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Alone In The Cullen Mansion

What trouble can Bella get into while the Cullen's are away? Chapter 10 is out and complete. Sequel soon-ish.Alone in the Cullen Mansion


1. Edward's Room

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“Bella I’ll be back in a few days” Edward said to me as he kissed me on the cheek. He was leaving for one of his weekend “camping trips” with Emmett and Jasper.

“I’ll miss you!” I shouted to him even though he would have heard it if I’d whispered. I was stuck alone in the Cullen mansion this weekend. Alice was going to go shopping with Esme and Rosalie. Of course she made sure that I knew that she would be “watching me”. “Watching” was a bad way to put it. Alice’s version of “watching” was watching her visions to make sure that I wasn’t getting into trouble. If I was getting into trouble then Alice would call Edward immediately and he would run home as fast as he could. And the final Cullen, Carlisle, was going to be on call at the hospital all weekend.

I turned away as I watched them all leave. Why couldn’t Edward just let me go to La Push for the weekend? Jacob and the rest of the werewolves were harmless. It was a lost cause. I decided to give up and find something to occupy myself with for the day.

As I walked into the house I realized that the Cullen mansion really was a lot bigger than I thought. I decided to explore.

“Where to start?” I thought to myself as I stood next to Edward’s piano. “Oh!” I said quietly when thought I could explore everyone’s rooms while they were gone. “Maybe I could learn more about them?” The question popped into my head.

I walked up the stair to my first stop, Edward’s room. As I walked in I instantly scanned the room. I decided to answer the ultimate question that had been boiling up inside my head for the last few weeks…does Edward wear boxers or briefs?

I slowly walked over to his closet and opened the doors. It looked just like you’d think a guy’s closet would look like. I looked through the shirts checking to see if there was anything else in the closet when my fingers brushed against where I thought the back of his closet would be. There was nothing but air! Where was the wall? I pushed the clothes aside to see what looked like some kind of headquarters.

My jaw dropped as I squished through the clothes to Edward’s hidden room. A robot walked up to me as I looked around.

“What is your name?” It asked mechanically.

“What?” I answered confused.

“Please state your name before I set off the alarm.” It threatened

“Bella Swan.” I said very clearly, I didn’t want the alarm to go off. It seemed to take that as an appropriate answer because it left me alone after that. On my right there was what looked like an 82-inch plasma screen TV. Below it was a huge keyboard with obscure buttons that did who knows what. Curiosity got the better of me. I pushed one.

“Welcome to the Cullen Global Positioning System. Who would you like to find?” The TV asked.

“Ummm how about Edward Cullen?” I asked the computer. Instantly the computer came up with a perfect image of Edward, Jasper, and Emmett speeding through a forest in Emmett’s Jeep.

I stayed there watching them for what seemed like forever. I watched them hunt grizzlies for a moment but had to look away before I puked.

"Show me Jacob Black.” I asked the computer timidly. Instantly a picture of Jake appeared on the screen. He looked so tired. Next time I could escape and run down to La Push I would have to tell Jake he needed to sleep. Maybe I could give him Lunesta or something without him noticing. No. That would be bad. I couldn't stand to look at Jake anymore. He looked so depressed and I couldn't do anything about it right now. Or could I? That's when I heard the phone ring.

"Hello?” I said when I answered it.

"Bella stay where you are. You can't go to La Push. If Edward knew what you were planning just now he'd have a field day." Alice was not happy. I could tell by the tone of her voice.

"Fine Alice." I hung up.

“Show me Alice Cullen.” I practically shouted at the computer. Almost instantly a picture of Alice popped up. Of course she was shopping.

“Hey wait a minute,” I muttered to myself, “this thing has sound!” I turned on the sound with a click of a button and then looked back at the screen.

“Bella I know you’re watching this. Turn off the Cullen Global Positioning System and leave the Bat Cave.” Alice glared at the invisible camera.

“The Bat Cave? What are you talking about? Isn’t that from Batman?” I wondered aloud.

“I saw that Bella. Now turn it off and go find something else to do. Teach yourself how to play Edward’s piano or make yourself something to eat before I call Edward and have him come home.

“Fine.” I muttered silently as I turned off the Cullen Global Positioning System and left the “Bat Cave”.

Now that Alice had reminded me that I needed food I was hungry. I walked around the mansion trying to find their kitchen. Eventually I found it. It was completely decked out in top of the line appliances, of course. What had I expected? Something like Charlie’s kitchen? Yeah right! I opened the refrigerator to find a weekend’s worth of fresh food that must have been bought for my stay.

I selected some supplies to make a salad. After I was done eating I went back upstairs and sat on Edward’s couch for a minute. Then I realized I hadn’t finished my mission in this room. I eyed Edward’s dresser. It was time to find out the truth. Boxers or briefs?