

I sat down next to him, then reverted to sitting in his lap. It was much more comfortable in my point of view.