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Things Happen

What if Bella kissed Jake in the truck? An interesting "what if." Will Edward still take her back? Will Bella want him back? Warning: The rating of this story is subject to change at any time.

This is my first fan fic ever so have pity. I like to have constructive criticism so feel free to leave me a review. Disclaimer: I do not own any charactors or settings. This story is not meant for infringement. All belongs to Stephenie Meyer. Disclaimer #2: No song lyrics in this story belong to me. All belongs to their rightful owners. Chapter #4 is up!

6. I love yous and tickets home.

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1945   Review this Chapter

**Edward's POV**

I didn't care what Bella said. I was going to Forks. It had hurt. What she said had caused me to stop my travels and wonder if I should go back. I would go back and see her one last time. I didn't know what I would do after that.

I peeked in her bedroom window. Charlie was at work and I could watch her sleep for at least a few hours.

She was there. The blankets up to her chin and her brown silk tendrils strewn around her face. So beautiful, innocent, and lovely. She was the only beautiful thing in my life. So many emotions washed over me then. Love, sadness, loneliness, and thirst.

I took in a deep breath of her scent. I smelt something that turned my nose then. Werewolf!?! I heard something. Caught up in my own thoughts, I didn't realize someone or something was...weeping. Why were they weeping?

I didn't have time to dive into their thoughts. She suddenly woke up. She looked at the clock and then went out her door.

Images of an old man kept running through his thoughts. Billy Black, one of the elders of the Quileute tribe. A werewolf! He was one! Bella was going to go down and get herself killed!

She went down the stairs. I peeked through the living room window. I planned to jump through the window as soon as he decided to attack her.

She was talking to him. Comforting him.

She took his hand and led him up to her room. He lay on the bed, the she lay down with him.

I felt everything in me, that had just been reborn because of my beloved Bella, die.

Sadness, anger, hatred, and most of all, jealousy. Those were the emotions I had now and those are the ones I left with.

Coming out of my cage, and I've been doing just fine. Now they're going to bed. Now, let me go because I just can't look. It's killing me and taking control. I just can't look. It's killing me and taking control. Open up my eager eyes, because I'm Mr. Brightside. I just can't look. It's killing me and taking control. Jealousy. It's just the price I pay. I'm Mr. Brightside.

**Bella's POV**

I didn't mind Jake sleeping on my bed with me. It was painful at first as the memories streamed through my head, but gradually it hurt less.

Life went on normally for awhile. After the funeral Jake went back over to his place.

I visited everyday for the rest of spring break.

"I can't believe it's been two weeks, Jake!"

"I know! I wanted to ask you something."

Just then, Sam jogged down the beach.

"Jake! We've got company! Phase now."

"Bye, Bells!" His figure quaked and then he turned into the russet colored beast.

"Be careful!" I knew he heard me as he loped off into the forest that was dripping with green..

**Jacob's POV**

Sam gave me details as we ran towards the scent of bloodsucker. He said that a vamp had been walking right on the treaty line, not crossing it but almost.

Then he told me what I already knew and something that surprised me. The scent was from the female that was after Bella. Then he told me that there was a second scent but it wasn't in connection with the other. It was him.

"Where is he? I'll kill him!"

"He's not here. He left about three days ago from what I can tell."

Just the thought of that bloodsucker even close to Bella, my Bella, made me want to kill something.

"Apparently, smelling Cullen's scent, the red head ran the opposite way, into the water. She wasn't planning on finding him here," Sam said.

"Are you sure he's gone?"

"Yes, he is, to your disappointment I'm sure."

"No one mentions this to Bella."

**Bella's POV**

I was pacing on the beach. Where was Jake! I hope he's okay. God! I'm driving myself mad! I can go to Jake's and start dinner. I can do that. It'll take my mind off some things.

I went back to Jake's and started looking for something to make. He hadn't gone grocery shopping lately. He didn't have anything but some Hamburger Helper in the cupboards. It was a good thing that there was three boxes. I wasn't hungry but Jake would be after running with the pack.

I kept glancing at the clock while the water was boiling. Jake had been gone for about half an hour. I was starting to get worried.

I had so much on my mind. Jacob and Edward. Edward...

So much has changed. When he left me he didn't realize just how much of a void he left. A void so big that it almost swallowed me whole. Just as I was about to go under Jacob made me resurface. I did love Jake. I didn't love him as much as Edward but who was I kidding? I would never ever, ever love anybody as much as I loved Edward.

If my heart was intact then I'd let you have the first crack at beakin' it.

Now that Edward had almost come back, I was nervous to say I loved Jake. I had to face the facts though. Edward was never coming back for me.

The pan boiling over snapped me back to attention. Not thinking, I grabbed the handle to remove the pan from the heat. I screamed out in pain.


Just then Jake came running in.

"Bella! Are you okay?" Quickly assessing the situation, he grabbed my wrist and put it underneath the faucet, turning on the cold water.

"Are you okay?" he repeated.

"I'm fine. I'm glad you're home."

"Me too," he chuckled.

"Was it her? Was it Victoria?"

"Yeah. It was."

"Oh my God. Are you okay? Did she hurt you? Are you limping because I thought that I saw you limp a little?"

"Bella, I'm fine. We didn't even see her, we just found her scent again. We followed it but it just went right into the water again."


"Don't worry, we'll find her."

I nodded.

"I made you dinner. It's not burnt."

"Good, because I wouldn't eat it if it was," he said sarcastically.

At that we both erupted in laughter. Embry and Quil walked in, saw us laughing, shook their heads in confusion, and left. We both started laughing even harder.

**Jacob's POV 6 Months Later**

(Edward went back to wherever he was before after he ensured the Bella was safe. Alice left directly after Edward left. Edward and Alice don't know that Victoria was around. Since Bella is involved with Jacob and the other were wolves, Alice can't see anything involving her.)

After dinner, we sat on the couch and watched movies.

"Are you patrolling again tonight?" Bella asked me.

"Yeah. We want to be around in case the bloodsucker decides to swim back this way."

"Okay. I'm gonna go then."

"I don't have to patrol until eight. You can stay and hang out with me 'til then if you want."

"I think that it might be a good idea for you to catch up on some sleep and also Charlie hasn't had a home-cooked meal for the last three days. I'm afraid he's going to have a heart-attack from all the pizza he's been eating lately."

"Okay. Are you going to come over after school for homework?"

"Do you just wanna come over to our place instead? That way I can cook for you and Charlie at the same time."

"Okay, cool. See you then."

After she left, I decided that I would go and relieve Embry from his shift early.

Patrol was long and boring. Nothing new had come up. That red head was starting to get very annoying. Didn't she ever get tired of running?

My thoughts shifted to Bella. After six months we had gotten closer and closer. She still didn't tell me that she loved me but she didn't avoid me anymore. In these last few months I had grown to love this woman even more, if that was possible.

Lost in your lovin' arms, that's where I want to be. You know I love you.

Lately, after patrol I had been stopping over at Bella's to see if she was okay. I had taken a liking to watching her sleep. She said things in her sleep. Important things.

That's how I knew what was on her mind. That is how I knew what to say. She said various things the nights I stayed. "I'll never leave", "Sun, my sun", and "Nothing, there's nothing here" were very common things.

I crept up the tree, stopping at the limb that was level at the window to make sure she was asleep before creeping in.

I sat down in the small rocking chair. I loved to watch her sleep. I would only stay for a couple hours so that I could get myself some sleep too.

I listened to her quiet breathing. I heard her mumble something and then turn over onto her back.

Good, I thought, maybe I'll hear better now. Sometimes she would lay on her stomach and I wouldn't be able to hear what she said.

She mumbled a bit more and then she started talking.

"So big. Russet. Eyes. Black. Soul."

Was she talking about me? I scooted the chair closer to her bed and listened intently.

"Deep. Beautiful. Wolf. Jacob, my Jacob. Always. I love you. I love you. Always."

Oh my God. I had never heard such wonderful things come out of anyones mouth. But then, they wouldn't mean a thing unless they came out of Bella's lips. She loves me! She loves me! She loves me! I told myself this over and over again. I had found that I had begun to doubt it in my mind.

She loves me!

**Edward's POV**

Everybody so sympathetic. It makes me sick. They all want to make me feel better. I keep telling them I'm fine but they don't believe me.

She’s on your mind. Everyone knows she’s on your mind. I’m in over my head. Everyone knows I’m in over my head.

I walked into the kitchen of my family's Alaskan home. Carlisle had called a family meeting.

"Look on the table, Edward," Carlisle said.

I looked on the table. There was a newspaper. I looked at the latest headline.


Police recently released information on the latest slaughter in the Port Angelas area. A young girl, approximately fifteen years of age, has been found. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The identity is yet to be released. They did however tell on-scene reporter, Jack Allen, that there are a total of fifty-eight deceased suspected to be linked to this case. The Seattle Police Department ask that anybody with information leading to the killer call the number below, immediately."

"Oh God. That isn't just one new born. That's a fucking army!" I exclaimed.

"Edward..." Esme warned.

"Sorry Esme. What are we going to do? They keep getting closer and closer to Forks! What if they go for...Alice did you see this?"

"I can't tell what they're doing, Edward. Whoever is planning this is aware that I'm watching. They keep changing their plans," she explained. By her posture and thoughts I could tell she was heartily frustrated with this.

"Crap. We need to go to Forks. Immediately."

"I knew it! I'll go buy the tickets!" Alice said as she danced from the room.