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This is the rewrite of Impossibly Yours. Bella was born Jacob's sister, like she had wished in New Moon. But what happens when she meets Edward? Chapter Five is up now!


2. Denial

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The rest of the night flew by me. I couldn’t stop thinking about the boy that I saw earlier. Something was different about him, that I was sure. Topaz eyes? He was rock hard in the hospital- and that’s not very normal. And he was freezing. He was at a temperature that meant he would be dead. I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts of this…creature.

“What are you shaking your head for?” Mike asked in a grumble. I looked up and remembered I was still on my date. We were in the car, driving back from Port Angelus. Was I day dreaming all the way through the movie?

“Oh,” I answered, flustered. “My mind tends to run off sometimes.” I coughed quietly before staring at the dashboard in front of me. I felt the familiar blush creep up my cheeks.

“His name is Edward Cullen,” Mike sighed, making a sharp right into La Push. I stared at him in shock, wondering what he was talking about. “The bronze haired boy we saw before dinner- he is Edward Cullen.” I looked back at the ground, guilty.

“Was I that obvious?” I asked, my voice weak. Mike chuckled dryly before searching for my street sign.

“Yeah, it kind of tipped me off when someone got beheaded in the movie and you just sat there and smiled,” he responded, pulling up to my house. I was smiling? “You were in a daze ever since we saw him.”

“Sorry,” I mumbled before glancing back up at him. He waved his hand as if to dismiss the matter.

“It’s nothing,” he said quickly before getting out of the car and opening my door. I stumbled out clumsily. “I’ll see you at work tomorrow,” he said in goodbye before getting back into his car and driving away. I stared after him, my stomach in a deep pit.

The air was chillier than I remembered and I jogged back into my house, rubbing my hands against my arms in an attempt to keep warm. Nevertheless, I was thankful then I stepped into my poorly heated house.

“So how was your date with Commander Cool?” a voice suddenly asked behind me. I jumped a mile before turning around to face Jacob, who had a large grin on his face.

“Don’t do that!” I hissed before trudging up the stairs. Jacob just followed me, whistling a show tune.

“Something tells me it didn’t go too well,” Jacob muttered stretching his arms over his head. I rolled my eyes but chose to remain silent. “Sucky movie? Bad dinner? Did he smell bad?” Jacob guessed, throwing options into the air.

“I got a little distracted,” I answered, trying to keep my voice low. I didn’t want Billy to hear all about my social life. I heard Jacob’s intake of breath and knew the question that was going to come out of Jacob’s mouth, so I spared him the breath. “By Edward Cullen.”

Jacob stared at me in shock before snorting. “You mean the ‘vampire’?” he joked before galloping off into his room. I rolled my eyes again before closing the door to my own room and locking it. I leaned back on my wall and slid down, my mind craning again.

Those stupid La Push myths. Cold Ones? Wolf men? I almost laughed out loud at the thought! I grew up with those myths and in no way did that mean they were real. Jacob was just as amused by them as I was. But…

Cold skin. Inhuman beauty. It would sure answer a lot of questions. All he needed now was super strength.

Wait, what was I doing? In no way was Edward Cullen a vampire of all things. Those are just stories made up by the elders to make their boring lives a little more interesting. I only saw him twice- that doesn’t mean I’m suddenly allowed to accuse him of being the living dead.

I didn’t realize how dark it was. My eyes grew heavy and I ended up falling asleep on the floor, still fully dressed.

I was in a clearing, though, when I woke up. I guessed that someone moved me there. I turned around, ready to yell at Jacob to tell me where I was before I saw a massive shape trotting out of the forest. I squinted my eyes since the shape was blurry and a haze seemed to surround it. As it made it’s way closer to where I was sitting, I was able to discern what it was.

It looked exactly the same as in my other dream. Russet fur, black eyes, huge… But instead of guarding me, it was advancing as if to attack. I knew it wasn’t going to harm me, but I whipped my head around to find the source of the wolf’s rage.

Behind me was the same man in my other dream. Pale with topaz eyes. His eyes bore into mine, and I could see a white smile forming on his face. He was about to speak, but a growl interrupted him from behind us. The wolf came into view, snarling with it’s teeth barred. Before I had the chance to do anything, the wolf lunged at the man with one last snarl. I whipped around to face the man again, shocked, but this time his face was not blurred. I gaped at the beauty of it, but my head was about to explode. Time stood still as I gazed upon the face.

Edward Cullen was staring back at me.

I woke up suddenly, my chest heaving and my hands gripping anything that was in reach. I was scared stiff, and I had no idea why. I curled up into a ball, but kept my eyes open at all times. I didn’t want to face the dream again.

I took deep breaths in an attempt to calm myself down. But in truth, I was just too freaked out. I spent less then five minutes with the guy and already he was plaguing my dreams. All I had to do was forget about the boy and my life would be able to return to normal. This Edward Cullen already took up too much of my thoughts. I was nothing to him and he was nothing to me. I already alienated Mike- I didn’t want this infatuation I seemed to have with Edward take over my life.

He was just a boy and I was just a girl. Vampires don’t exist. Mythical creatures don’t exist. But as I looked out of my window, I saw the huge white orb in the sky, illuminating the forest. When I fell asleep again, I dreamed of a giant wolf howling at the moon.