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The Holiday Season

Fluff about The holidays

An attempt at Edward and Bella around the holidays

1. Holidays

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Edward had decided to come over and help me decorate the house for Christmas. By the time he got there I was sitting in the middle of piles of artificial pine tree branches looking over the rather complicated directions. I was positively fuming with annoyance, which, of course, made him laugh.

“And here I thought Christmas was all about holiday cheer. You know all that chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose.”

“Well, who ever wrote that song never had to deal with a 7ft fake tree from wal-mart.” I retorted.

“That’s probably true.” He conceded. He came over and gently wrapped his arms around me as we sat surrounded by the offending green plastic.

“For once I would love to have an old fashion Christmas with homemade cookies and a real tree.” I sighed leaning into Edward. “My Christmases usually ended up with the fire department at our house, because Renee had burned the slice and bake cookies again.”

We both laughed at that, but it was time to get back to assembling the tree, though with Edward now there it was done in minutes. “Stupid perfect vampire.” I mumbled looking astounded at the Douglas fur standing in front of me in the corner. He heard me and came over to me.

“What did you say, Bella?” he asked, though I fully knew that he had heard what I said.

“I was just commenting on how well the tree was assembled.” I answered grinning.

He raised an eyebrow. “Really, I thought I heard something about some stupid perfect vampire.” A smirk quite evident on his face, he leaned forward till our lips were only inches apart, “or was I mistaken.”

The smell of his breath was intoxicating, I longed to close the small space between us and touch him. Then I realized it, he was just trying to dazzle me into admitting I had made fun of him. I decided two good play that game.

I took a step closer and began to trail my fingers up his arm and down his muscular chest. I heard his intake of breath when pressed against him, with my arms around his neck. I then whispered into his ear.

“Maybe you should get your hearing examined, Mr. Cullen.”

I laughed; he let out a distinct growl, which only made me laugh harder.

“I think we should start decorating the tree.” He commented, obviously not amused by my antics.

He was right though, so we began to un-wrap the one box of ornaments that Charlie had. There weren’t many to put up, it seemed that Charlie rarely got in the holiday mood, at least not since he and my mom had become divorced.

The tree looked somewhat pitiful with the lack of ornaments, but I quickly fixed that by putting on an abundance of candy canes.

“Would you like to see my Christmas decorations?” Edward asked. I shook my head, yes. I did want to see how Alice and Esme would decorate the Cullen residence. I followed Edward out to his car, trying my best not to slip on the icy walk.

What ever it was that I had imagined the house to look like, this was not it. The entire driveway was lined with light up candy canes. The entire house was strung with multicolor Christmas lights, flashing and blinking to the upbeat version of Jingle bells that was being piped to outside.

Edward chuckled at my undisguised awe. Alice could make the Hershey Amusement park ashamed of their Christmas display. The porch of the house was wrapped with garland and red Christmas balls. Edward led me up the stairs into the beautiful house. The inside was even more decorated. Snow globes and ceramic houses littered the shelves, and ribbons and stockings lined the fire place.

One thing did stand out of place though; on the middle of the mantel was a menorah. I was puzzled. Edward followed my stare.

“I never told you that I was Jewish, did I.” Edward said into my ear.

“I think you might have left that out.” I grinned.

“Does it bother you?” He asked.

“Edward, I don’t care if you’re a vampire, do you think religion is a problem for me.”

He must have realized how ridiculous his question sounded but he never got to answer, for Alice interrupted us.

“You both are standing under the mistle toe.” She said, pointing to the green sprig above us.

Edward leaned down and kissed me on the lips. It was the perfect holiday season.