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Tearing Skin, Tearing love

Jasper leaves after the disasterous birthday party... He goes to get away, away from the rules, away from all of the pain. Warning!! New Moon Spoilers

The whole story is told in Jasper's point of view.

1. Chapter 1- Too Good to be True

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She is furious, and I don’t blame her. I’m such an idiot! Why did I take that breath? The one second, the one speck of a moment in my life, has ruined Edward to his core. He will have to leave her now, and it is completely my fault.

I still don’t understand why everything happens so fast in the lives of vampires. It all starts from that instant where the blood turns to venom. When we turn to monsters, it all changes, everything moves at 90 miles an hour. Every second, we have to be on our guard…

I’m sitting in our room dejectedly, waiting for her to return. Our last words are like a mantra set on repeat, permanently etched in my mind.

“How. Could. You. How could you?!” she had looked at me with such hurt in her eyes and I knew then it would take a long time to win her trust back.

I had been doing so well! So ridiculously well it had seemed…

Too good to be true,

That’s what, and what do you know? It was.

I had barely been thirsty for her, barely wanted to take her life all through the week! Why hadn’t Alice seen this coming?! Bella always hurts herself! It’s not like this type of incident with her around was totally unheard of.

I can’t even think about it. Suddenly, I’m so tired, like all of my years are weighing me down, pulling me under.

I need to get away.

I need to be able to think, without Carlisle breathing down my neck stating the rules over and over.

I need real blood, no matter how much their pain hurts my conscience, real blood, not some old grizzly or lion.

I can’t fight this battle and I’m tired of trying.

I’m leaving…


The stewardess’ annoying nasal voice belted over the intercom, projecting loudly throughout the cabin about our safety, and this, and that, and blah, blah, blah…

Alice still wasn’t talking to me when I pulled out this morning in Edward’s car (if the car I leave is his, he will remember to get it). She frowned at me all morning as I listened to the news, scowled as she watched me pack, muttered to her self as I folded my shirts neatly into the smallest suitcase I could find.

Finally, right as I was about to get onto the highway she ran up next to the car and said,

“I love you.” Then she stood there on the side of the road. I watched her through my review mirror, getting smaller and smaller. She didn’t wave or acknowledge me, she just stood there. Was it her naturally small build, or was it that the world was getting larger and she was shrinking?

And somehow I felt a shift, some unknown changing of forces, some mysterious re-aligning of the stars. It felt like nothing would be the same when I returned…

Suddenly, we were taking off. I felt the plane lift under me as we ascended into our long flight.

It was going to be so different without the whole family there I relished, suddenly getting the human travel euphoria from some people behind me.

No rules, no restrictions, no glares from Edward as he read my thoughts.

I was free.