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Alone In The Cullen Mansion

What trouble can Bella get into while the Cullen's are away? Chapter 10 is out and complete. Sequel soon-ish.Alone in the Cullen Mansion


5. Visiting Jake

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As soon as got to Jake's house I instantly jumped out of the Volvo and ran up to the door. I knocked a few times on the door with no response from the home's inhabitants. "Hello?" I called out hoping Billy or Jake would be home and hear me. The door remained shut. I decided to try again. "Jake? Billy? Its me Bella are you home?" I knocked a little harder. Still nothing. Maybe Jake is working on his bike or car? I thought to myself.

Jake's garage was back further than I remembered. Once I finally got there and walked in I tripped over a hammer and was instantly caught by Jakes strong warm arms.

"Bella? What are you doing here?" Jake whispered more to himself than to me. He seemed to be trying to convince himself I was back. He obviously didn't think I was going to be down to see him anytime soon. Especially after last time I had been here and Edward had almost come down to La Push to find me. I was driving out of La Push and had found Edward pacing back and forth about five feet from the boundary line. Lets just say I hadn't been back since. Who knows what had brought me back this time. Maybe it was just because he was my best friend and I needed to see him every once in a while. He repeated his question a little louder asking me this time instead of himself.

"I snuck out of the Cullen's house. Edward's hunting with Jasper and Emmett this weekend."

"No way! Wait. So what happened to your other bloodsuc- friends?" his voice didn't hide his excitement.

"Alice, Rosalie, and Esme are shopping somewhere in California while Carlisle is on constant call at the hospital." I answered him, why lie when the truth is so much simpler to remember?

"That's awesome! So what do you want to do?" He sounded like he'd jump out of a plane if that were what I wanted.

"Well what were you doing before I got here?" I used a line I'd said to him when things were less complicated between us.

"I was about to go to the beach for a while just to relax and maybe take a nap. Would that be ok with you?" he was cautious this time. He must not have wanted to say the wrong things that he knew would make me leave.

"Sounds fun lets go." I gave him a friendly smile.


We had walked down the beach a ways until we had gotten to what had become our log. We sat on it every time we came here.

"Bella, you really should be able to come down and visit whenever you want. He shouldn't be able to force you to stay in Forks if you want to visit me." Jake complained.

"He doesn't force me to stay in Forks. No one can force me to do anything." I was a legal adult now. Who was Jake to be criticizing me? "I can do whatever I want. In fact I can leave right now." I said as I stood up and began to walk away.

"Bells come on I didn't mean it like that!" Jake shouted to me. Suddenly Jake spun me around and lifted me off of the ground to face him. "I would never force you to be anywhere you didn't want to be." Jakes voice was sincere.

"What do you call this?" I said as I nodded with my head at him holding me helplessly above the ground.

"Oh. Right." He said as he sat me down slowly, a sheepish grin appearing on his face.

"What? You know you just let go of me and I have a cell phone. There are plenty of ways for me to get out of here if anything happens." I warned him backing up.

"Why are you backing up?" He turned his head sideways. "Are you planning on going back to your cage so you can wait for them to come back?" he teased and I stopped walking to glare at him. "Oh come on Bells you know I didn't mean it like that. I know you aren't forced to stay there but to me it seems like you are. I'm not forcing you to stay here but would you please?"

"Depends. Am I ever going to get to leave?" I answered him for the first time in a while.

"It wouldn't be my first choice, to let you leave, but I bet he'll come down here to get you eventually and you wouldn't like it if the treaty was broken and a war was started, would you?" Here he went again being the sarcastic jerk he could be when he started talking about Edward. He continued ranting for a few minutes, me glaring at him the whole time, and then started on about how only people who had a death wish would ever want to be one of them and that no one except Edward's mother loved his hideous face. He was hurting me and he couldn't even tell. He didn't even seem to realize what he was saying. That was when I stopped him.

"Jake stop. You know I'm going to be one of them soon. I'm going to be a vampire. I love him and I can't just sit here and listen to you talk about him like that." I looked Jake straight in the face, starting to cry. It hurt so much to see Jake in pain whenever I had to remind him how much I loved Edward. Jake hated knowing that my mind was unlikely to be changed. He was starting to shake but calmed and reached his hand up to brush the tears from my face.

"Please don't." I said leaning away. He leaned in anyways and wiped the tears from my eyes. Then he seemed to decided something, his hand still on my face. He pulled me towards him with his one hand like it was nothing and then leaned in staring into my eyes. I pushed him away as strongly as I could. I didn't love Jake like that. Jake was a safe harbor, nothing more. "Jake let go of me please! Please don't do this to me I don't want this!" I said hysterically trying to get away.

"She just asked you to let go of her mongrel." Edward came out of nowhere. "If I were you I'd do as she asks or you'll have to deal with me." Edward's voice became harsh.

Jake froze unsure of what was happening. And then Jake let go of me and I crumpled to the ground. "You can't come over here bloodsucker! You've just broken the treaty! We could start a war over this!" Jake spat violently at Edward.