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Leah Clearwater and Edward Cullen; Leah turns to Edward after rejection from Sam, before Leah turns into a werewolf.


2. Chapter 2- Meetings and Unexpected Greetings

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Don’t ask what possessed me to open the door; all I know is that I did. I could tell he didn’t even know why he was here. He was awkward; shifting his weight from foot to foot he cast his eyes downward. My voice shook as I addressed the beautiful presence glorifying my doorstep.

“Why-?” I had to stop for a second as I hiccupped. “Why are you here? What do you want?!” I could feel myself getting increasingly angrier as he stood there, his concerned gold eyes staring at me.

Who did he think he was?! Walking in on me like this. This is none of his business! He stood there silently, dumbstruck almost, as I continued railing him, taking all of my anger out on this beautiful stranger. What is it with me?! I have to alienate everything good in my life!

“WHY ARE YOU HERE?! GO AWAY! LEAVE ME ALONE!” I finally screamed, tears coursing down my face as I moved to slam the door shut on his still-shocked face. I just wanted him to go away. His expressionless face was another product of my negative mind, my destructive words. His empty eyes echoed mine. I was tired of looking in the mirror. He needed to be gone now.

He stuck his foot in the door so quick that it didn’t even register. Thrown backward by the momentum of the door rebounding off of his nice Italian shoes, I fell onto the ground.

I couldn’t move, and on some level I have this hunch that it was his intention. I’m crumpled I a heap at my own doorstep, sobbing and shaking so hard that my teeth rattle in my skull.

He picks me up. In one fluid-trance-like movement we are both seated on the maroon loveseat in the living room. He wipes away my tears, his fingers moving so gently, almost as if he thought I was too fragile for his touch.

At this point, I was too fragile for anyone to see, let alone some stranger who chanced upon walking in on a woman falling apart.

Edward’s PoV

I hadn’t even thought about what to say when she opened the door, and I still hadn’t come up for a reasonable explanation of why I was sitting next to her shaking form, running my fingers through her hair.

She looked up for a second and tried to manage a smile: it came out as more of a grimace. Composing herself, it seemed for a minute, she worked herself up to stating the question that had been screaming in her head for the past hour.

Why are you here?

I ask my nonexistent heart this question, debating the mess I have just created. Why did I have to go be superman?! People hurt! It’s good for them!

“Because you need someone.” I said to her, the words tumbling out of my mouth. “You need someone. You can’t be alone, nobody should be, and now, you’re not.”

They hung there, echoing in the stillness of the room, and in the not-so-still trembling of our bodies as we both digested these words. Her hands were shaking, her face flushed, blood rushing to her cheeks.

I took her face in my hands, once again, not planning to do so but acting on impulse.

“You’re not alone.”

And then I was gone.