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Lost Soul

Rosalie resents her life as a vampire, she also knows that something is missing in her life but she doesn't know what, but what if she finds the thing that she has been unconsciously searching for her whole existence? A trip to Seattle could change Rosalie as we know it. Alot of things can happen in the next week and the things that happen to Rosalie and her family will change them all forever.


1. Chapter 1

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“Bye Rosie!” said Emmet, kissing me on the cheek.

“Bye”I said absentmindedly, not looking up from my magazine.

“That’s not very enthusiastic!” he exclaimed.

“Fine. Bye Bye Emmy! I hope you and everyone else has fun teaching Bella how to murder animals!”

“That’s my girl”, he said, kissing me on the cheek again and walking out of the house.

“Love you!” he shouted a second later from outside of the house.

I was going to miss him for the next two days, but I wasn’t about to admit it.

15 mins later

I was bored. So bored in fact that I went and raided Edward’s precious music collection and got out some of my favourites, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and bit of Jimi Hendrix, and blasted it through the speakers.

No one knew I liked that stuff, not even Emmet, and I wasn’t planning on telling any of them any time soon. But 15 albums later, I was still bored, so I decided to go shopping, I desperately needed a spree and I didn't want to wait for Alice to come home, so I decided to go by my self. Unfortunately, it was sunny today, and my M3 had some problems with putting the canvass back up that I hadn’t gotten around to fixing, so I snuck out to the garage and crept into Edward’s Vanquish, I had always admired the car, but it didn’t think that in front of him in case he had another ego boost. I pressed the button to start the engine and was rewarded with a purr, god I loved that sound.

Soon, I was zooming down the highway at 320 kph, but even though I knew I didn’t have Edward’s mind reading ability, I could still get out of a ticket better than anyone I knew. It worked especially well if the policeman was male.

In about a hour and a bit I was in Seattle and was planning on going to this huge mall in the heart of the city, but a little strip mall caught my eye and I got out of the car, avoiding the men ogling at it.

I saw this little Bohemian shop at the end of the mall and walked inside. It smelt like patchouli oil, if I was human I might not of minded the smell, but I was a vampire and it stuck horribly.

“Hello deary, would like some help there?” said a woman about 4.5ft tall with long grey hair tied into plaits with a caftan on.

“Oh, no thankyou” I said “I’m just browsing at the moment.”

“Are you sure dear? Our clothing racks can be quite befuddling sometimes” she said, her eyes burning with curiousity.

No, quite sure thankyou” I said, getting impatient.

“If your sure dear” said the lady, tottering off and becoming overwhelmed by clothing racks. I stayed there for about 5 minutes, all the time holding my breath.

Finally, I stepped outside, let out a deep breath, and strode across the pavement, through an alleyway back to Edward’s car.

And then it him me, all at once, I smelt something so sweet, I could never of imagined in my life. I had a craving for it, I needed it, and if I didn’t have I would cease to exist. Even though I had never tasted it, I knew what it was. Blood.

Instinctively, I ran through the long alleyway to where a young girl was unconscious and bleeding outside a house with a pink light. And then something amazing happened, all my instincts stopped, my mind was taking back control. How could I hurt this innocent girl who was simply was in the wrong place in the wrong time? How could I want to hurt her? So small and innocent, just like a doll. And I just stared, I couldn’t run away, I couldn’t drink from her; I just stood looking at her like she was a miracle. And she was a miracle, my miracle. I felt this overwhelming urge to run up to her and cradle her in my arms and tell her that she was going to fine and she didn’t need to be worried even though she probably couldn’t hear me. And then my muscle’s got everything in order and run I did. But not away, but to her, holding her. It was like bloodlust didn’t even exist. And then I broke down. Completely and utterly. I just cried tearless sobs for no reason known to me and held her in my arms, cradling her.

About half an hour later, still no one had found us, and I had finally gotten a holdof myself and had managed to grab my bag and reach for my cell phone.

I unconsciously called Carlisle’s number and slowly put the phone to my ear.

I heard two rings and suddenly there was-


“Carlisle” suddenly my voice was overwhelmed by sobs, but I had managed to keep talking.

“Carlisle” I repeated “I’m in Seattle and- and- I f-found a g-girl and she-she-she was-she- she”

“Rosalie”he soothed “everything will be fine, where exactly are you?”

“I d-don’t r-really k-know I-I- think it’s the first strip mall you see, I-if y-you can’t see it the V-Vanquish is on the street, I-I’m in an a-alleyway near it.”

“Ok, hold on. We’re coming to get you.”