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Alone In The Cullen Mansion

What trouble can Bella get into while the Cullen's are away? Chapter 10 is out and complete. Sequel soon-ish.Alone in the Cullen Mansion


6. Vote

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“You can’t come over here bloodsucker! You’ve just broken the treaty! We could start a war over this!” Jake spat violently at Edward.


“Look at my face. Does it really look like I care about the treaty right now? You just tried to kiss Bella without her consent and are lucky your head is still attached.” Edward said calmly yet with a harsh tone right back at Jake. “Come on Bella we’re leaving. Everyone’s waiting for us back at the house.”

I stood up slowly looking back between Edward and Jake. Jake looked at me, betrayal on his face. He seemed to say “Why?”with his eyes. I turned away quickly and leaned into Edward.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered into his shirt. He said nothing but put his arm around me, continuing to glare at Jake with complete and utter hatred.

“Fine. Tonight. Where though?” Edward spoke and it seemed something had been decided without me knowing.

“What?” I asked Edward, confused. But Edward never took his eyes from Jake to explain to me.

“Ok. My family and I will meet you and the pack there at midnight.” then Edward finally looked down at me as he lifted me up and placed me onto his back before he took off running.

As Edward was running I began to put everything I had just heard together. Edward and Jake were meeting somewhere tonight at midnight. Edward was bringing his family and Jake was bringing the pack. Then it hit me. They were starting a war tonight because Edward had come over to get me back from La Push.

“Oh!” I said in shock as I fell off of Edward’s back. He stopped and turned around just in time to catch me before I hit the ground. We had crossed the border by now and the Cullen house was only a little farther. I could barely make out its details in the distance.

“Bella what is it? Are you hurt?” Edward spoke worried as he sat next to me.

“There’s going to be a war over me isn’t there.” I looked straight into Edward’s eyes and he looked away, confirming my thoughts. Before I could say anything Edward spoke up.

“You aren’t coming. You’re going to stay here. I don’t care if we have to have you chained to a tree somewhere. You are not coming.” I just stared at him, my anger rising. But I thought about what I would say carefully before I shouted something I would regret later.

“Fine Edward. I won’t be coming.” I paused for a minute as that sunk in and he thought he had won. “Let me finish. I won’t be coming because there is not going to be a war. I would rather we left Forks instead of being stuck sitting here at your house wondering who of my friends and family could be getting hurt fighting over something that was my fault in the first place.” I kept my voice even not wanting to start shouting.

“Bella,” Edwards voice was soft, “this isn’t something you get to choose. Have you ever heard the saying ‘you can choose the action but not the consequences’?” I nodded yes, “Well this is one of those things. Please don’t make it harder than it already is.” Edward helped me up as he said this.

“Edward please-“ Edward cut me off in mid sentence as he put his finger over my mouth.

“Bella we’ll talk about this when we get to the house. Okay? Are you ready to get on my back and I’ll keep running, or do you need me to carry you back?”

“I can walk myself thank you.” I said walking away as if to prove my point. Edward just stood there watching me walk away then rolled his eyes as he came up behind me and slowed his pace to mine.

“Fine have it your way, it’ll just take longer then it would if I ran us.” His voice was so smooth it almost made me consider letting him carry me but then I shook my head and walked a little faster.

“Fine.” I practically shouted back at him. I was being childish and I knew that but didn’t care at the moment.

The entire walk went like this until we were finally out of the forest and into the house. Edward wrapped his arm around me and led me into the dining room my anger at him gone, for the most part. He wasn’t exactly the kind of person you could stay mad at for too long. In the dining room his family was waiting.

“So what’s our plan?” Edward started the meeting. I decided to speak up before anyone else could. To make sure I was heard I stood up.

“I think that we should leave. The werewolves are unlikely to follow us.” I said confidently, surprising myself. “And,” I added as an afterthought. “There’s always the option of changing me when we go. It would get the Volturi to leave us alone as well.” Edward raised his eyebrow as I said this. I saw him and continued. “You know kind of like killing two birds with one stone?” I felt stupid now. How was I going to convince vampires not to fight with werewolves?

“No.” Edward turned me around to face him. “Bella we talked about this already. We don’t need to leave.” He was so sure, but I couldn’t let him be.

“Edward what’s wrong with leaving Forks? The werewolves should leave us alone if we go! That’s all they want isn’t it?” I didn’t add that it was the Cullen’s that the werewolves wanted to leave, not me. “We could be long gone before midnight tonight on a plane to China for all I care! Just please don’t fight them!” Everyone was thinking my plan through as well as Edward’s. No one moved. And then Carlisle began to speak.

“Bella I think you have a point here. Maybe we should vote on this?” Carlisle looked at me as if telling me to begin.

“I vote that we leave.” I said confidently trying not to sound too desperate. Next Carlisle turned to Edward.

“I vote we fight.” Edward’s voice was confident as well but his face betrayed him, was he actually considering my plan? Alice was next.

“If we leave can we really go to china? I’ve always wanted to see the great wall.” Her voice sounded hopeful.

“It depends on where we all decide to go to Alice but China is definitely an option.” Carlisle smiled as he answered Alice’s question.

“Then I vote that we leave Forks.” Alice smiled. I turned to look at Jasper who was next.

“Sorry Bella, but I have to say I agree with Edward. I would rather fight than leave.” Jasper said apologetically. I nodded to him trying to let him understand that his choice was his choice and it didn’t make my opinion of him change in anyway.

“I think we should leave, I’m not really in the mood for a fight anytime soon.” Rosalie sent a shy smile my way.

“Lets fight!” Emmett grinned; he always was in the mood for a fight.

“I think its about time for us to move anyways so why not now? I vote that we leave.” Esme’s voice was sweet and caring. I was glad she voted against the war. I couldn’t see her fighting with anyone.

After Esme’s vote everyone turned to look at Carlisle. His vote was the most anticipated and would decide the official outcome.