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Different Sorts

Two strangers come to Forks, Washington to investigate rumors about vampires and werewolves. What they discover changes everything ... for them, and the people they meet. But is there really such a thing as "happily ever after" when death is involved?

ATTENTION READERS: DO NOT STEAL MY STORIES. Someone has stolen some of my stories from this website and posted them as their own on fanfiction.net. It is plaigarism, it is stealing and it is illegal. Read, enjoy -- but don't steal. Buffy/Twilight series crossover Takes place after New Moon and post-series for Buffy. Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

2. Chapter 2

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* * *

Edward was already sprawled out across the bed when Bella got upstairs. She could tell he was listening to the conversation downstairs, so she remained silent as she sat on the bed next to him.

After a while, he turned towards her. “They’re here because of Victoria. The attacks. They don’t know it’s her … but that’s what it is.” He paused, listening again. “They’ve heard all sorts of stories … about vampires and werewolves … and a vampire-werewolf half-breed.” He smirked, silently laughing at the notion. He knew that vampires and werewolves were mortal enemies.

“And they’re asking Charlie about all this?” Bella asked.

Edward shook his head. “No, that’s just what they’re thinking about. They’re only actually asking about the attacks, in a non-vampire sort of way. In the generic, human way. They’ve done this before, at least, it seems.”

“So they’re not going to hurt you?”

Edward grimaced. “I wouldn’t go that far. We need to be careful around them. They’re different. They’re not used to vampires like my family and I – they’re not used to vampires like me that even drink human blood.”

“What kind of vampires are they used to?”

“Well,” Edward said, “the bleach-head is one.”

“The guy? He’s a vampire?” Bella’s eyes bulged with shock.

Edward nodded. “But not like me. And not like others, either. He’s different, too. And so is the girl. But she’s not a vampire. She’s something else, entirely.”

Bella sat up. “Do you know what she is?”

Edward shook his head. “No. I mean, there are stories … about a girl with powers … but they’re just stories. I don’t know what she is.”

“Edward, vampires are ‘just stories,’ too. And yet here you are.”

He nodded. “Here I am.” He sighed and pulled her into his arms. “Either way, we’ll figure everything out tomorrow.”

“Do you want me to bring them to your house?”

He shook his head. “No, meeting the entire family might not be a good way to start things off. We’ll talk here. I’ll be here before they get here. I don’t like the idea of you being around them without me. Or even when I’m here. There’s something dangerous about them; something I’m just not quite sure of.”

As Bella drifted off to sleep, Edward thought about the strangers. He remembered the stories and tried to write them off. But that girl … he’d settle things tomorrow.

* * *

Edward was sitting on the porch when Buffy and Spike pulled up the next morning. He noticed that Spike, the one he knew was a vampire, was sitting huddled down, with a blanket covering his head and arms. He heard the thoughts in their heads and chuckled to himself.

Buffy stepped out of the car quickly and stalked towards him. “How are you not burning to a crisp?”

Spike stepped out, holding the blanket tightly, and ran to the cover of the porch. In the brief time it took him to move, the blanket had begun to smoke.

Edward laughed again. “It’s not exactly sunny out.”

“It registers through the clouds,” Spike said, carefully pulling the blanket off to make sure he was under cover.

Edward stopped laughing, his face turning to stone. “I don’t burn.”

“What do you mean, you don’t burn?” Buffy sounded incredulous.

“I don’t burn,” he said again, without offering further explanation.

It was at this moment that Bella stepped onto the porch, joining them. “We should go inside,” she said. “In case someone drives by. We try to be inconspicuous.”

The others agreed and followed her inside to the living room. Buffy and Spike each took chairs on opposite ends of the room. Bella and Edward sat together on the sofa, his arms wrapped possessively around her waist. Buffy and Spike exchanged several glances, as if deciding who would start first.

Edward beat them to it. “We know why you’re here. And let me assure you, there’s no half-breed vampire-werewolf running around in the woods. It’s another vampire. She’s been after Bella for months.”

“Why?” asked Buffy.

“It’s sort of a revenge thing,” Edward replied, offering no further explanation. The details shouldn’t be important to these strangers.

“What are you?” she asked, this time, sounding genuinely curious.

“I’m a vampire, you already know that.”

“But you’re not … I’ve fought vampires. I’ve killed vampires, I’ve … you’re not like them.”

Edward’s eyes grew wide. “You’ve done other things with vampires, too,” he said, glancing at Spike. “How? How did they not tear you apart? You humans are so fragile … I can barely kiss Bella – but you?” He stopped … he couldn’t even say the words.

“What are you talking about?” Buffy asked, growing nervous. She glanced back at Spike.

Bella looked up at Edward. “What did they do?”

He gazed down into her eyes. “They did what we can’t so long as you’re still human.” Bella’s eyes widened, as she understood, but she did not comment.

“How do you know all these things?” Buffy asked, growing frustrated. “You can’t possibly know these things.”

Edward sighed. “I hear them – in your head. I hear people’s thoughts. But I still don’t understand what you are – or what he is.”

“I’m a vampire,” Spike said, glowering at them. “I eat people.”

Edward cocked his head to the side, smirking. “Now, we both know you don’t eat people … you haven’t eaten people for a while. But unlike you, I made the choice to stick with animal blood on my own – I didn’t have a chip put in my head, or go and get ‘re-souled’ to impress a girl.”

“You have a soul,” Bella muttered.

Edward let it pass. Now was not the time for that argument. “You’re a different breed of vampire,” he said, finally, staring at Spike. “That’s why she had the stake. You’d turn to dust – you’d burn in the sun.”

Spike nodded, as if it were obvious. “Yeah, and I don’t much fancy crosses or holy water, either. What’s it to you?”

“Those things don’t bother me,” Edward said.

Spike narrowed his eyes. “What?”

Buffy leaned forward. “You’re a vampire, but you … you don’t …” She left the questions unanswered.

“I’m not the only one,” he said, reading the other questions in their minds. “Most of my kind still drink human blood. But my family – and one other, in Alaska – we’ve chosen to live on animal blood. We try to blend in. It’s how we’ve lived for the last hundred years, and it’s how we plan to continue living for the next hundred years.”

“What about your little girlfriend?” Buffy asked. “She’s not one of you.”

“That’s not the issue right now,” Edward said. He could feel Bella gearing up for the argument next to him.

“We made a deal,” she grumbled.

“And you haven’t accepted my proposal yet, so … unless you’re going to go to Carlisle after graduation, there’s no deal yet.”

“I just don’t know if I’m ready to get married yet,” Bella said, ignoring his desire to discuss this at a later time – and ignoring the confused strangers in the room with them.

“You’re not ready for marriage?” he said. “But you’re ready for eternal damnation?”

“It’s not like that,” Bella protested. “And you know it.”

His jaw locked tight and he breathed deeply, even though he had no need for the oxygen. Finally, he turned to Buffy. “I’m still not sure what you are.”

“I’m the Slayer.”

“That’s a myth,” Edward said, “like garlic and crosses.”

“Hey, the crosses do burn,” Spike said.

“I’m the Slayer,” Buffy repeated. “It’s my duty to fight vampires and demons.”

“Is it also your duty to sleep with them?” Edward said, glaring at Spike.

“Spike is different.”

“So was the other one that you slept with,” Edward said. “And so am I – different from them and different from other vampires you’ve fought.”

Buffy shook her head. “I’ve never heard of vampires like you.”

“And just because you’ve never heard of us, means we’re impossible?”

“No, I suppose not … I just don’t understand. If your kind are good, then—“

“We’re not good,” he said. “We’re dangerous – even my family. We resist, but it’s always a challenge. I can’t tell you how many times with Bella …” He sighed. “We’re dangerous. And the others don’t fight their instincts, like my family. They do hunt humans. And your stakes and crosses won’t do much good against them. They’d crush you before you had a chance to fight.”

“I seemed to hold you off okay last night,” Buffy said.

Edward’s lips curled. “I was holding back.”

“Oh.” Buffy’s mouth turned into the shape of the word. She could tell he wasn’t lying. More slowly than she would have liked, Buffy composed herself. “So how do we fight this other vampire, then? The one that’s after Bella?”

We don’t. You two go back to your other vampires and I’ll take care of Victoria.”

“Victoria?” Buffy asked.

Edward sighed. “The vampire that’s after Bella. Her name is Victoria.”

Buffy stood, pulling the stake from her jacket. “I’m the Slayer. It’s my job to protect the innocent and to kill vampires. I’m here to fight her.”

“Then you’ll die,” Edward said plainly.

“Been there, done that,” Buffy said. “You’re not scaring me.”

Edward smiled. “I am scaring you.”

“Look,” Buffy said, “your little Victoria here sounds like a real bitch, but I’m not about to let her run me out of town. I’m the Slayer.”

“And she’ll kill you,” Edward repeated.

Buffy scoffed. “And I thought you could read minds. I already told you – been there, done that. Death doesn’t scare me. It’s the coming back to life part that scares me, and I don’t plan on doing that again. Twice was enough.” She looked over at Bella, the only “normal” person in the room and sighed, sitting back down. “Look, I may not be as strong as your kind – but I am strong. And I’ve got a lot of experience fighting vampires.”

“Not like these,” Edward said.

Buffy ignored him. “And I can’t just sit idly by while some she-beast is trying to kill a little girl.”

“I’m not a little girl,” Bella stated petulantly.

“But you’re not ready to get married,” Edward mumbled.

The comment stopped Buffy in her tirade. “Look, what is going on with you two? You keep coming back to that stupid argument?” She glanced between the two.

Edward tightened his jaw and shook his head just so slightly. Bella saw the movement, but ignored him anyway. If this Buffy had experience being with vampires, maybe she could help. Maybe she had some advice.

“Edward won’t change me unless I marry him.”

“What do you mean, change you?” Buffy said.

“Buffy.” It was Spike. “She wants to be like him. One of him.”

Buffy’s eyes widened. “No,” she said, turning to Bella. “Don’t – you’d be a monster. I’ve loved two vampires, but it just doesn’t work out.”

“That’s because you were always human,” Bella said. “Plus, you killed his buddies. I just want to be like Edward so we can be together always.”

“Then why won’t you marry me?” Edward yelled, standing and glaring down at her. “If you want to spend eternity with me, what’s the big deal about getting married?”

“Are you kidding?” Bella said. “My parents would flip!”

“And they’re not gonna flip when I kill you and turn you into a vampire?” He stared down at her. She bit her lip, not meeting his eyes. “You weren’t going to tell them, were you? You don’t think they’d notice when you stopped eating? When you stopped aging? When you started going all sparkle-plenty in the sunshine?”

“Sparkle-plenty?” Spike muttered.

“Bella,” Buffy said, intervening. “You don’t understand. See, Spike has a soul – but most vampires, they lose their soul when they change. A demon replaces it – that’s why their faces change when they fight.”

“Edward’s face doesn’t change,” Bella said. “We’ve already established he’s not like your vampires. He wouldn’t try so hard to be good if he were evil.”

“Bella, you know I’m dangerous.”

“Only as long as I stay human. I’m tired of trying so hard to be good around you – to hold back. I want to fling myself at you and kiss you all over, but you’d run away, afraid you couldn’t resist. If there’s no blood in my veins to tempt you, then you’re not dangerous to me anymore. Don’t you see? It would be perfect.”

“But you’d be dead,” Edward replied. “You’d be empty. Like me.”

“Edward,” Bella said, standing and taking his cold hand into hers. “You’re not empty. You’re filled with love and compassion and caring … I can see it in your eyes – even when they’re dark and hungry. It’s always there. It never goes away.”

“You make me less empty,” he said, finally, staring down at their connected hands.

Bella sighed. “It’s not that I’m opposed to marrying you,” she said. “It just … scares me, I guess.”

Edward threw his head back and laughed. “That scares you? You’re dating a vampire and you’re prepared to become a vampire yourself – and marriage scares you?”

She shrugged. “Mostly just the wedding part, itself. My mom’ll want the whole shebang, but all those people … I’m shy just around your family. But a whole bunch of people there because of us?” She shuddered at the notion.

“Oh, Bella,” Edward laughed. “What would it matter? I’d be there to protect you.”

She smiled, finally meeting his eyes. “You would be there, wouldn’t you?”

“Well, if it’s our wedding, it would be kind of pointless without me …”

She shook her head. “I’m an idiot.” She stood on tiptoes and kissed his cold lips. “Edward, of course I’ll marry you.”

He smiled. “Really?”

She nodded, smiling back at him.

Edward reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box. He flipped it open and inside was a platinum band holding what was possibly the largest diamond Bella had ever seen. He removed it, tossing the box aside, and held the ring between his thumb and finger. Bella held out her hand and he slipped the ring onto her finger. It was a perfect fit.

They kissed again and when they parted, Bella was grinning. “Now you can change me,” she said.

“Oh no,” Edward said, sitting back down on the couch, pulling her with him. “Not until you actually go through with the whole wedding thing.”

“You’re just trying to put it off because you don’t want to change me …”

Edward’s smile faded. The mood had been light, but Bella’s words were not all untrue. He’d agreed – and he wouldn’t go back on his word – but part of him still dreaded the deed he’d promised. Changing her – biting her – turning her into a vampire. He still felt like it would be a damnation – that he’d be taking her soul. And Bella could tell that these thoughts still tortured him.

“Edward, I don’t believe you’ve lost your soul,” Bella said softly.

“I don’t either.” Buffy spoke from her chair.

Bella and Edward looked up, realizing again that they were not alone. They’d momentarily forgotten their company. Their questioning gaze prompted Buffy to continue.

“It’s just that … well, the other vampires I’ve fought – they all lost their soul. It was replaced by a demon. Even Spike and Angel – who got their souls back – are still possessed by a bit of demon. It’s why their faces change. But you,” she said, staring at Edward. “Your face never changes. There’s no demon in you. That means there was nothing for it to replace – nothing left a vacancy for the demon to fill.”

“So my soul ... ?” Edward couldn’t even dare to say the words.

Buffy shrugged. “Must still be there.”

Suddenly, Spike jumped from his chair, yelling. He ran to the shadows of the hallway. The others were confused, until Buffy noticed where, outside, the clouds had parted and a stream of sunshine was now coming through the window and landing where Spike had just been sitting. His hair was still smoldering a bit, even after he’d moved to the safety of the darkness.

Buffy twisted her lips. “I was wondering,” she said, glancing back to Edward, “if you don’t burn …”

But she didn’t have to finish her sentence. Edward knew what she was curious to know. What the sun did to him.

“I don’t burn,” Edward said, repeating what he’d said earlier. “But in general I try to avoid the sunlight in public for … obvious reasons.”

“May I see?” Buffy asked.

Edward stood and walked to the doorway. Slats of sunshine touched his skin, setting off radiating sparkles across the room. He opened the back door and stepped into the yard, where the full sunshine covered his body and Buffy saw the glow from his skin.

“Sparkle-plenty,” Spike said, understanding the comment from earlier.

Buffy stood, jaw dropped, and followed him outside. “That’s incredible.”

Bella watched from the sofa as Edward and Buffy began discussing all of his differences from the vampires she was used to. They even began to fight – as friendly opponents, of course. The Slayer was trying to gauge his true strength – just as he was evaluating hers. He was stronger – but even her power was impressive.

Bella looked over to Spike, in the shadows. “Does it really burn you?”

“I didn’t start smoldering on purpose, love, if that’s what you mean.” His stomach growled loudly. “You don’t happen to have any blood around, do you?” He glanced towards the kitchen.

“It’s not like we keep it in the fridge,” Bella said. “Besides, this is my dad’s house – he doesn’t know about Edward.”

“Where I come from we keep it in the fridge …” Spike grumbled. At Bella’s questioning gaze, he elaborated. “The butcher sells it to me. I stock up every couple days.”

“So you don’t … hunt?”

“What, sparkle-plenty there hunts?”

“Just animals,” Bella justified.

Spike laughed. “That’s primeval. Hunting animals like bloody … hunters. I stock up at the store – just like you. Only I buy blood instead of … food.”

“So you fight your urges to drink from humans, then?” Bella asked. She’d always been curious about Edward and his family. This was just another type of vampire to be curious about.

Spike shrugged. “It’s not like I’m resisting your pretty little neck. It’s not like you smell like a pot roast. I’m good now, I’ve got a soul. I know it’d be bad to kill a human. So I don’t.”

“So you don’t have any urges when you’re around humans? We don’t smell tempting?”

“Oh stop flattering yourself,” Spike said. “I already told you no. The only time I’m tempted to kill a human is when they pepper me with stupid questions.”

Bella bit her lip, looking away. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to annoy you. It’s just – well, Edward isn’t like that. He’s good. But he does have to resist. Especially around me. I’m like … his heroin.”

Spike eyed her more closely. The sun had moved and left the sofa in shadow. Spike sat next to her. “Are you really that delicious?” He leaned in, gazing at her neck.

“Er-.“ Bella leaned away, now frightened.

But before either could say or do anything further, Edward had ripped Spike off the sofa and was holding him by the throat just so that the sunlight hit his right arm. It quickly began to smoke and catch on fire.

“Ow, mate, knock it off,” Spike yelled.

Edward growled. “Not her.”

“What are you talking about?”

Edward pulled him from the sunlight and flung him against the wall. His grip around the blonde vampire’s throat tightened. “You don’t touch her. I know what you were thinking – and you don’t touch her.”

Spike raised his arms in defeat. When Edward let go of him, he slunk as far from the both of them as he could, deep into the shadows. He shook his burned hand painfully.

“You should go,” Edward said, icily.

By now, Buffy had caught up and was looking back and forth between the other three people in the room.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“Your boyfriend,” Edward said, grinding his teeth. “Was about to have my fiancé for an afternoon snack.”

“But Spike doesn’t—“ She was about to argue, but stopped when she saw Spike cowering in the shadows. She knew it was true and it made her sick.

“Buffy, I’m just hungry and she was talking about being all tasty … I didn’t mean to. I wouldn’t have, not really. I was just curious.” He pleaded from his corner like a wounded animal.

“You’re disgusting,” Buffy spat. She turned to Bella and Edward. “I’m sorry. I thought he’d gotten over his … past grievances.”

Edward glared at Spike. “I didn’t always fight my urges,” he said, “but I was never a monster like you. I didn’t torture people. I didn’t enjoy my kills. I hunted out of necessity – and even then, I only hunted the monsters of humanity. I didn’t take innocents.” Edward shuddered, seeing the memories of Spike’s evil past. It made him realize that Bella had always been right – he wasn’t a monster. He was a vampire and he was dangerous – but not a monster. It sort of proved her point that maybe he hadn’t lost his soul. And in a way, it made him feel a little less horrible about the promise he’d made to Bella – the promise to make her like him.

Edward’s jaw tightened. In his musings, it seems he’d made a decision. “I don’t like you,” he said to Spike. But turning to Buffy, he added, “But I think the two of you could be helpful.” He walked over and sat beside Bella. It meant he was done throwing the guests around – for now, at least. Buffy returned to her chair, but, wisely, Spike stayed in the corner where he’d been tossed. “Victoria needs to be killed. Neither of you are as strong as her – or my family – but you could be helpful. Spike will stay away from Bella – but he can help hunt Victoria. And frankly, if she kills him, I won’t complain.”

Buffy’s anger faltered on her face at that comment and it did not go unnoticed.

Edward continued. “But we’ll try to avoid all casualties, if possible,” he said, smiling at Buffy. She returned it, weakly. “She’s been circling the area, trying to get close to Bella – usually here. She won’t move in when Bella’s at my family’s home – the threat is too obvious. She won’t attack when my family is present. So here’s what’s going to happen. We’re laying a trap.”

Grinning now at the thought of action, Buffy leaned in ready to learn more. And even from his dark corner, Spike leered with pleasure. It was about time they came up with a plan.

* * *