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Lucky Day

Jake's fallen in love, Charlie forgives Edward and Bella, what a perfect day. What could possibly go wrong? *Eclipse spoilers*
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything! Stephenie Meyer owns it all!

1. Perfect day, right?

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Today was a good day; it was the last day of school. I was free. Edward was driving me home. We stopped a few meters from my driveway.

Edward and I got out of his Volvo, heading for the trees.

"What does Jake want, Edward?" I asked.

"He wants to tell you some important news, that's all I know, he's blocking his thoughts."

We stopped when we caught sight of Jacob. He didn't have that calm mask on, he looked happy.

"What's going on, Jake?" I inquired.

"I wanted to tell you something. You know how Sam and Emily love each other so much, well that's called imprinting. Jared imprinted on this girl Kim, and I, well I imprinted on Lauren!" Jake burst out excitedly.

"That's great Jacob!" I exclaimed. "Lauren, really?"

"Some kids from Forks came down and she was there too, I was running around as a wolf, keeping watch, and I just happen to look at her. It's just like love at first sight. Well, that was my good news, but I need to talk to your bloods-err, Edward."

"Yes?" Edward said.

"We know how you are going to have to change Bella, or that she wants to be changed, well, you and your family are going to have to be gone when you do it. We rearranged the treaty so that if you do it out of the state of Washington, it won't break the treaty."

"I'll tell Carlisle."

"I have to go, Lauren is waiting for me."

"Bye Jake."

"Bye Bella."

He left, that's when I looked at my watch, "Charlie is going to kill me if I don't get in the house in about a minute."

"Charlie isn't going to be a problem, he's been thinking on letting you off the hook, he's going to tell you that you aren't grounded any more."

"Really? Wow, this has to be my lucky day, I've never had one of those before. Well, besides every day I'm with you."

"I can hardly be considered a good fortune."

"You're right you're much better then that."

We walked in the door then, Charlie didn't seem too happy about Edward being there.

"I need to talk to you both." Charlie said gruffly.

I looked at Edward, panicking. "His thoughts are calm. No need to worry."

We sat down in the living room, "Edward, I'm sorry for acting like this to you, I see that you love Bella very much. I forgive you. Bella, I forgive you too, you are not grounded anymore." Charlie said to my amazement.

"Thank you, Chief Swan." Edward said, respectfully.

"Thanks dad." I said, a bit breathlessly. I was still marveling at what just happened.

"Did you see Jake this afternoon Dad?"

"No, but I talked to Billy and he said Jake was in a much better mood."

I nodded.

"Chief Swan?"

"Yes Edward?"

"Alice was wondering if she could borrow Bella for the evening, Alice has been wanting to go to a movie in Port Angeles with Bella for a while."

As soon as Alice's name was mentioned, Charlie's expression softened. He loved Alice. "Sure, that would be alright. What are you doing this evening, Edward?

"Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett, and I are going camping, starting the weekend early."

"That's good. When are you going to leave with Alice, Bella?"

"Right now, unless you wanted me to cook dinner for you first."

"No, no, you baby me too much Bella, I'll be fine."

"Okay, bye Dad."

"Good-bye, Chief Swan."

"Bye, kids."

As soon as we were off the porch, I rounded on Edward. "Why didn't you tell me about Alice before?"

"Because she and the rest of my family are going hunting, I'm not."

"Then why did you tell Charlie that?"

"Because Charlie would be more willing to let you go if Alice wanted to do something with you, would you like to go to the meadow?"

"That would be nice."

We got into his Volvo, and he sped off. I kept my gaze concentrated on Edward, so I didn't look at the road. If I did, I would be sick. He stared right back at me for the longest time his topaz eyes penetrating me.

"What are you thinking about?"

"You." I answered truthfully. "What were you thinking about?"

"You, and your surprise."

I groaned, "You know I hate surprises."

"I know."

We arrived at the trail to the meadow then. He lifted me onto his back and took off running. I closed my eyes, not wanting to get sick.

"We're here." Edward said when he pried my arms from around his neck.

He took my hand and led me to the middle of the meadow.

"Do you want to get your surprise over with?"


He got down on one knee and said, " Isabella Swan? I promise to love you forever, every day of forever, will you marry me?"

"Yes." I didn't even have to think about it, if I were going to marry anyone, it would be Edward.

***Note to reader, in this story, Edward never proposed in her room that faithful night in chapter 24(?) in New Moon***

He beamed and took a small black box out of his pocket and opened it. Inside, there was a ring with a large topaz gem, with diamonds encircling it. I gasped, it was so beautiful he placed it on my finger and it fit perfectly. He stood up, taking my face in his hands. He kissed me, it wasn't as careful as a year ago, and that suited me just fine. It lasted much longer, even though my hands wound themselves into his hair. All too soon, he pulled away. My knees buckled when I looked straight into his eyes, they were filled with so much joy. He had to hold be up.

He looked up into the sky, "It's twilight again, end of another day, beginning of the night."

I smiled at that, I loved this time of day. At that moment, his cell phone rang.

"Hello?" Edward said.

Someone's voice buzzed from the phone, too fast, I couldn't make out what they said. Edward's expression turned hard. "I'll have Bella call him." Edward snapped the phone shut. "Bella, call Jacob now. Alice saw that Victoria is going to attack him, she doesn't know when."

I blanched and reached out for the phone. He gave it to me. I dialed, Jake picked up, "Hello?"

"Jake, you have to get the rest of the pack and go to my house NOW! Victoria is going to or already has attacked Charlie."

"Alright, Bella. I'll get them and call you when we find something out," the line disconnected.

I gave the phone back to Edward with a worried look on my face.

"We should go back to my house, everyone is there."

"Alright." I was close to tears. The pack had to get to Charlie in time.

Edward carried me in his arms to his car, and set me in the passenger seat. He was sitting in his seat, starting the car in a second. I tried to think of something else.

"When you said forever, do you mean your forever, or mine?"

"Well, Carlisle promised to change you after graduation, so mine." He paused, " If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?"

I snorted, "You."

"Something you didn't already have."

I thought about that for a minute and then answered, "I would want you to change me."

"What if I said that you could have that?"

I stared at him, " Are you serious?"

"Completely. I was going ask you if you wanted that right after you agreed to marry me, if I could change you, since you would be my wife."

I grinned. We arrived at his house then. The rest of the Cullens were sitting in the living room, conversing quietly.

Edward opened my door for me, and walked me inside, his cell phone rang.

"I bet it's Jacob, here you go." Edward said as he handed me the phone,


"Bella it's me, Jake."

"Is everything alright, Jake?"

"Well, no, but somewhat, yes. We killed Victoria, so you won't have to worry about that anymore. But, when we arrived at your house, we found Victoria, standing over Charlie, w-who was." Jake paused, " Who was dead. When Victoria saw us, she threw a match on Charlie, we realized that his body was soaked in gasoline, and started to run off. We over took her and killed her"

I started shaking violently.

"Bella are you alright?" Edward asked.

"Jake, I have to go." I mumbled.

"Bye, Bella."

I closed the phone, shakily.

"Are you alright?" Edward asked again, even more concerned.

"No." I stated before falling into a dead faint.