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Alone In The Cullen Mansion

What trouble can Bella get into while the Cullen's are away? Chapter 10 is out and complete. Sequel soon-ish.Alone in the Cullen Mansion


2. Alice's Secret Obsession

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Review from last chapter:

I selected some supplies to make a salad. After I was done eating I went back upstairs and sat on Edward’s couch for a minute. Then I realized I hadn’t finished my mission in this room. I eyed Edward’s dresser. It was time to find out the truth. Boxers or briefs?


“Here goes nothing,” I muttered under my breath as I crossed the floor and opened the dresser. I had to dig through the drawer for a few minutes and then I found them. They were boxers! “I knew it!” I shouted aloud, placing Edward’s boxers back into his dresser. I walked around Edward’s room until I got bored of it and fell back on his bed. Why did it have to smell like him? It was day 1 of this weekend and I already missed him, how pathetic.

Trying to shake that thought I left Edward’s bed and looked out into the hallway. The first thing I happened to see was a closed door, Alice and Jasper’s room. What secrets could possibly lie in Alice’s room? Oh come on of course my curiosity got the better of me and I snuck over to Alice’s door.

As I opened the door my jaw dropped. I had never really known too much about Alice’s shopping addiction. I just thought that she liked to shop because she had the money but that wasn’t really what I got from the wall of flip-flops all along her wall. They were all unworn and perfect. Where did she get them all? I wondered to myself as I walked up to touch this glorious wall.

“Color coordinated.” I muttered to myself wondering why Alice had never shown me her room before. At least I know what to tell Edward I want for Christmas…Though they all probably won’t fit in my room.

Turning around I finally could see the rest of the room being as I wasn’t distracted by shoes. There were a few things that brought Jasper’s personality out in the room but other than that it was all Alice. Three of the walls were light pink while the fourth wall was painted black. There were Eiffel towers everywhere as well as purses and handbags on stylish black shelves throughout the room. In the middle was a large bed. It must have been bigger than a king-sized bed. I jumped onto it and the next thing I knew it was morning.


Opening my eyes I realized that I had been moved from Alice’s big bed to Edward’s golden one. Edward was back.

“So you’re awake now?” Edward’s voice was quiet and sweet, not wanting to startle me.

“You’re back early.” I said as I yawned and stretched

“Alice called.” He sounded amused

“What did she say?” Crap he knows what I did…

“Something about you learning about all of our secrets.” Edward chuckled.

“Is that is?” Alice must have said more for him to come home early.

“Well, she may have mentioned that I had to get home before you decided to raid her flip flop wall…well actually its more like shrine.” Now it was Edward’s turn to be embarrassed.

“What else? I can tell you aren’t telling me all that you know about my… activities yesterday.” I waited patiently but sternly wanting to see his reaction to my “adventures”. And then he answered me so fast I could barely catch it all.

“She might have said something about you breaking into the bat cave, watching me hunt, and you trying to find out what kind of underwear I wear…”