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Broken Love

A vampire is searching for the Cullens. What surprises them is that she is only trying to find them for Jasper. She is his long lost love from when he was human. Grief stricken, she has wandered for nearly a century and a half searching for the love of her existence, not even knowing if he still exists. Then she sees something in her visions that are much more accurate then Alice's. The Voltri are sending an army of newborns to destroy the Cullens who are, in their opinion, growing to strong. Now things start to get complicated. Chapter nine is up! This story is now complete. Read my sequel, Broken Souls! Chapter 9: "I knew that I could make it through anything as long as Seth was by my side."

This is my first actually story with chapters so review review review please! And remember I DO NOT own any of these characters or places besides Emily Adeline!

5. Chapter 5: A Familiar Face

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Chapter 5: A Familiar Face

Seth’s POV

I was dreaming peacefully when a loud beeping sound jolted me awake. My alarm was blaring loudly. I slammed my fist on the off button and groaned. I was confused for two reasons: First, I had no clue why I set my alarm for 7:00 A.M. on a Sunday morning. I didn’t have school so why couldn’t I sleep in like I normally do? Second, why did I feel WAY more exhausted then usual.

Then it all rushed back to me, all of the memories of Saturday. I had set the alarm early so that I could spend more time with Emily. The reason I felt so tired was because of all of the sugar I’d devoured yesterday. Now that I’d completely dropped out of my sugar craze I was totally beat. And so I yawned and stretched before dragging myself out of bed. Vampires are soooooo lucky that they don’t have to sleep. I yanked on a pair of shorts and stumbled, shirtless as always, to the bathroom where I simply washed my face and combed through my hair. I’d already taken a shower last night. When I finished I headed down the hall towards the kitchen.

Halfway down the hall I nearly ran into Emily. She was leaning against the wall outside of my bedroom. Her dark hair fell around her face and her gold eyes sparkled joyfully. She was singing quietly to herself.

"Chasing fireflies, elusive dreams this pre life crisis is killing me. Beautiful tragedy. Who I was wasn't me. Yeah yeah, do do do do. You make it easier to be, easier to be me. It's hard to believe you make it easy... We speak in silence words can't break. It feels like we are falling awake in a place and a time of our own. Yeah yeah, do do do do. You make it easier to be, easier to be me. Hard to believe. It felt like the world fell from my feet. Gave up on myself you didn't give up on me. Let myself go, you were still there. Like coming home, coming up for air. Yeah yeah."

I recognized the song as “Easier To Be” by Lifehouse. Her beautiful voice mesmerized me. It was soft but firm and confident. Each and every word flowed smoothly out of those full, pink lips.

When Emily finished singing I lightly touched her shoulder. She looked up and smiled at me. I just about got lost forever in those deep eyes. They were so full of experience, knowledge, a hint of pain, joy, and absolute love. The depth of them scared me a little and yet it amazed me.

“Hey there gorgeous.” I finally managed to whisper.

“Hey.” She giggled, winking at me and slipping her tiny cold hand into my large warm one.

“Want to wait a little bit while I eat? Then we could go for a walk on the beach.” I suggested.

“Sure,” she giggled again, “You seem MUCH less insane then yesterday.”

I groaned, “You do not EVEN want to know how much sugar I had yesterday.”

“Yes I do.” She grinned.

“Two gallons of vanilla ice cream smothered in chocolate syrup, an entire chocolate cake, twenty chocolate bars, a pack of skittles, and six cupcakes all within an hour.” I said, “Oh, and don’t forget the two twelve liter bottles of soda.”

Emily gaped wordlessly at me for a moment. Finally she just shook her head and mumbled something about ‘crazy werewolf boys’ under her breath. I laughed and led her into the kitchen. My mom was flipping pancakes when we entered.

Emily sat and chatted with my mom while I ate breakfast. It surprised me how well they got along. Emily had my mom laughing in a way I hadn’t seen her laugh for months. I smiled as I listened to them and tried to eat as fast as possible.

When I finished I took Emily’s hand and pulled her out of the door. I called out a goodbye to my mother before we were racing to the beach. When we arrived I found an old tree and we sat down on it. Emily leaned against my bare chest, enjoying the heat coming from it, and stared out at the ocean waves. I stroked her silky hair and hummed softly. After about ten minutes of this I finally spoke.

“So Emily,” I said, “will you tell me about your life?”

She hesitated a moment before beginning, “Well, I was born down in Texas . My mother was a wonderful woman. We loved each other very much. She wanted me to be a young lady.” Emily snorted, “As if that could ever happen. My father was always busy. I never saw him much but he loved my mother and me dearly.”

Emily went on to describe the childhood memories she still had, many of them including Jasper Cullen who was Jasper Whitlock back then. She told me about how her feelings for Jasper grew as she became older and how he left for the army and never returned. She talked about the pain she felt and how she was changed by a vampire named Brian Clark. She explained her powers and told me a little bit about the time she had simply wandered from place to place until she found the Cullens. She talked about how Jasper still loved her and Alice kicked her out. I actually felt a little bit bad for Alice.

When Emily finished telling her story she pressed her face against my chest and started to cry. Tears streamed down her white face and splashed against my chest. I hugged her tightly, wincing as her gift made me experience her pain. I waited as patiently as was possible for it to end. It took her only a minute or two to stop crying, dry her tears, and suddenly smile.

“But now I have you,” she said, “And I couldn’t be any happier.”

“I feel the exact same way.” I assured her.

“Well, it’s your turn.” She said.

So I talked. I told about my childhood. I described how Leah had become so bitter and what it was like to become a werewolf for the first time. I told her about the newborn war and how I’d defeated Victoria ’s partner in crime, Riley with hardly any help from Edward. I explained how my dad had died and told a few of my memories up until the present time.

“Wow.” She whispered when I had finished.

“Yeah.” I replied, “Hey, we should make up a nickname for the pack to call you by so that you and Emily Uley won’t be confused.”

Emily thought for a moment. She bit her lip and stared out at the sky. Clicking her tongue she drummed her fingers on her knee before snapping her fingers. I smiled at the inspiration struck look on her face.

“Emy.” She said, “Call me Emy.”

I laughed at how long it had taken her just to think of that. She smacked my arm then burst out laughing also. Soon we were both rolling on the ground and clutching our sides. When we finally stopped laughing long enough to get back up we started telling more about ourselves. We talked and laughed for hours. I even missed lunch. When the sun was starting to set the two of us finally quieted down.

“We’re going to the Uley’s for dinner so that you can meet the pack.” I said. Emily nodded.

There was an odd look on her face as she stroked my cheek. Her freezing fingers trailed from my temple to my jaw. My heart began thumping wildly in my chest as I made a decision. Very slowly I leaned my face down to her level until our noses were touching. I heard Emily’s breathing tempo increase. Her eyes were wide and glowing with excitement.

Ever so delicately I pressed my lips against hers. Her lips were hard and cold and yet they formed perfectly to mine. They started to move together, the kiss getting deeper and deeper every second. I pulled her tiny, rock hard body closer to me. I loved the fact that her grip around my neck was unbreakable but not uncomfortable. It was amazing how strong somebody so tiny can be! I never wanted her to let go.

Emily’s POV

I sighed in delight. Seth’s lips were so soft and warm against mine. His arm encircled me and his warmth surrounded me. I didn’t want this kiss to ever end. I desperately wanted to stay right here for the rest of forever. I attempted to make it last as long as I could as I smashed my lips against Seth’s in earnest.

When Seth pulled a way to gasp for breath I continued to kiss his face until he had enough air and pressed his lips once more to mine. I was in heaven. Sadly it had to end though. About five minutes after starting both of us broke apart.

Breathing heavily I leaned back up against Seth. I listened to his heart beating rhythmically in his chest, pumping blood through his body. Each beat reminded me that he was alive, something I never could be again. I frowned at this thought as Seth held me while we watched the last rays of sunlight disappear. When darkness had spread across the sky we both stood up with sighs of disappointment.

I remembered that we were supposed to go to the Uley’s home. We were probably already a little late. Even though I didn’t want to leave I was very excited to meet Seth’s ‘brothers’ Quil, Jacob, Paul, Jared, Brady, Collin, and Embry. So I smiled and tried not to show my sadness.

“You know what they say,” I said, “time flies when you’re having fun!”

It was true. I’d never felt so happy and complete in my life, or rather existence, as I did now. Never before had love this powerful tingled in every inch of my body. Never had love pulsed through my body with every step. Not even my love for Jasper had done that. Seth laughed.

“Who’s ‘they’?” he asked.

I frowned. “You know what, I honestly don’t know.”

He smiled, “People are always saying ‘you know what they say about this’ and ‘you know what they say about that’ but who is this ‘they’?”

I started laughing hysterically. You just have to love Seth. I certainly do! Seth started laughing too. So as we ran, hand in hand, to the Uley’s we laughed the entire way. We flew through the trees, not leaving a trace behind us as we all but turned invisible with the speed of mythical creatures.

Embry’s POV

All of the pack was eager to meet Seth’s imprint. Sam hadn’t told as a single thing about her! She was most likely somebody that could but up with Seth’s silliness at times. She was somebody that was perfect for him. They were soul mates, it was like they were made for each other.

Everybody but Jacob and I had imprinted. Sam had Emily and Leah had Brad. Quil had Claire, even if she was had just turned four last week. Paul had Alecia who was from North Dakota and had just moved here and Jared had Kim. Even the two youngest, Brady and Collin had imprinted. Brady had Karisa who lived in Sacramento but was visiting her cousins, and Collin had imprinted on a girl in his math class named Lisa. Jacob used to be in love with Bella. He’d tried with no success to win her heart. She’d chosen the bloodsucker, Edward Cullen, instead. Jacob had just barely gotten over her. I hoped that the poor guy imprinted soon. He really needed it.

I’d never been in love, let alone imprinted. I’d had a few school crushes but nothing more. I’d never had a serious relationship with any girl. I had to admit, I was getting a little jealous of the rest of the pack.

My thoughts were interrupted by the door opening and Seth entering, pulling a girl by the hand. The girl was gorgeous. She had long, silky, dark brown hair and was a tiny little thing. She looked about 17 or 18 years old and was beautifully thin. I noted her pale skin and sparkling gold eyes. Seth had imprinted on a vampire.

The girl stopped walking and her smile faded slightly when she looked towards Paul. Apparently he had also realized that she was a vampire. He was scowling at her and shaking silently with rage. Alecia had a hand on his shoulder and was trying to get him to calm down. It wasn’t working very well though.

The vampire girl stood on her toes and whispered into Seth’s ear. She looked worried. Seth flashed a triumphant grin at her and whispered something back. She suddenly held her head high, looking confident.

“No way!” she said.

“Then let’s sit down.” Seth answered.

“Hello everybody!” she smiled, “my name is Emily Adeline but you can call me Emy!”

I chuckled at her nickname and stood up. “Embry.” I said, extending a hand.

Emy grasped it with a surprisingly firm grip for such a tiny little girl. I guess I should have expected it seeing as she was a vampire and everything. She beamed at me and I grinned back. She was really hot.

One by one each of the werewolves and their imprints followed my example by standing up to introduce themselves. Even Paul did so nicely. Emy flashed her dazzilng smile at each of them. Little Clair smiled a shy smile back at her. We then started dinner. And before I knew it, Emy was talking and joking like she’d been here her entire life. I grinned at her and she smiled happily back from her seat between Seth and I. I noticed that she didn’t smell sickly sweet like most vampires. Instead she had the smell of vanilla and cinnamon. I breathed her scent in deeply.

I really like Emy so far.

A knock on the door stopped the talking and we all turned to watch as Sam pulled it open, wondering who it could be. In stepped the most dazzling girl that I’d ever seen. She was about 5’7” and was completely drenched. She shivered in her thin, soaked, blue jacket and jeans. Her wet blond hair stuck to her face and her bright hazel eyes darted from face to face. I felt a strange shock go through my body as soon as our eyes met. An overwhelming urge to protect this girl came over me. It felt like we were the only two people on the planet. I shook out of my daze and realized what had happened. Finally, I’d imprinted.

“Hi, I got lost in the forest and it started raining. I found this house and really needed shelter. I know it’s wrong to go into stranger’s houses but I was freezing! Is it ok if I stay here until the rain backs off a little bit?” she asked.

“Sure, come on in.” Sam said.

“Hide me!” Emy suddenly squeaked.

“Why?” Seth asked.

“I know that girl.” Emy hissed back, “Her name is Nadalie Medina. I used to baby sit her when she was 9 years old. That was ten years ago and I don’t look a day older then the last time we met!”

“That’s not good. Go run and hide upstairs!” Seth suggested.

It was a good idea so Emy jumped to her feet. It was to late though. As soon as the words left Seth’s mouth Nadalie turned to look at us and gasped. I watched her eyes grow wide.

“Impossible,” she whispered, “Emily Adeline?”