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Alone In The Cullen Mansion

What trouble can Bella get into while the Cullen's are away? Chapter 10 is out and complete. Sequel soon-ish.Alone in the Cullen Mansion


8. Battle Drum

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I might as well just go. I thought to myself stepping forward. Instantly Alice cut me off. “Don’t even think about it,” she said before continuing. “We won’t lose you even if it means we’ll all die.” That is what I’m afraid of. I groaned silently.

“So what’s the deal? Are you so foolish as to think you will win? Bring it on.” Victoria smiled at an unknown secret. But now Edward knew the secret, reading her mind, and silently cussed under his breath. Alice saw the secret with her visions and quickly whispered it in a silent voice to the rest of the Cullen’s. Being human, I couldn’t hear her low voice so I had no clue what was going on.

Out from behind her came two other vampires and by the sound of things, they had “gifts”. They lunged towards our blockade being caught by Emmett and Jasper. Alice and Rosalie fought with their husbands against the two strangers while Edward and Carlisle circled around Victoria. Esme guarded me in a corner of the room. Behind Esme I stood, eyes as wide as a deer in front of headlights.

Suddenly a crack sounded throughout the air. Everyone’s attention was turned towards the sound. It was Alice and Jasper. They had managed to slam their stranger into the ground. And were going for the kill. Victoria seemed to realize this because she dived around Edward and Carlisle while their attention was still averted and was now trying to get past Esme. Instantly Carlisle and Edward were back in the fight. They got Victoria away from Esme and began to fight again.

And then a howl arose from the forest as a group of 20 or so vampires came out followed by the werewolves. Everyone I loved was in danger and here I was forced to watch. After the new group of vampires appeared Esme was forced to leave me and fight. Carlisle had to leave Edward, Jasper left Alice, and Emmett left Rosalie to fight other vampires. There were too many to take on for the fights to be two on one.

There were about 11 vampires, including Victoria, left. The werewolves and the Cullen’s were quickly picking off the strangers while Edward and Victoria fought. They circled each other, Edward never letting Victoria any closer to me. Oh please don’t hurt him! Please! The thoughts kept repeating over and over in my head.

A few minutes later every battle was over except for Edward’s. Victoria began to take notice of her missing comrades and started to back away. Edward was too fast for her though. He caught her as she turned to run. His lips inches from her neck and then he opened his mouth and tore off her head. She was out of my life forever.

Slowly the Cullen’s and the werewolves began to pile the pieces of vampire onto the grass a few feet away from the forest edge. Alice then let the remains on fire while everyone continued to pick up the pieces. I sat still just watching, surveying each and every person who was there. Everyone was alive but was anyone harmed?

After all of the pieces had been picked up and burned Edward finally walked towards me. His hands were up in the air as if trying not to scare me. I just stared at him making sure Victoria hadn’t harmed him in any way. His clothes were still perfectly intact everywhere so she couldn’t have scratched him but he still could have broken bones.

“Hush Bella. You don’t have to be afraid of me.” He said walking towards me a little more. Before he had time to think of what I was doing I jumped into his arms and kissed him. Even with his super strength there was nothing that could pull me off of him right now. He was ok and here and that was all that mattered. Even after I was out of breath I didn’t let go of him. That’s probably the reason why I fainted.