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Hide and Seek

Hot, sharp knives rip me wide open – I would’ve bled, had blood existed within me. The screaming is gone, still echoing off the walls inside my head. My eardrums have surely exploded. He is gone – I am gone.


1. Hide and Seek

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Hide and Seek

T here was no sound in the woods that would give her away – no human eye that would ever notice her figure running past the trees in that abnormal acceleration of hers. The wild, red hair was whisking her face, her shoulders, and her back. Her eyes were black with thirst. She was nearing her goal with each second. And Victoria longed for the taste of her blood upon her lips.

I had felt it in my heart. Sharp, boiling hot knives ripping at my chest – the vision of seeing the glistening, marble pieces scattered in front of me returned to my inner eye. And I close my eyes now, in attempt to ignore the unendurable pain. He is gone. And I am gone. The feelings are fresh; the pain is raw. And it surprises me – I never would have thought that I’d suffer from something I couldn’t do anything about. Surprises me that I suffer at all… He isn’t here to comfort me; to ease my troubled… mind, I suppose. Don’t have a soul that can be troubled. The woods surround me, like they’d done when I’d felt it. I had been waiting for him, oblivious to the happenings, but anxious nonetheless. Yet, I had been so certain that he would come back. The feeling was securing. And that was why I was so disappointed when he never returned. I remember the feeling. I had felt it – when he had been killed.


The wind is coursing through your flaming hair, making it head off in a thousand directions. The abnormal speed you’re running in – no one would ever see you running even if they tried to – was helping you reach your goal rapidly. Even though you weren’t (and needn’t) breathing - a habit of yours when you ran - your chest felt as heavy as lead. And annoyingly enough, it was slowing you down.

“Ridiculous,” you growled under your breath as the speed vanished with every second. You were sure that wherever he was, he was mocking you. This made you ignore the heavy chest – you had to keep going for his sake. You needed to avenge his death.

The forest did not change; every inch of if, that you had for the past thirty minutes covered, looked exactly the same. But to you, it made no difference – the lack of trails, of clues if you were near her or not. You were running with such a certainty in your steps that gave nothing away - it was as if you knew this invisible path in the vast, ancient forest by heart. But you didn’t know it. In fact, you had no idea where you were going. But you didn’t think of where you were heading.

All you had in mind was her face – and upon your tongue her scent was unendurable… Of course, he had had to follow it. He hadn’t been able to resist it. She was the whole reason that got him killed. And it sent your bones on fire. It was anger – and it poisoned you. How you longed to rip her throat open and feel the taste of her blood upon your tongue…

The moonless sky swept past you. You were nearing the location – you felt it, just as you had felt it when he had died. The scent was in the air. Soon, your task would be complete. No one in between us now, you thought and something within you flickered excitedly. You knew that if you would’ve had a heart, he, who was dead, would’ve heard its beat in the night. You imagined hearing it yourself.

You stopped. The house was visible beyond the trees. Your flaming red hair thrashed against your face, your shoulders, and your back, while your eyes were ablaze with thirst. The longing in your chest intensified. And just then, the air around you became heavy – tense. You recognized the awful smell. Dogs. It all happened so suddenly - you heard one howl in the distance. You heard another one… that was a second one… and a third, closing in on you. You exposed your fangs in the night. She would have to wait. Yet again. But you knew that you would not rest until she lay dead in front of you, her blood upon your lips.