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Leah Clearwater and Edward Cullen; Leah turns to Edward after rejection from Sam, before Leah turns into a werewolf.


1. Chapter 1- Lonliness

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Edward’s PoV

It’s hard being the one alone; the third wheel, the rejected. I hate that I’m always tagging along behind Jasper and Alice, Rosalie and Emmett, Carlisle and Esme. I’m a drag. I bring them all down, and as I sit here pondering this again and again, I’m doing it.

Jasper and Alice stop making out for a second to glance over at me, concerned.

“It’s cool,” I say quietly, and get up to leave the room. I’m a hanger-on, and I hate it.

I’m tired of being alone.

Leah’s PoV

Will it ever get better? I ask myself this for the tenth time as I rock back and forth on the unmade sheets of my bed. Will it ever stop hurting? The sobs come from deep within my chest, from deep within my soul, fighting to get out. To escape me, just like everything else, but for once I wish something would go.

I wish it would stop hurting.

My parents aren’t home, which makes it even more painful, being alone. They went away for the weekend, and here I am, sobbing on my bed sheets like a loser.

I hate being alone.

Yet, though I hate the dark, the brooding quiet of our home as it breathes, no laughter stirring its walls, I revel in it. I revel in the fact that I don’t have to hide, don’t have to mask my fear, mask my sadness at the loneliness of my life. I’m an adult, and I still live in my parents’ home, not able to get over a high school boyfriend. But I don’t have to hide my loneliness when I’m alone.

Now that I’m physically, not just emotionally alone, the whole world can crash down around me and I wouldn’t care. It’s just me now, left with my thoughts, my thoughts that won’t stop running back to Him.


He was my life, he was my everything, the one constant in my life no matter how much changed. Until now.

The only person I can trust is myself.

And I don’t even know if I can trust that, because I’m not even sure what I am.

Edward’s PoV


The glory of it, the power of it, the acceleration, the wind. Nothing can stop me, hinder me, affect me. I am nothing in this run. I am just a breath on the wind, a speck in the spinning world. I am a fleeting image, glimpsed quickly as I race by.

I stop.

I hear something.

Crying, screaming, sobbing, a breath on the wind from the house to the left of me. Where am I?

I curse silently.

Out of our boundaries, that’s where, but even though I know I’m breaking the rules, I can’t make myself turn around. The sobbing goes deep into my chest, deep somewhere where maybe what’s left of my soul is.

Why is she crying?

I feel for her thoughts and they rush at me, scream at me all at once.

I listen.

I hope with her, cry with her, laugh with her, as she relives her high school life.


My anger for this man comes without warning, flaring in me as I watch what he does to her, what he did. He left her.

I feel her heart break, watch as her world comes crashing down, as her whole life falls apart. Before I even realize what my feet are doing they have carried me to her front door. I knock softly, quietly.

She answers.