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This is the rewrite of Impossibly Yours. Bella was born Jacob's sister, like she had wished in New Moon. But what happens when she meets Edward? Chapter Five is up now!


5. Freak Out

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I had to run to catch up to him he was walking so quickly. I had a stupid little grin plastered on my face, surprised I had enough courage to actually get him to come with me. I was usually a coward.

When I was finally walking next to him, he started shuffle along even faster. My smile turned into a frown once I realized that I must not have been very good company. For one I was stalking him and acting just like a love sick teenager. I didn’t even want to think about how many of those he encountered every day.

He stopped in the middle of the road, though, his eyebrows furrowing. I jogged up next to him and glanced around, trying to find the source of his concern. I felt a pang of guilt when I saw.

“Oh shoot,” I muttered. “How can we take two cars?” If he showed me the way in my car, he would be stranded. And if I went in his car…well, I may be an armature spy but I defiantly was not going to get into a stranger’s car. I doubted I looked threatening enough for him to be worried about me trying to kidnap him or something, though.

“I can just show you the way in your car and I can walk back,” he shrugged. But it sounded as though he was talking through clenched teeth. I knew I was probably annoying him. I felt my heart drop and I had no idea why. It wasn’t as if I was trying to make a good impression. I just had to find out if he was a vampire or not. This was purely for my sanity.

But my mind kept turning back to the previous encounters we had. At the hospital, at my date with Mike… I was hooked from the beginning. I had thought back then it was because of the way he is so memorizing. It then morphed into an obsession with possible vampires. Those dreams that had been plaguing me… The vampire was usually Edward except for those few certain times. I was pretty sure the only time I couldn’t discern the face of the man was that first dream I had. The one with the giant wolf and-

Deathly pale, but his face blurred, a man was revealed. The features of his face were indistinguishable, but two topaz eyes stared back at me, like they were trying to reveal all my secrets. The maniac growls were ever present as the man stepped forward, coming closer to me. I stood still, waiting for him. I had no idea who this man was, I couldn’t even see his face, but I felt calm around him. He was ten feet from me when the wolf took charge of the situation. The wolf charged at the man, but when the man raised his hand the wolf stopped in midair. The man looked at the situation humorously. He then said the only words he would ever say to me.

“Look at that,” he said, pointing towards the wolf. “We can stop time,” he said to me with a chuckle before stepping closer so that we were almost touching. His hand raised to touch my cheek, but it stopped a centimeter from my face.

The man with the blurred face. I could only see two topaz eyes staring back at me. The same two eyes that were staring at me from right out of Edward’s skull.

I suddenly couldn’t move or breath or anything. This mission of mine went horribly, horribly wrong. Edward was the man in my dream. The man that I always felt a certain attraction to. I always wanted to find out who he was.

Their bodies even looked the same!

What did this mean? I was dreaming about him before I even knew who he even was!

I couldn’t be in a car alone with him. I suddenly even felt claustrophobic with him even standing a few feet away from me. I had to get away.

“Are you alright?” I heard a worried voice ask me. I looked around and realized that Edward was talking to me. I felt my heart rate increase and I stumbled away from him.

“Sorry! I-I have to go!” I stammered. I just had to get away. Anywhere but near him.

He looked confused for a moment and started to step forward.

“But you’re lost,” he reminded me. I shook my head frantically. I had no time to make up a good excuse.

“I remember where I am. Bye!” I choked before hopping into my truck, slamming the door and getting out of there as fast I possibly could. I barely even registered the fact that I dropped my spy equipment when I was running away. But I didn’t care. All I had to do was get away from Forks.

I was driving on the back streets around La Push, just trying to think. To figure things out.

After the shock of the dream realization, I instantly regretted leaving Edward so suddenly. I felt kind of guilty, freaking him out like that. He probably thought I was insane.

As I was.

I stopped my truck on the side of the road and cut the engine. Leaning back in my seat, my throat let out a long, strangled groan. There was no way I could let go of him now. I always felt attached to the man in the dream. Like I just wanted to touch him and talk to him. And now I found out he was Edward. It was as if his attraction doubled or even tripled at that realization. But I didn’t even know why. Why does this boy occupy all my thoughts? My mind repeated what I thought earlier.

…acting just like a love sick teenager.

There was no way I was ‘in love’ with a probable vampire! Was there? Maybe he wasn’t even a vampire. They were probably just myths made up by the elders to scare us kids.

I wanted to forget about him. To move on with my life. But I couldn’t. His bronze hair, his pale skin, beautiful eyes…he was addicting. I suddenly had an urge to just run my fingers through his hair. Just to see how it would feel like.

I banged my head against the truck door. I had to stop this. I had to. I was just being a fool.

A fool with an unhealthy obsession.

But unhealthy or not, I just had to see him again. And just to think I wasted ten or so minutes of being with him because I had a little freak out.

I wasn’t just obsessed, I thought with my stomach twisting into knots. I was addicted.