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Alone In The Cullen Mansion

What trouble can Bella get into while the Cullen's are away? Chapter 10 is out and complete. Sequel soon-ish.Alone in the Cullen Mansion


3. Forming a Plan

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End of chapter 2:

“She might have said something about you breaking into the bat cave, watching me hunt, and you trying to find out what kind of underwear I wear…”


I was surprised that he wasn’t even a little shocked that I had looked through his underwear drawer. If he was he hid it very well

“If there’s anything else you did yesterday, Alice hasn’t told me.” Edward said as he was searching my face, looking for a reaction. He must think that there is something else I did yesterday. I wonder what he thinks I could have possibly done that Alice wouldn’t tell him. I decided to answer him.

“Nope that about sums up yesterdays activities. So are you going back with Jasper and Emmett anytime soon?” Maybe I’ll have more time to explore, I added silently to myself as an afterthought.

“It depends. Are you planning on making me come straight home as soon as I get there?” Once again he searched my face for the slightest hint of what my plans were going to be after he left. I gave him nothing.

“I’ll try not to get into trouble.” I had said try, no lie had been told. I would try not to get into trouble…with Alice. But he didn’t need know that.

After he was done searching my face he seemed to make up his mind.

“Ok I’m going to go. But if Alice calls me saying you’re in trouble I’ll come right back here. Ok, love?” he made it sound like he wasn’t the one telling Alice to “watch” me.

“Ok. I’ll miss you, but I hope you have fun.” I wanted to get back to my exploring as soon as possible.


Edward didn’t leave until I was completely ready for the day. After I finally was ready, he had given me a quick peck on the cheek, told me he loved me, and then left in his Vanquish.

“Back to exploring.” I said to myself. As I walked back into the house I instantly was reminded of how I had done exactly this just a day ago. Talk about Déjà vu. The only difference was this time I knew what I was doing. Last time I had only acted on a pure whim.

How was I going to do this without Alice watching my every move? This was going to be like a giant game of cat and mouse. When I had run away to talk to Jake a few months ago the key had been a quick decision. Would that work again? If it didn’t work Edward would be back for the rest of the weekend and I might not have another time to explore the house for a while.

Right now as I thought Alice was probably seeing flashes of my ideas. At one point I must have thought of going to see Jake because almost instantly I got a phone call from Carlisle telling me not to even try to see Jake no matter what I wanted to see him for.

I started running out of ideas so I just sat there doodling on a piece of paper I had found. And then I thought of a perfectly brilliant idea. I had to act fast before Alice caught me.