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Love's Light

Loves_light.png banner picture by munky_hashmi This beautiful banner was made by the amazing Marauder by Midnight! thank you! The sequel to My One Love! Life and love can only meet through colossal experiences…like turning into a vampire. This story is all about life with Bella as a vampire with Edward at her side, Jake and Ally's love, Emmett and Rosalie, Alice and Jasper, Carlisle and Esme, and of course, Dan's new life. We all do crazy things when in love, imagine being a mythical creature when in love! WELLLL. Chapter 30 is up and ready to read.

Please read My One Love before you read this, or some things might not make too much sense for you! :) Things are about to get a little crazy in the lives of our beloved characters.

22. Of Jealousy and Imprinting

Rating 3.5/5   Word Count 3504   Review this Chapter

Ally’s POV:

I have to say, that in the past 21 years or so, I’ve had my share of brilliant ideas -- at least in my opinion.

And also, in my opinion, this was the best of them.

“Come on Alyson! Tell me who’s coming to the dinner!” Jake was practically at the whining stage now, making me laugh.

“Do you think we should get diced tomatoes or regular? You know, diced saves you the work, but you never know what is inside that can…” I pondered, picking up the can and rubbing my belly at the same time.

“I don’t know.” Jake shook his head. “I’m no Emeril.”

“Me neither,” I sighed. “But we’ll just get diced. Man, you know what they say about not coming to the grocery store when you’re hungry because it’ll make you buy a lot more than you originally anticipated? Yeah, they were so right.”

I turned around to look at Jacob, but he was just standing there, staring at something on the aisle counters. I walked back over to him, frowning.

“Jake? Earth to Jakey?” I waved my hand in front of his face and he snapped his eyes up to me. “Whatcha starin’ at?”

I looked and found that he had been staring at the three counters full of different baby foods. There were flavors that I hadn’t ever even thought about feeding the babies.

“Ugh. Squash?” He had a revolted look on his face. “No one likes this stuff whole – who in their right mind would feed their poor kid that gooey orange,” he hesitated, “… gunk? And why is it all gooey, anyway?”

“Jake! Babies aren’t born with teeth, you know,” I reminded him.

“They aren’t?” He asked. I stared at him in shock. “Just kidding, Ally. I know. But still. I am not feeding our babies that nasty stuff.”

“How do you know it’s nasty? It might taste good!” Although, as I said it, I couldn’t help the grimace off of my own face. “Look…applesauce, and peaches, and carrots. Oh, gross! Prunes?”

“Ok, how much does that suck for the little tikes? Dude.” He shook his head again.

“It’s all right. We still have months to figure that one out,” I sighed, letting him put his arm around me as he steered the cart with his other hand.

“What’s next on the list after tomatoes?” He asked, looking at my hand. I opened the paper and scanned the rest.

“Nothing. Looks like we’re done. Did you get the extra soda cans?”

“Yep. Let’s get outta here,” he muttered, looking around.

“What’s wrong?”


“Jacob, come on. You can’t lie to me very well, you know that.”

“It’s nothing really. Just…that girl over there is creeping me out.” He nodded his head towards the cash registers and I saw a young girl waiting at one of the registers, clutching a teen pop! magazine in her hands and chewing bubble gum. She was also staring at Jacob like a piece of juicy steak she wanted to devour.

“Has she been staring the whole time?” My eyes narrowed angrily.

“Pretty much. I just noticed though.”


Ok, so I was pretty used to people staring at Jacob. The guys stared at him because they wondered what protein shake/exercise could possibly get him to be that huge, close to seven feet and extremely muscled.

The girls stared at him because, of course, he was utterly gorgeous in the way that makes your stomach fall to your toes and your head get all dizzy if you looked at him too long. Which, when they do look too long, makes me want to gouge their eyes out.

Not that it bothers me or anything.

I’m not the jealous type.


“Let’s just go to another register,” Jake smiled at me, probably realizing how I felt. He always knew how I felt. It was pretty awesome, this whole imprinting thing.

“Or I could just knock her upside the head,” I nearly growled.

“Ha! And you said I was too jealous sometimes?” Jacob scoffed.

“I’m not jealous. Of that? As if!” I rolled my eyes as we waited in line a few registers away. “See…there is no reason for me to be jealous of her. She wants you. I have you. She is jealous of me.”

“Ah.” He nodded slowly. “And so, if she came over and just managed to touch me, then you would…? Not feel a thing then?”

Touch you? I’d like to see her chubby little fingers give it a try,” I glared at him. Was he laughing at me? This was so not funny.

“Wow, for such a sweet person, you can be kind of territorial.”

“So what?” I huffed. “And what if some guy managed to touch me? What would you do?”

“That’s different.” His eyes narrowed. “I could snap every bone in his body before he managed to apologize.”

“Ah.” I nodded also. “See, being territorial isn’t so easy!”

“I bet I could last longer than you,” he grinned suddenly.

“Last longer until what? I’m not the one who explodes into a huge wolf with knife-like teeth,” I whispered, laughing at the look on his face.

“Last longer until you say something. I bet you 10 bucks that I could be completely silent longer than you could.”

“Oh baby, you know I don’t ever back down from a challenge,” I grinned back.

“I know,” he shrugged. “That’s why I’m making it.”

“Fine.” I put my hands on my hips. “I may be pregnant, but that doesn’t mean I ain’t hot with an extra sizzle anymore.”

“We’ll see who’ll be sizzling in the end. I got the right temperature to keep on turnin’ you on,” he sang slightly under his breath, giving me one last burning stare before turning around.

I watched weakly as he strode carefully yet all sultry up to the girl who was staring at him before. I glared as he gave her a slow large smile, flashing his white teeth. He looked up at me and winked, raising his eyebrows.

Oh, so that’s how he wanted it, eh? Well, as the saying goes… two could play that kind of game.

I swept a glance across the small grocery store of Forks, looking for a suitable match to flirt with. Someone to make Jake jealous… oooh.

I smirked at Jake one last time before flipping my hair over my shoulder and making sure my hips swayed seductively as I left our cart in the long line and strolled up to one of the stocking boys.

I cleared my throat once I got to him and looked up into his face. He was tall, had a broad-chest, but definitely not like Jake‘s build. He had paler skin, but his hair was long also, tied up in a small ponytail the way Jake did it sometimes. He glanced at me and did a double take, grinning widely. Oh, nice smile. He was the kind of guy I went for before I met Jake five years ago.

“Hello ma’am, can I help you?” He asked, his voice deep yet also slightly childish. He must’ve only been 17 or so.

“Don’t you think there’s something incredibly sultry about strawberries?” I asked, making my voice sound low and soft as I looked up through my eyelashes. I picked up one of the strawberries from the box he was stocking and put it to my lips.

From my peripheral vision, I could see Jake put his arms behind his head in a seemingly innocent gesture---all he was really trying to do was emphasize the size of his muscles to the girl. I looked back to the stocker and leaned against the fruit stand, watching as he watched me take a bite into the strawberry.

“Strawberries are pretty…juicy,” he managed to squeak. It was difficult not to laugh, but I held it in, letting a drop of the fruit juice run down my chin. Funny he didn’t also see the wedding ring on my left hand, or the small bulge under one of Jake’s huge t-shirts that I was currently wearing.

“Are these fresh?” I asked, pulling the clean handkerchief out of his stocker’s apron and pressing it to my face. Um, who the heck holds on to handkerchiefs anymore, dude? Anyway, I effectively got the point across because stocker boy’s lips parted slightly at the contact of his napkin on my face.

“Yes ma’am. We stock fresh ones every day… is it um… tasty enough?” He nearly stuttered. Oh, poor boy. I was nearly a mother; I shouldn’t be acting like this!

But as I watched the idiotic girl press a hand to my Jake’s bicep, and I couldn’t control the feelings of territorial-ness erupt inside of me.

“Hmm, I dunno… why don’t you give it a taste?” I put a hand on stocker boy’s shoulder and raised the bitten strawberry to his lips. Before he could take a bite, something smashed into the can-food pile that was next to us. I looked up to see Jake breathing down stocker boy’s neck.

“Get your fucking lips away from my wife’s strawberry before I rip them off myself,” he growled softly at the boy, who nearly jumped two feet off the ground as he took in Jake‘s size. He scrambled away quickly, leaving the strawberries and me behind.

“You’re married?” The girl asked Jake, pouting un-adorably.

“Hell yes, he is,” I grinned at her, watching as she pouted and went back to the line.

“That was evil,” Jake glowered at me.

“Sweetheart, if you can’t stand the heat…” I curled my fingers into his. “Then stay out of the bet. I think that was…ten bucks?”

“Fine…” he rolled his eyes, walking back to our cart.

“Ok, now I feel kind of bad…we probably just scarred two people for life.”

“Well, that’s what you get for flirting with married people. They were both so stupid for not noticing the band on our fingers,” he laughed, holding up his own left hand that showed a simple platinum band.

“We should go. That stocker boy had better not get fired because of me, Jake.”

“What? It’s not my fault you picked him.”

“Whatever,” I rolled my eyes. “We’re already late. I told them to be at the house around five, and that gives us less than two hours to make the food and get ready.”

“WHO?” He asked exasperatedly. “Charlie? The Clearwater’s? Cullens?” He grimaced on the last one.

“No, no, and no. Although, that last one should come any day now hopefully.”

“Then who is it?”

“Just a few… friends…of mine,” I smiled.

Jacob’s POV:

“Dude, the carburetor needs work, but other than that, the engine’s finished,” Embry said, tossing the towel at me after cleaning the oil slick off his hands. He pushed the hood down and grinned. “She’s going to freak when you show her. Can I be there when you do it?”

“Sure,” I laughed. Embry and I were ‘cleaning up the backyard’. Or at least, that’s what I told Ally.

I was actually making a car. A car from scratch by me, a present for her 22nd birthday, which would be here in two weeks. It was kind of difficult, but Embry and sometimes Quil would come over, working on it with me. It was going to be amazing, and I knew she’d love it.

It was a classic 1973 ½ jaguar convertible. In short, lemans terms: the car was a red hot babe. Ally was going to split an octave from shrieking so loud.

Inside, my hyper sensitive ears picked up the sound of Ally moving around the house, cleaning a few things last minute, before the guests showed up. She still refused to tell me who was coming. All she would say was that Paul, Seth, and Embry would be there, too. Well, Embry had shown up a few minutes ago, Paul and Seth had called to say they would be late, and there was still no sign of our mysterious guests.

“All right, lets get this into the shed before she comes out here and ruins the surprise,” I sighed, grabbing an old sheet and covering the front part. Embry grabbed another and put it over the back.

We both slowly pushed it into the large shed that I had brought over from Billy’s house for this project. Now that Ally was pregnant, she barely ever came out to the back anymore, unless I called her out.

“So are you going to keep it the same color, or repaint it?” Embry asked as I picked up the tools that were lying around, hoping I wouldn’t get any oil on the shirt that Ally had me wear.

“Keep it the same color. She’ll love the red. Plus I made the chrome stainless steel, so she can wash it over and over again, which I know she’ll love doing.” We both laughed, heading inside.

The doorbell rang then, followed by Ally’s footsteps to the foray.

“Finally! I thought you would miss the dinner and just come for dessert,” Ally laughed. Paul smiled and gave her a high five, much calmer than he used to be. Seth gave her a huge hug with one arm, his other carrying a dish that was covered in foil.

“No, but we brought dessert. Mom made some lemon pie last night, so I brought the rest over,” Seth grinned. I looked inside and saw that there was only one slice.

“Dude, there’s only one slice left.” I looked up at him, watching him shrug.

“Sorry, we got hungry on the way here,” Paul laughed. “So who’s the surprise guest?” He asked, looking around the house.

“They should be here any minute. Why don’t you guys go upstairs and help Jake bring down the extra chairs. I’m thinking we’re going to need…” Ally paused to count on her fingers. “10 chairs, so bring six down.”

“10? We have five other people coming?” I asked. Ally nodded and smiled at me.

“Now go, and don’t come down until I call you, ok?” She commanded, sending us all up.

“What is she going on about?” Paul asked me.

“I haven’t seen her this excited since… we found out she was pregnant,” I muttered.

“Maybe she’s pregnant again?” Seth shrugged. We all looked at him, confused. “What? It could happen.”

“She isn’t even done with the first one!” I exclaimed. “Oh, wait, you guys don’t know, do you?”

“Don’t know what?” Embry asked, staring up a video game and sitting across from the TV.

“We’re having twins, guys. Like, two kids,” I grinned, dragging a hand through my hair.


“No shit?!”

“Oh fuck, dude!”

“I know, I was just as… surprised,” I laughed at their shocked faces. “I didn’t even think of that possibility.”

“That’s amazing!” Embry patted my back.

“Yeah, congratulations, big guy,” Seth high fived me.

“Good luck with that,” Paul laughed, punching my shoulder.

“Yeah…it’s going to be hard, but can you believe it? Two kids in one! I’m a lucky guy.”

“You are man, you really are,” Embry sighed. “Four out of the eight of us have already imprinted. Sam and Emily had Lizzie, and Jared and Kim are getting married in a month, now you and Ally are having twins. I thought this was supposed to be a rare legend?”

“I know right? You’d think you could line up all the girls from here to China and we three wouldn’t find a girl,” Paul smirked.

“Yeah, but I’m in no rush. I’m only 19... Plus, I saw this girl named Candy. Oooh, she was delicious,” Seth laughed. I threw a pillow at him.

“What? You’ve imprinted, so it’s wrong for you to look, but I can still look,” he grinned. “And if it wasn’t for the whole being on patrol thing, I’d have time to touch too.”

“Sorry, but you’re the youngest of us, and it’s still weird hearing you talk like that,” Embry said.

“I guess. Leah almost flipped a duck when she accidentally saw me grab a playboy from the drugstore,” he laughed, so care-free. He had no responsibilities, except to the pack of course.

“What about her? She dating anyone?” I asked, hyper-aware that we had all gotten still from the memories of Sam and Leah’s thoughts.

“She said she saw a guy at work. You know, I don’t really trust her working in that coffee shop,” Seth glowered at floor. Even though he was younger than his sister, he was still protective.

“She has to do it for her college. She’s the only one of us who bothered to go on with her education,” Embry remarked, killing a few guys on the screen.

“I know, but I told her I could handle it. Me and mom are doing great on my money from managing the gas station,” Seth said.

“Well, sometimes Leah just likes to be stubborn and if she’s ok with it, you shouldn’t freak out about it,” I told him.

“Yeah, I guess. Do you think she can imprint? I mean… being a girl and all? She worries about it sometimes,” Seth sighed. “She thinks she’s going to have to suffer being in a one-sided love with Sam for, like, forever.”

“Nah, she’ll find someone,” I tried to reassure him. “We all do. Imprint or not. You don’t have to imprint to be in love. I mean, normal people do it all the time. I loved Bella before I met Ally, but she just loved the bloodsucker more. And all those bloodsuckers found love, and their not even remotely normal like we are.”

“I guess you’re right. But still, finding the one you’re meant for is different,” Paul said, flipping a car over in the video game then trying to crush Embry’s player.

“Pretty much yeah. Being in love is one thing, but being in complete and total devotion to one person for the rest of your existence is another. We see it in your thoughts all the time. Jared, Quil, Sam, and you. You all have people that you were destined to be with,” Embry said, fighting back to Paul’s character.

“I didn’t even believe it until I saw it your minds,” Seth said. “I thought I would just get a job, get married, and have a couple kids like people do everywhere else. But when I saw it happen to you guys… it’s like I wanted it.”

“Almost more than anything else,” Embry muttered.

“Only to see what it was like,” Paul added.

I stared at the three of them, feeling an overwhelming surge of emotion suddenly. I wasn’t used to this emotional thing, but watching them look at the TV screen so carelessly, like they weren’t talking about such an important subject was almost… heart wrenching.

This luck, this definitely lucky chemistry between Ally and I was nearly impossible. What was the chance of… I mean, it was through Bella, whose friend had come over because he was a vampire, whose sister had followed him across the country, and then fell in love with me?

What was the chance that Quil, just turned werewolf, who fell for a two-year-old niece of Emily’s? And then, Jared, suddenly sparking a life-long interest in the girl that had sat next to him since the beginning of the school year? Sam, leaving everything including the one he loved for the one who could only show him his true love? I had scoffed at these fore-told love stories before I met Ally.

And suddenly, when I met her, everything became clearer, life, love, what it meant to truly belong to someone. In heart, soul, body, and mind. And now, putting all of those things together, we’d be creating something between ourselves… not just one, but two proofs of our undying love for each other. Two babies that would look like us, and share our familiar family love.

The doorbell ringing brought me out of my haze of thoughts, and I looked away from the guys, who had all been staring at the TV so contently, not realizing that this couldn’t be all their life was meant for. Someone was out there, waiting for them to imprint upon them. Someone they could be there for. As a brother, or a lover, friend, or savior.

“Guys! Come down here and meet our guests! They’re waiting!” Ally’s voice sounded more than excited as she called up to us. We got up, eager to see who was there. I could hear six separate hearts beating downstairs, could almost smell… what was that? Estrogen? Or maybe just Ally’s dinner.

“Girls, I want you to meet three wonderful men. Oh, and this one is mine, Jake,” Ally’s grin came into sight as we headed down the stairs. I wrenched my eyes away from her for a moment, only to look at five identically huge grins in the same room.

“Hey guys,” was the sultry response from all five of the women awaiting Paul, Embry, and Seth.