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Broken Love

A vampire is searching for the Cullens. What surprises them is that she is only trying to find them for Jasper. She is his long lost love from when he was human. Grief stricken, she has wandered for nearly a century and a half searching for the love of her existence, not even knowing if he still exists. Then she sees something in her visions that are much more accurate then Alice's. The Voltri are sending an army of newborns to destroy the Cullens who are, in their opinion, growing to strong. Now things start to get complicated. Chapter nine is up! This story is now complete. Read my sequel, Broken Souls! Chapter 9: "I knew that I could make it through anything as long as Seth was by my side."

This is my first actually story with chapters so review review review please! And remember I DO NOT own any of these characters or places besides Emily Adeline!

4. Chapter 4: Werewolves

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Chapter 3: Werewolves

Only seconds after crossing the Quileute border I ran into a very large, very warm, and very hot boy. We both fell down seeing as I was running full vampire speed.

The boy gaped at me as he stood up. I had a strange urge to touch him. I wanted badly to stroke his face. How weird is that!

His dark green eyes stared into my gold ones with shock as he sputtered, “You... can’t... not possible... dreaming... why... I... you... no... VAMPIRE!!!”

“Say what?” I said, totally confused.

“You’re a VAMPIRE!!!” he screamed.

“Uh, yah. Haven’t you ever seen a vampire before? I mean you are a werewolf and everything.” I said.

“Of course I’ve seen a vampire before!” he said, looking very offended.

“Then why do you keep screaming VAMPIRE?” I asked.

“Because... I... you... um... SOAP BUBBLES!!!” he blurted out.

“Periwinkle panda bears.” I replied calmly.

“Huh?” he said, looking at me like he thought I needed serious help.

“Oh, I thought this was a ‘blurt out random words contest’.” I said.

“It is not!” he said loudly, “It’s just that I couldn’t talk because I just imprinted on you and you’re a VAMPIRE!!!”

“So, you’re a werewolf.” I pointed out.

“True.” He said, “I’m Seth Clearwater. I’m 17 years old and I have a sister named Leah. My favorite color is a bluish-turquoiseish-greenish-indigoish-purpleish color.”

“Is there such a thing?” I asked.

“I thought you were smart!” he said, rolling his eyes, “Of course there’s such a thing!”

“And it’s your favorite color?” I asked.

“Um, no I just like saying it,” he grinned, “My real favorite color is red but that sounds boring.”

“My name is Emily Adeline. I’ve been on this Earth for around a century and a half. My favorite color is sky blue.” I said.

We shook hands. His hand was callused and warm. If felt good in my cold, hard hand. He smiled an adorable smile.

“My favorite animal is a dragon slash wolf slash platypus with a monkey’s tail.” He said rather randomly.

“There is no such thing!” I yelled.

“Well people say there’s no such thing as werewolves and vampires.” He said.

“Heellloooo!!!! Earth to Seth!” I said, “You’re a werewolf and I’m a vampire but how many dragons slash wolves slash platypuses with a monkey’s tail have you seen?”

“None,” he admitted, “but that doesn’t mean they’re not real.”

I sighed. Suddenly Seth’s eyes widened, “Pennies are a government conspiracy!” he yelled at me.

“Are not.” I said plainly.

“Yah, well some people think that Elvis is dead.” He retorted.

“Uh Seth,” I said, “Elvis is dead.”

“Oh. I thought he lived in an underground city in Hawaii.” Seth said.

“No that’s George Washington.” I explained.

“At least I’m not a scary bloodsucker with a freaking Mohawk!” he yelled.

“I do not have a Mohawk!” I yelled back.

“Really? Oh I’m just seeing things again.” He said, “Sometimes I hear voices. They talk to me and tell me to steal other peoples chocolate. CHOCOLATE IS MINE!!! Muahahaha!” He laughed evilly.

“Cool. Have you ever eaten minty frootloops?” I asked.

“No. I didn’t know that there were minty frootloops!” He said, “Why did the voices not tell me this! They have betrayed me! GAAAA!!!”

“Calm down.” I said.

Suddenly Seth looked at me, grinning like a little kid who’d just walked into a candy store.

“Wanna come to visit Sam and Emily Uley with me?” he asked.

“Was jus headed there myself.” I said.

“Cool! I’ve gotta inform Sam about the minty frootloops! Sam’s awesome! He’s the leader of the pack. Emily’s awesome! We call her Em now days. She’s so nice! She bakes me cookies! And brownies! And cakes! And other delicious concoctions! One time she gave me a giant cookie with lots of chocolate chips! MY CHOCOLATE!!! Sparkles!”

“No way no way!” I squealed.

“Yup.” He said.

Seth took my hand and we started running. Suddenly I ruined the moment like the weirdo I am and felt very depressed. Dumb me! Now that we were both silent I was left to think and what did I think of? The Cullens and him. Yah I know, how stupid can I get! I found myself thinking depressing thoughts about Jasper and also about not being able to eat minty frootloops anymore. I'm doomed to never eat the delicious mintyness of them again! Curse you vampirism!!!

Seth noticed me dropping out of my hyper mode and frowned. “Are you ok?” he asked.

“As peachy as a peach!” I declared.

The Uley’s home was a cozy little house tucked back in the forest. Seth burst right through the front door without knocking. He swaggered through the doorframe like he owned the place.

“Yo Sam wuz up? I’ve brought a visitor!” he grinned.

Sam frowned, “She’s a vampire.”

Nicely spotted smart one. Frogs will one day rule the world!” Seth thought, but out loud he said, “Yup I imprinted on her.”

“You what?!!!” Sam gasped, dramatically clutching at his heart with one hand and hitting his forehead with the other. Sheesh there was something wrong with the werewolves around here! I mean they have SERIOUS problems!

“I just said that I imprinted on her.” Seth said, speaking slowly, “Isn’t she just wonderful?”

As wonderful as imprinting on Godzilla himself.” Sam thought, out loud he said, “She sure is Seth.”

He turned to look me over then reached out his hand. “Sam Uley.” He said.

I beamed brightly at him and shook his hand saying, “Emily Adeline.”

Suddenly a beautiful but badly scarred woman entered the room. Her face darkened slightly when she saw me. Then she quickly arranged the unscarred side of her face into a small smile and pushed her black hair out of her face.

“And who is this?” She asked pleasantly.

“Emily Adeline. I imprinted on her. Zebras are black with white stripes.” Seth announced.

“Oh how nice. It’s good to meet you.” She said.

I nodded, “You to. Now I’ve better get down to business. I have some bad news for Sam.” I explained my vision to them. “So what I’m asking is, will you fight with us?” I finished.

Seth made drum roll noices. “Yes, we will fight.” Sam finally said.

“Oh thank you.” I said, “Now I’d better get going.”

“Where to?” Seth asked.

I shrugged, “I don’t know.”

“Well you could stay at my house if you wanted to. Please want to!” he offered with begging puppy dog eyes that made me putty in his hands.

“I’d love to!” I exclaimed, “But would your parents mind if I did?”

“It’s just my mom and she certainly won’t care!” he assured me.

“What about your sister, Leah, that you told me about. Will she care?” I asked him.

“Nope! She imprinted on some guy named Brad Banks. They’re living down in California right now.” He said.

“Ok.” I said.

We said goodbye to Em and Sam before we were running at the speed of mythical creatures. The trees blurred past us. I laughed, loving the exhilaration.

“So Seth,” I said as we ran, feeling very happy, “Tell why you think that pennies are a government conspiracy?”

He smiled.