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Broken Love

A vampire is searching for the Cullens. What surprises them is that she is only trying to find them for Jasper. She is his long lost love from when he was human. Grief stricken, she has wandered for nearly a century and a half searching for the love of her existence, not even knowing if he still exists. Then she sees something in her visions that are much more accurate then Alice's. The Voltri are sending an army of newborns to destroy the Cullens who are, in their opinion, growing to strong. Now things start to get complicated. Chapter nine is up! This story is now complete. Read my sequel, Broken Souls! Chapter 9: "I knew that I could make it through anything as long as Seth was by my side."

This is my first actually story with chapters so review review review please! And remember I DO NOT own any of these characters or places besides Emily Adeline!

7. Chapter 7: A Surprise Visit

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Chapter 7: A Surprise Visit

I felt sick to my stomach watching my vampire family practice attack moves. One of them was going to be destroyed. A tear slipped down my cheek. I could feel the wet trail it left down my cheek and reached up to wipe it away.

“You ok Em?” Emmett was taking a break from practicing with Bella who had beaten him. He sat down next to me.

“No.” I replied, “One of you is going to die. I feel like it’s entirely my fault.”

“Seeing it doesn’t make it your fault.” Emmett assured me seriously.

“I guess.” I mumbled, “Hey do you want to practice with me?”

“Sure.” He smiled confidently, thinking that it would be an easy victory.

We got into our positions and watched each other carefully. Both of us were waiting for the other to make the first move. So quickly that Emmett didn’t catch it I dashed behind him. As he turned around I flashed to his other side. Soon I was dancing, spinning, and leaping circles around him. I was invisible with a speed that was incredible, even for a vampire.

Emmett attempted to catch me but failed. It was like trying to catch sunlight in you bare hands, completely impossible. I reached out to touch his exposed arm and felt it instantly change beneath my fingertips. A little kitten stood in his place. I picked it up.

“I win.” I said triumphantly.

“Alright, alright,” grumbled the Emmett kitten, “you and all of the girls. Now change me back.”

“What’s the magic word?” I teased.

Please” he grouched.

I changed him back and he left to pout. Esme came to stand by me. She laughed quietly as we watched Emmett.

“Poor Emmett,” she chuckled, “He’s no match for any of the Cullen girls.”

“Alice, Rosalie, and Bella all beat him too right?” I guessed.

“Yah.” Esme replied.

We both shook with silent laughter as he glared at us. I glanced at my watch. It was 1:07 p.m. I sighed.

“I’m going to get back to La Push to spend some time with Seth before the fight. Just in case...” I trailed off.

“Don’t worry dear. The future isn’t always set in stone.” She tried to comfort me.

“That’s what worries me.” I whispered so quietly that Esme with her vampire hearing barely heard me.

“Every thing is going to be fine. Go have some fun. I’ll see you tonight.” Esme replied.

I said goodbye to everyone and took off. It seemed like I was running back and forth between my two families a lot today. I hoped that Seth had finished practice fighting. I really wanted to be with him just in case this was my last day on earth. Just in case I was the Cullen who was destroyed in my vision.

I decided to check at his house first. To my relief he was there, curled up on the couch and watching TV. I made my scent completely disappear. Then I crept up behind him as quietly as possible.

“Hey Emily.” He said.

“What!” I squeaked, “How did you know?”

“You’re my soul mate silly Emy.” He laughed as he turned around and pulled me over the couch into his lap, “I can feel your presence.”

I pulled down the corners of my mouth in a pretend frown. I tried to look as sad as I could. It worked, he laughed again. Then he brushed his large hand up and down my cheek. I shivered slightly then began trailing my frosty cold fingers up and down his face. He saw my intentions in my eyes and met me halfway there.

“Excuse me!” a distant voice brought me crashing back to reality.

I pulled my face back and looked around. A stunningly beautiful black haired woman who looked a little like Seth stood in the doorway between the kitchen and living room. She carried two large, heavy looking bags with ease. Both of her eyebrows were raised and a smile danced around her glossy lips.

“Leah!!!” Seth gasped.

“Yup. I haven’t had a real fight for such a long time and I really messed up the last one.” She shrugged, “Plus I really missed you and mom. To tell the truth I kind of missed the pack too. So I thought that I’d drop by for a visit.”

I slid off of Seth’s lap and stood up. I approached Leah with my hand outstretched. She put her bags down to grasp my hand firmly. Her hand was just as warm as Seth’s. I remembered what Seth had told me about her. How she had been so bitter for so long over Sam and Emily. Then she imprinted. Looking at her content and dazzling face now it was hard to imagine it twisted into the bitter mask Seth had described.

“Hi I’m Emily Adeline.” I said.

“Oh, Seth’s imprint right? It’s nice to finally meet you.” She said.

Leah leaned in and sniffed me. She frowned for a moment the shrugged and smiled again. I peeked into her mind to see what that was all about but it was unnecessary seeing as she explained a few seconds later.

“Oddly enough you don’t stink and I don’t have the urge to rip your throat out. You are officially the coolest vampire I’ve ever met.” She told me.

“Thanks.” I laughed.

She nodded then looked around me towards Seth. “Well aren’t you going to come hug your big sister?”

“Oh, right.” He jumped to his feet and crossed the room in a few large steps to pull Leah into a hug. “It’s good to see you again sis.”

“Same here.” She relied, “Well I’m going to go unpack. You’re free to go back to your kissing.”

“Ok.” I said.

I moved so fast that Leah didn’t have time to move so much as an inch. I heard her laughing as she left the room.

Seth’s POV

I couldn’t believe that Leah was here! I hadn’t seen her since she moved 5 months ago. It was good to see her laugh and smile rather then glare bitterly at everyone and everything. I was also very pleased to see that she and Emily seemed to be getting along well already.

When Emily moved with the speed of a vampire to lightly press her lips against mine it took my mind a minute to comprehend what was going on. Dang that girl moved fast! She was like lighting! No kidding!

Then something disrupted the gentle peace of our light kiss. The way Emily was kissing me was desperate. I could feel her fear. The tiny vampire was trembling from head to foot. She acted like this was going to be our last kiss or something. It took every once of self control to push her away.

I wasn’t completely shocked to find her crying hysterically. Sobs racked her body and tears spilled down her cheeks and onto my warm skin. I pulled her to my chest and stroked her hair.

“What’s wrong love?” I whispered.

“I’m afraid for you, for both of my families, for everyone.” She whimpered.

She didn’t have to say anymore. I understood what she meant. There was nothing I could do to make those fears go away. So I held her and attempted to comfort her. Slowly the tears subsided and she stood silently, wondering what would happen next.