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Alone In The Cullen Mansion

What trouble can Bella get into while the Cullen's are away? Chapter 10 is out and complete. Sequel soon-ish.Alone in the Cullen Mansion


10. Finality

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“Go away Alice, we’re a little busy right now.” Edward growled at the door. “We’re going to Vegas.”

“Well excuse me but I personally, think that Bella should decide that.” She came in anyways glaring at Edward. They were having a silent war with their minds.

“Decide what?” I said after a few minutes. They both turned towards me and Alice spoke up.

“I was wondering if you’d let me do your wedding.” Alice said simply and I froze. Of course Alice would know about the wedding by now.

“Alice.” I paused and her face fell, knowing my answer already. “I really don’t want anything big.” I took another look at her face and added, “I’m sorry.” She turned towards Edward like it was his fault and glared before stalking out of the room.

I stood to follow her but Edward stopped me. “She’ll be fine. Just let her go.”

Two days later we were married in Vegas. It was small and perfect. I wore a pair of comfy sweats and it was the best day of my life. Edward made good on his promise after we were married. Tomorrow Edward is going to change me. We will be together forever. Alice is currently planning how to kill me so the citizens of Forks won’t be suspicious. Jake won’t be very happy but I think its best that he falls in love with someone else, someone who can give him what I can’t- eternal love. The Cullens and I are going to have to leave immediately, never returning to my beloved town of Forks, Washington.

“Morning.” I said, slowly waking up. “Today’s the day.”

“To you Bella, everyday is the day.” Edward shifted me so that I was now in his lap. “Yesterday was the day you married me, 3 days ago was the day I killed Victoria, in 3 days it will be the day that you’re mine forever. See what I mean?” he kissed the top of my head.

“I noticed all the days you said included you.” I said, before yawning.

“Is that a bad thing?” Edward smiled.

“No, I’m just starting to realize how much I like everything in my life involving you,” I paused. “It adds to my point that you are my life.” Slowly I crawled out of his lap and off of the bed. “So where are you changing me?” I asked, creating an awkward silence.

After a few moments Edward finally spoke. “Are you really sure you want me to do this” He gestured at himself, “to you?” He watched my every move, making sure I was thinking it through but not for too long.

“Yes, I’m ready.” I said confidently.

“Alright everyone’s downstairs waiting.” Edward said, and was by my side in a flash. He walked at my speed all the way downstairs to the dining room where his family all waited. Carlisle had the morphine as well as a bag of ice, ropes, and about 20 pillows.

It took about five minutes to get me tied to the makeshift table/bed. Edward was by my side listening to Carlisle’s instructions while he stroked my face.

“Are you sure you want me to do this to you?” I could tell by the tone of his voice that this was it. The point of no return.

I nodded and Edward leaned down towards my neck. Slowly he kissed it, searching for the vein. When he found it he paused, making sure that I wasn’t scared. And then he bit me. The fire began to infect my veins. There was no going back to being human ever. I whispered Edwards name before the screaming began.