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Different Sorts

Two strangers come to Forks, Washington to investigate rumors about vampires and werewolves. What they discover changes everything ... for them, and the people they meet. But is there really such a thing as "happily ever after" when death is involved?

ATTENTION READERS: DO NOT STEAL MY STORIES. Someone has stolen some of my stories from this website and posted them as their own on fanfiction.net. It is plaigarism, it is stealing and it is illegal. Read, enjoy -- but don't steal. Buffy/Twilight series crossover Takes place after New Moon and post-series for Buffy. Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

13. Chapter 13

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* * *

It took a couple hours, but eventually, Buffy explained it all to Angel. Explained about the Cullens and the different vampires; about Victoria and what had happened to Bella; and about the treaty with the werewolves – and why they were packing to leave come nightfall.

She was more sketchy about why Spike was with her – but Angel knew, regardless. He and Spike had spent enough time together in the past that he knew they’d both fought for Buffy’s affections. After the big showdown in L.A., Angel hadn’t been ready for her – he needed to recover, find himself. Become a champion, apparently. Spike took the opportunity to run to Buffy. Angel was jealous, but he wasn’t concerned – Buffy’s actions that morning had made it clear that he was the Chosen One’s choice. Still, he didn’t like the fact that Spike was still there – lurking in corners, muttering under his breath. Probably making fun of his forehead again. Or his hair.

“So you used to be a vampire?” Angel jumped at the voice and turned. It was the girl – Bella. She sat on top of a crate next to him. She’d been so quiet.

“Um, yeah,” he said, finally. He looked at her curiously. He couldn’t help the half-smile that crept up his lips. “And you used to be human, right?”

Bella nodded. “About three months ago, yep. Now – I’m all undead and immortal.” She looked at him carefully, as if evaluating his presence. “But you weren’t like me. You were like him – like Spike?”

Angel groaned. “Yeah, sort of. Only I didn’t –“

Bella put up her hand to stop him. “Yeah, I know. I’ve heard about the souls and your curse and all that. Buffy explained it all to me.”

“Right,” Angel said.

“So what happened? How’d you stop being a vampire?”

“Didn’t Buffy explain the whole champion thing to you?”

Bella shrugged. “More or less. It just sounds so … unreal.”

Angel smiled. “I know,” he said. “I’m still having a hard time accepting it. It’s still strange to go out in the sunlight without burning … I’m no longer afraid of sharp, wooden objects – or fire or crosses. Holy water – doesn’t do a thing to me. And then there’s the food … you have no idea how good food tastes after 200 years.”

“200 years?” Bella’s eyes grew wide.

“Give or take.” Angel shrugged. “Buffy says you guys don’t … burn in the sun. That you don’t turn to dust from a stake to the heart. Holy water, crosses … all of it.”

“It’s true. I don’t know why we’re different – why there are different breeds of vampires. It was weird enough accepting that vampires and werewolves were real – then to meet a different kind of vampire? And a vampire slayer?” She sighed. “I still can’t quite believe that I’m never going to get old.”

Angel laughed.

“Bella?” came a voice from the doorway. She turned. It was Edward. “There’s about an hour until sundown. We should get the rest of this in the cars.”

She nodded and turned back to Angel. “She’s strong – your Buffy. But she’s also incredibly vulnerable. Be careful. Take care of her.”

Angel nodded solemnly. “I will. Part of me always has.”

* * *

“He’s not perfect you know.”

Bella was carrying some boxes down the stairs but stopped and turned when she heard the lilting voice. Spike was a few steps above her. He stepped down to meet her, also carrying boxes. Daylight was running short. They walked together out to the cars.

“Angel, I mean,” he continued. “He’s done some pretty bad stuff.”

Bella smiled. “Jealous?”

Spike sighed. “I always knew he’d come back for her. I just didn’t think it’d be now.”

“What’ll you do now?” Bella knew that Spike had spent the last few years in Buffy’s companionship. They’d lived together, worked together. He was there to do her bidding. Now, she didn’t need him. He’d only been a temp – holding the job until the rightful candidate was available. And now he was – Angel was back and a champion and perfect for the position.

And Spike was still a vampire – even if he did have a soul.

“Bloody hell,” he said, sighing. “Like I should know … I didn’t think that far ahead.”

“Well,” Bella said, “you could stay here?”

“What, with you lot?”

She shook her head, heaving their boxes into the trunk of Carlisle’s Mercedes. “No, we have to leave – it was part of our agreement with the werewolves. But you – you could stay here; stay in Forks. Like a protector.”

Spike eyed her warily. “Isn’t that what those werewolves are for?”

Bella shrugged as they began heading back to the house for more boxes. “I guess. But Buffy doesn’t trust them … and, well, I know they were my friends – but part of me doesn’t trust them either.”

“But you trust me?” The shock was clear on Spike’s face.

“Well,” she said, “I guess you could come with us. But you’d probably get bored. Plus, I think your jars of blood creep the others out. But here, in Forks, you could do some good. There are still things that go bump in the night … vampires like us – only not on our strict diet – they still come through here. It’d be good if there was another vampire here to keep an eye on them – make sure they don’t start snatching up the locals for a snack.”

“Like your father?” Spike asked. He already knew the answer would be yes.

Bella didn’t even have to say it. “Well, you just think about it.”

They stepped back outside, more boxes in tow, and felt the cool breeze of nightfall. The color outside was that eerie blue-gray of twilight – just before the sun was completely gone from the skies. Shadows from the trees and branches casting eerie patterns on the dirt. And there was an odd sensation in the air. It buzzed, hummed with electricity. Bella looked around, her eyes adjusting to the darkness. That’s when she saw them. The werewolves. They were lined up, still in human form – but ready to pounce – at the edge of the driveway out to the street.

Behind Bella, Buffy and Angel came out of the house, carrying more boxes. But they, too, stopped when they saw the lineup. Buffy set her boxes aside.

“Spike, get the bag.”

He was gone and back in a flash. He pulled a broadsword from the Slayer’s bag of weapons, then passed it to Buffy – who removed a sword for herself, and handed another one to Angel.

She led the way – marching down to meet the pack. She stopped just a few feet away, the sword drawn in front of her. It seemed so natural, her movements – like instinct. Buffy was confident as she stood before the unchanged werewolves. Angel and Spike, swords held high, were just a step behind her on either side. They weren’t men fighting for the same woman anymore – they were comrades. Warriors fighting on the same team.

“I thought you weren’t supposed to be on this side of town,” Buffy said.

Jacob growled. “They already broke the treaty. It’s time for them to leave.”

Buffy looked down at her watch. “It’s only 7,” she said. “Technically, they’ve got five more hours. And me?” She swung the sword in her hand. “I’ve got no problem making sure they get those five hours.” She glanced behind her at Angel and Spike. “And neither do they.”

“You’re just a girl,” said one of the other werewolves.

Buffy grinned. “Oh, you have no idea …” She took a few steps forward, swinging the sword for show. “You know, I’ve fought werewolves before. Killed them. Only those werewolves – they weren’t like you. They didn’t have the control you had. They were wild – feral – they changed as the moon told them to. And I still fought them; I still beat them. But werewolves are petty creatures,” she said. “My favorite things to kill are vampires. Do you know why?” She waited for them to respond, but the pack was silent. “Because I’m the Slayer.”

One of the werewolves – the largest – whispered to the others.

“Heard of me?” Buffy said, smirking. This was her favorite part – teasing the prey.

The werewolf – the leader, finally turned to face her. “They have until midnight. Then we attack.”

“Then you’ll go through me first,” Buffy said.

The werewolf eyed her carefully. “If you fight vampires – why do you stand on their side?”

“Because,” she said, lowering her sword – but her grip still firm. “Unlike you – I don’t fight the good guys just because they look like the bad guys. You would kill all vampires blindly. I only fight the ones that are evil. And if you attack my friends – then you’re evil. And I will kill you.”

* * *