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Broken Love

A vampire is searching for the Cullens. What surprises them is that she is only trying to find them for Jasper. She is his long lost love from when he was human. Grief stricken, she has wandered for nearly a century and a half searching for the love of her existence, not even knowing if he still exists. Then she sees something in her visions that are much more accurate then Alice's. The Voltri are sending an army of newborns to destroy the Cullens who are, in their opinion, growing to strong. Now things start to get complicated. Chapter nine is up! This story is now complete. Read my sequel, Broken Souls! Chapter 9: "I knew that I could make it through anything as long as Seth was by my side."

This is my first actually story with chapters so review review review please! And remember I DO NOT own any of these characters or places besides Emily Adeline!

8. Chapter 8: Smoking battlefield

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Chapter 8: Smoking Battlefield

Emily’s POV

The wind whispered quietly in my ear as it swirled the tiny, delicate snowflakes around us. My already cold skin was unaffected by the low temperature. Snow was covering everyone’s hair including my own. I reached out and caught a soft flake on my finger. It didn’t melt like it had when I was a human. Instead it sat there glittering beautifully in the faint, quickly fading sunlight. I blew it off with a gentle puff of breath and turned my attention back to Seth who was staring at me with curiosity and affection.

I laughed lightly, my voice echoing gently around the silent clearing like a muffled chorus of bells. Seth pulled me into a hug and kissed me for the last time until after the fight. Until then he would be a giant wolf and who would want to kiss his slobbery lips then? Ewww! His warm lips burned against mine.

I tried not to cry when he let go. All of the other wolves had already transformed. I waved at Embry whom I liked very much and he waved his large paw back. He and Nadalie were now together (didn’t see that coming did you? That’s sarcasm people). Then Seth kissed me once more on the cheek before slipping into the forest to change. He came back as a giant, sandy furred wolf who smiled a big, silly grin.

Everyone froze, the vampires looking like statues, as a soft crunching of leaves alerted us. We were ready for them when an impossible amount of newborns burst into the clearing. They were young and none of them looked to be older then 26 when they were changed. The youngest appeared to be about 13. Their bloody red eyes, rimmed with black, were wild and furious. The dark red stood out vividly against their pale skin as they raced towards us.

I gritted my teeth, ready for the pain as I pulled back my arm and punched the nearest newborn in the stomach. It was a girl who looked like she was only 14. Dark reddish brown hair fell about an inch past her chin and a glittering silver butterfly clip held it out of her face. She was tall, maybe 6’5”. I peeked into her mind for a millisecond to find that her name was Janessina. It was a very unusual name.

I took advantage of her temporary surprise to turn her into a smaller animal so that it wouldn’t hurt to tear her up. Animal’s pain didn’t hurt me. Then I whipped out a lighter and set the pieces ablaze.

All too soon I was writing on the ground, screaming in agony as the pain overwhelmed me. I clenched my hands into fists and struggled to stand. I took a shaky step forward and grabbed the nearest newborn. I felt dizzy as I destroyed it.

I glanced around myself as I fought off five vampires at once. It wasn’t that hard seeing as they couldn’t hurt me without hurting themselves and I could turn them into whatever living creature I wanted. My eyes searched to see what both of my families were doing.

There was Carlisle and Esme fighting back to back, snarls ripping past their lips. Edward was pulling a small blond newborn off of Bella’s back as she fought a larger square jawed one. Jasper was fighting three at once, using his gift to make them confused and distracted. My eyes found Alice who was tearing up a thin red haired vampire and Emmett who wheeled around to rip the arm off of a frizzy haired yet still dazzling newborn with too big lips. I spotted Rosalie hissing angrily as a tall Asian vampire slapped her across the face.

I grimaced because of the pain and turned another vampire into a butterfly so that I could crush it between my fingers. Then I searched for the werewolves. Sam was only a blur of black fur and Jacob, who was only a little ways away from him, was fighting with incredible skill. Leah leapt over the heads of two vampires just as Embry beheaded one. The two youngest, now considered old enough to fight were struggling with 2 each. Paul howled as a newborn sunk its teeth into his arm as Jared helped him by ripping it off. Quil was throwing wild punches.

I took my gaze away from them to find Seth. He was busily taking on four newborn vampires. I smiled despite the burning all over my body as I watched him. Then, out of the corner of my eye I noticed someone. It was a very muscular newborn whose face had haunted me since I had my first vision of this battle. He was looking back and forth between Seth and me with a wicked grin on his face. I nearly had a panic attack as I realized what was happening.

“SETH!!!!” I shrieked.

He couldn’t hear me though. My vision was coming true. I saw Esme pause to glance from Seth, to the newborn pushing his way everyone towards him. She then looked at me and saw the panic in my eyes. Comprehension dawned on her face and she darted toward Seth.

“No, Esme. Don’t do it!” I attempted to yell but it came out as a whisper. My voice was gone.

I started to run but was forced to my knees in pain as a newborn next to me had its head ripped off and a werewolf’s leg was broken at the same time along with a variety of other injuries from the others. I wasn’t going to make it. Esme was going to die and there was nothing that I could do about it. I struggled against the hazy blackness pressing on my mind.

“I’m sorry Emily! I just couldn’t stand to see you hurt like this. You’re like a daughter to me. Tell Carlisle I love him will you?” Esme called back to me.

Then she was blocking the path of the muscular newborn. He laughed and leaped at her. I screamed in horror like I was being tortured beyond imagination. This time Seth heard me. He followed my terrified gaze and lurched towards the struggling pair. He didn’t make it in time, just like I knew he wouldn’t. I began to sob as the newborn flicked out a lighter. Esme was nothing more then smoking ashes now.

Carlisle’s furious, pain filled roar rose above the rest of the noise. Cries and screams of despair came from the other Cullens. The foggy blackness was too much and I was sure that I was dieing because I had never heard of a vampire passing out before. The last thing I remembered was both physical and mental pain before the ground seemed to fly towards me.

I was standing on something soft, surrounded by white, clean fog, like I was in the middle of a cloud. Sunlight poured around me and my pale skin glittered like a thousand diamonds. I was wearing an ankle length white gown. I wasn’t happy though. I was crying. Something terrible had happened but I couldn’t remember what. Then I heard a musical, motherly voice floating through the fog.

“Emily! Emily!” It called.

I turned around and there stood Esme. She was wearing a white gown like mine and looked so peaceful. She smiled sadly at me and I remembered. She was gone.

“Emily go back.” She said, “It’s not time for you to leave yet. Go back and tell Carlisle he was right. Vampires can go to heaven. Now go.”

“What about you!” I cried.

“It was my time. I was destroyed to save your soul mate for you. You don’t want my sacrifice to go to waste do you?”

I shook my head. Tears were now flowing freely.

“Then go.” She whispered.

“Emily? Emily? Please come back. Don’t die Em. Oh gosh Emy, don’t die. I wouldn’t be able to stand it if you were gone.” Another deeper, less musical voice was calling me, sounding distant. It was a voice I'd know and follow anywhere.

I hugged Esme tightly before turning and walking towards the voice. I found myself walking towards a door. It was large, wooden, and old fashioned with a large, rusty, black doorknob. A faded silver plaque with the word, ‘Life’ in perfect cursive hung on. I hesitated before taking the doorknob in my hand and slowly turning it. I pulled the heavy door toward me with difficulty. There was a flash of blindingly bright light and I was being hurtled back to my body.

I jolted upright and glance around me. Seth was sitting next to me looking frantic. I could see where tears had left trails down his face. His lips were trembling.

“EMILY! I thought I’d lost you there for a moment.” He gasped.

“You did.” I mumbled.

He looked at me oddly. I looked around and saw that the werewolves were all gathered around me and the Cullens were huddled in a group a little ways away. They were holding each other and sobbing tearlessly. I remembered Esme. The pain coming from them and myself was nearly unbearable and I clutched Seth’s arm tightly.

“She’s gone isn’t she?” I choked.

Seth nodded sadly and bowed his head. I burst into tears. They poured down my face in a flood and blurred my vision. I put my hands over my face and screamed. I felt a trembling hand on my shoulder. It was Alice. Her lips were quivering and her face was twisted in pain. I threw my arms around her and we cried together.

I heard a mournful howl split the air. Seth had thrown back his head and howled like a wolf. The other wolves followed his example. I let go of Alice and went to sit by Seth. I looked straight up at the stormy sky and joined in. Alice sat next to me and howled too. The werewolves howled in respect and mourning but Seth, Alice, and I howled our pain. I looked out at the smoking battlefield in misery as another howl broke past my lips.