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This is the rewrite of Impossibly Yours. Bella was born Jacob's sister, like she had wished in New Moon. But what happens when she meets Edward? Chapter Five is up now!


1. Hooked

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There was a wolf in a clearing, it’s fur was shining in the sun, but the size was all wrong. It was bigger then a bear, about the size of a horse, I didn’t know wolves got to be that big. It had knife-like incisors, which were bared and menacing. An growl erupted from the animal, which would have sent animals scurrying in all directions, but no other form of life was present. I couldn’t see who the wolf was growling at, due to the humongous thing blocking my path. I was not scared, for some reason. This wolf would not hurt me, I was certain. It’s head then whipped around to face me, our eyes meeting. I jumped back, seeing something that I never expected. Wisdom, worry, kindness, were all present in those two black orbs. I watched dazed as it bounded ahead of me. That’s when the cause of the wolf’s guarded stance came into view. Deathly pale, but his face blurred, a man was revealed. The features of his face were indistinguishable, but two topaz eyes stared back at me, like they were trying to reveal all my secrets. The maniac growls were ever present as the man stepped forward, coming closer to me. I stood still, waiting for him. I had no idea who this man was, I couldn’t even see his face, but I felt calm around him. He was ten feet from me when the wolf took charge of the situation. The wolf charged at the man, but when the man raised his hand the wolf stopped in midair. The man looked at the situation humorously. He then said the only words he would ever say to me.

“Look at that,” he said, pointing towards the wolf. “We can stop time,” he said to me with a chuckle before stepping closer so that we were almost touching. His hand raised to touch my cheek, but it stopped a centimeter from my face. He then started to step back. He walked farther and farther from me until he was at the other side of the clearing. He ran away right as the wolf came back to life. I wanted to scream, I wanted to run after him, but a very annoying beeping sound cut off my train of thought, startling me back into reality and out of my dream.

* * *

The edges of the eggs started to burn, but I didn’t scrape them off the griddle. I stared at them, my mind zoning out, pondering the dream that I had every night for the past week. And every morning, right at the same part, my alarm would cut it off. I never would find out who the man was, and I had an overwhelming desire to find out. But, I thought as I angrily jabbed the eggs onto a plate, I will never find out because then it would be just too easy.

My life was practically anything but easy. My brother kept on bugging me about ‘getting a life’, which was terribly annoying. And my abnormal hair and skin made me a freak among the girls and a constant tease among the guys. Everyone had black hair, brown eyes, and dark skin. I had shiny dark chocolate hair and light skin(light for someone living in La Push anyway). No one but my mother knew why I was born so differently from my brother, and quite frankly I never had the will to find out. And nobody asked.

I had a job, though, in Forks that the people there kindly offered me. I had no experience, no training, and was a huge klutz. It was a little ironic that I found work in an outdoors hiking shop, since I never dared to venture into the forest, unlike my brother who was in love with the wilderness. It was a great place to work, even so, and I found a friend almost immediately.

Mike Newton was friendly towards me the minute I stepped into the place. We became friends easily, due to his eager attitude. We knew each other very well, but his sudden question in the small parking lot one day shocked me.

I saw him slightly jogging over to my truck, which my brother gladly thrust into my not so eager hands, with his eyes sparkling with some unknown question. I smiled at him the best I could, despite the sudden churning of my stomach.

“Hey, Bella,” he breathed when he made it to my truck. He was slightly winded, but he was smiling by the time he regained his composure.

“Uh, hi, Mike,” I responded, wondering why he had a sudden urge to talk to even though we were just together in the store. He ran a fidgeting hand through his hair before continuing.

“I was just wondering if you had any plans with Friday,” he said quietly. I stared at him blankly, trying to understand what exactly he meant.

“I, um,” I stammered. “I don’t think I have anything going on.” It wasn’t as if I had any friends to spend the night with. I generally kept to myself during school.

Mike’s answering smile made my brain snap to the question I was trying to answer since Mike ran up to my car. Was he…asking me out?

No guy ever asked me out before. I was ignorant at the dating game. What was I supposed to say? How do I let him down? Should I say ‘Yes’? Would this ruin our friendship?

“Then you won’t mind going to the movies with me?” he asked cautiously. He must have noticed the horror on my face. What on Earth was I supposed to do?

“Y-You mean like on a date?” I confirmed, not knowing what I wanted to answer to be.

“If you want,” Mike responded, a little less eager at this point.

“Okay, then. Sure, I’ll go with you,” I practically whispered before Mike thanked me and walked back into the shop. I just stood there for a few more moments before climbing into my truck and driving away. I didn’t see the harm in going to the movies with Mike. It was just one…date anyway. It couldn’t be that bad.

* * *

I never actually realized how pathetic I was until I tried finding a suitable outfit for a date. I was standing in front of my closet Friday night, staring wide eyes at my collection of clothing. I had no Earthly idea at what a person wears on a date, and I was not about to ask my brother for help. He would never let me live it down. But ten minutes later my resolve weakened. I trudged over to his room and knocked lightly on the door. I heard a loud thud and a resulting curse from inside the room. The door opened soon after and there in the doorway stood my giant brother, grasping one of his feet in pain.

“You made me drop my textbook of my foot,” Jacob accused, glaring at me. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest.

“It’s not my fault you’re startled easily,” I muttered before grabbing his hand and pulling him out of his room. He stumbled after me, his eyebrow raised.

“What exactly do you need, Bella?” he questioned. I shuddered slightly before leading him into my room. He looked around it hesitantly, wondering if I saw a giant bug and he needed to squash it or something.

“I need help picking out clothes for my date,” I mumbled, motioning towards my closet. Jacob just stared at me blankly for a moment before falling into a fit of laughter. I glared at him as he picked up his act and glanced into my closet.

“You need my help?” he wondered. I nodded, my face turning red.

“You’ve been on more dates then I have.” Jacob looked thoughtful for a moment before reaching into my closet and pulling out some clothing.

“The girls I have been out with always seem to wear things like this,” he sighed, holding up a blouse and a skirt. “You can go with blue jeans, also, I suppose.” I looked at him grateful before thanking him profusely. I then proceeded into shoving him out of my room to get dressed. I went with the blue jeans since I knew if I wore a skirt something utterly embarrassing would happen. The last time I wore a skirt was in the eight grade at a school play. Long story short, some immature boy pantsed me, revealing my underwear to the whole school. The memory of that event has scarred me ever since.

Mike knocked on the door soon after I was done brushing my hair and applying the little of amount of makeup I actually owned. Jake was thankfully absent when I opened the door; he would undoubtedly crack at joke at my expense. Mike was fortunately as casually dressed as I was, making some of the butterflies disappear. I yelled goodbye to Billy and Jake before rushing over to Mike’s car and getting in.
The car ride to Port Angelus was slightly awkward as we tried to come up with conversation topics. He asked about my father, Jake, and school. I answered him accordingly and asked him the same questions. Music from some band I never heard of rang through the car.

Mike seemed as nervous as I was. He glanced over at me constantly, trying to gauge my expression. I didn’t know what was more prominent; the nervousness or dread of the night to come. I didn’t want to loose Mike as friend as a result of this night, but at this point, I never knew what to expect any longer. I gave up trying. After an embarrassingly failed encounter with a handmade fortune teller in the sixth grade, I had given up in trying to determine my future. My life was usually routine, but lately I had the feeling that something big was going to happen. It had me jittery and Mike asked if I was okay numerous times.

I was very glad when Mike parked the car a block down from the movie theater and I felt like I could breath again. I never enjoyed closed areas, especially under so much pressure.

I opened the car door eagerly and gazed out at the city around me. It was busy and many people were walking along the side walks and staring into stores along the street. But my breath hitched as I caught sight of a certain boy I long forgot about.

I broke my arm while playing on a swing set in school. I had to deal with the itchy cast for six weeks before the day came where I was due to be set free. My excitement bubbled to the surface as I waited on the overstuffed chairs in the Forks Hospital waiting room. I jumped up eagerly as the nurse called my name. I, being me, tripped after five steps. Instead of breaking my bone all over again, I fell into two strong arms. I expected to see Billy or Jake, but I looked up and saw the most beautiful boy I have ever seen. As I stood there gaping, he was looking at me with his brow furrowed. He stood staring at me for a few minutes before he set me up right and walked briskly around the corner. I forgot why I was so excited before as the nurse led me into a hospital room.

This same boy was walking down the street next to another girl with short, spiky hair. I felt the rest of the world melt away as all my thoughts started to center around him. Memories of that day filled me. His scent, his bronze hair, his pale skin… I barely heard Mike call my name as he grabbed my arm. I saw the boy exchange a glance with the girl next to him, who was looking very smug at that moment. I couldn’t think of Mike, the people around me or anything as our eyes locked. My heart started to beat uncontrollably and my breathing hitched. I couldn’t think and I couldn’t move. I was hooked.